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NEWS Governor's Meeting 15June2014

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Flair, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. Flair

    Flair Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran OrderOfDrunkenElders

    Sep 30, 2012
    Likes Received:
    [15:30:14] [King Blackthorn]: I believe it is time to begin.
    [15:30:22] [King Blackthorn]: Have we any word from the missing Governors?
    [15:30:35] [Morgan Ironfist]: Hoffs sub will be here in a minute
    [15:30:38] [King Blackthorn]: I received a note regarding the absence of Lady Hoffs.
    [15:30:55] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Cross?
    [15:30:59] [Kattasrophe]: He is in my guild,
    [15:31:09] [Kattasrophe]: But I have not seen him in town lately,
    [15:31:34] [King Blackthorn]: And our Britain Governor is once again in absence? *sighs*
    [15:31:47] [Kattasrophe]: Correction, There is a New Governor for Britain.
    [15:32:02] [King Blackthorn]: and yet the Governor is not here?
    [15:32:15] [Kattasrophe]: It may be that he had to take care of some children.
    [15:32:17] [The Gooch]: Dont worry king you'll always have me
    [15:32:25] [Morgan Ironfist]: The governor of Britain will be here shortly
    [15:32:34] [Kattasrophe]: oh wonderful Governor Morgan
    [15:32:44] [Gris Gris]: Your highness...
    [15:32:44] [King Blackthorn]: Sir Ian James, Please take the seat for Skara
    [15:33:00] [Gris Gris]: Your highness
    [15:33:09] [King Blackthorn]: I am most glad to hear of that Lord Ironfist.
    [15:33:27] [King Blackthorn]: I do hope to keep this meeting today short, but we have much to cover.
    [15:33:27] [Gris Gris]: I apologize, but I request a moment
    [15:33:57] [King Blackthorn]: Gris is sitting in for the Britain Governor?
    [15:34:13] [Gris Gris]: Yes, your highness. Last night there was a defense of True Brit
    [15:34:25] [Gris Gris]: And I fear the governor spent too many hours on guard
    [15:34:28] [Morgan Ironfist]: In Ort Ylem
    [15:34:29] [King Blackthorn]: *coughs* A Gargoyle is certainly welcome at our Council
    [15:34:49] [Gris Gris]: Thank you, your highness
    [15:35:16] [King Blackthorn]: Would someone inform Hobo Baggins on how to leave the house sign?
    [15:35:55] [King Blackthorn]: As you may have noticed, the Royal Engineers have been working on the bridge and it is now properly functional.
    [15:36:08] [King Blackthorn]: so leaving the house here is now but a simple walk.
    [15:36:17] [The Gooch]: Good news indeed
    [15:36:35] [Luka Melehan]: awesome
    [15:36:57] [The Gooch]: Welcome Mr Gato
    [15:37:05] [York]: Hello Governor
    [15:37:16] [King Blackthorn]: To begin, I would like to congratulate the new Governors.
    [15:37:20] [Gris Gris]: Phant, go to the red chair
    [15:37:30] [Morgan Ironfist]: Phant come to the chair
    [15:37:39] [Morgan Ironfist]: here
    [15:37:44] [The Gooch]: coe sit nexxt to me and we will be friends!
    [15:37:54] [King Blackthorn]: I would also like to request that those not elected do lend their assistance to their towns
    [15:38:00] [Phantroneous Cat]: I apologise for my lateness in this matter
    [15:38:05] [King Blackthorn]: and to support the elected govenors.
    [15:38:11] [King Blackthorn]: Welcome Lord Cat
    [15:38:17] [Phantroneous Cat]: thank you m'lord
    [15:38:30] [King Blackthorn]: To being, I would like to gather opinions of the new Governors.
    [15:38:44] [King Blackthorn]: Scheduling these meetings is difficult.
    [15:39:07] [King Blackthorn]: I would ask each of you to speak as to if you prefer meetings in the early, mid, or latter parts of the month.
    [15:39:24] [King Blackthorn]: next as to the best days for your busy schedules, and then the best times.
    [15:39:34] [Shayla Keylley]: Haelyn
    [15:39:47] [Shayla Keylley]: pardon me
    [15:39:51] [King Blackthorn]: From here, I will ask a clerk to assemble the information into a schedule for the coming term.
    [15:40:08] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Sam? Any Input?
    [15:40:23] [Sam]: any time for me - im retired
    [15:40:28] [Sam]: hehehe
    [15:40:35] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Ironfist?
    [15:40:38] [Morgan Ironfist]: starting this time
    [15:40:54] [Morgan Ironfist]: I can be available for 2.5hours
    [15:41:01] [Morgan Ironfist]: then it gets too late
    [15:41:02] [King Blackthorn]: Is this day the best for you?
    [15:41:06] [Morgan Ironfist]: weekends is best
    [15:41:18] [King Blackthorn]: and early/mid or late month?
    [15:41:19] [Morgan Ironfist]: during the week maybe 30minutes later
    [15:41:25] [Morgan Ironfist]: that does not matter
    [15:41:33] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you.
    [15:41:36] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Gooch?
    [15:41:37] [The Gooch]: This time, Sundays and Mid month, Kingy
    [15:41:41] [The Gooch]: ^^
    [15:41:55] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Cat?
    [15:42:21] [Adrianas]: Mayhaps he has fallen asleep!
    [15:42:27] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Cat?
    [15:42:38] [King Blackthorn]: Ok. We shall return to him in a minute.
    [15:42:41] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Kelmo?
    [15:43:02] [Frost]: I believe Lord Phant may have connection issues, M'Lord
    [15:43:39] [King Blackthorn]: Governors are disappearing?
    [15:43:42] [Kelmo]: sorry
    [15:43:47] [The Gooch]: wasnt me!
    [15:43:48] [Kelmo]: connection
    [15:44:09] [Kelmo]: seems the sam for Cat
    [15:44:30] [Sam]: Remove thyself
    [15:44:39] [Kelmo]: this day is pfefferable
    [15:44:45] [Kattasrophe]: hmm.. I that works Sam.
    [15:44:55] [Kattasrophe]: forgot*
    [15:44:57] [Kelmo]: I am flexible with the time
    [15:44:59] [Phantroneous Cat]: I Apologise for the appearance of my dragon.
    [15:45:08] [Phantroneous Cat]: it seems to follow me around everywhere
    [15:45:12] [Sam]: heheh
    [15:45:14] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Cat, do you have a preference of day, time, and time of the month for these meetings?
    [15:45:25] [Phantroneous Cat]: you asked about what time from me. i do not require a special time or date>
    [15:45:42] [Hobo Baggins]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [15:45:52] [Hobo Baggins]: ...I'm not wasted...
    [15:45:55] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe?
    [15:45:59] [Kattasrophe]: I like the time and date set up as it is M'Lord.
    [15:46:09] [Morgan Ironfist]: In Ort Ylem
    [15:46:21] [King Blackthorn]: Lord James? Do you know the desires of Lady Hoffs?
    [15:46:25] [Ian James]: The Skara Governor humbly requests that meetings not take place after 7pm Eastern time. This time of day is perfect. The time of month is not relevant.
    [15:47:11] [King Blackthorn]: And does anyone know the general schedule for Lord Cross?
    [15:47:26] [Kattasrophe]: He is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time
    [15:47:35] [Kattasrophe]: so earlier in the day is better.
    [15:47:48] [King Blackthorn]: Earlier than now?
    [15:47:57] [Kattasrophe]: *nods* an hour or so
    [15:47:58] [King Blackthorn]: Lord York?
    [15:48:01] [York]: Weekday anytime after 3 pm (east), does not matter time of month.
    [15:48:16] [King Blackthorn]: Weekends are difficult for you?
    [15:48:17] [York]: however i see it will be weekends. I will do my best to make it
    [15:48:32] [York]: Weekends are busy. :)
    [15:48:43] [King Blackthorn]: If you are unable to attend, please send a delegate to speak for you.
    [15:48:51] [York]: As always
    [15:49:06] [King Blackthorn]: It appears that all are able to attend at this time with a few issues.
    [15:49:23] [King Blackthorn]: Would everyone be able to attend if the meeting were moved up one hour to 3:30pm?
    [15:49:31] [Kelmo]: aye
    [15:49:32] [King Blackthorn]: please speak yes or no.
    [15:49:36] [Kattasrophe]: Aye
    [15:49:40] [The Gooch]: Aye
    [15:49:41] [Sam]: yes
    [15:49:43] [Ian James]: aye most likely for Hoffs
    [15:49:44] [Morgan Ironfist]: sometimes difficult but should be possible me king
    [15:49:45] [Phantroneous Cat]: yes.
    [15:49:52] [York]: aye/ as much as 4 30
    [15:49:56] [Morgan Ironfist]: In Ort Ylem
    [15:50:16] [King Blackthorn]: The I believe we are agreed to host future meetings on Sundays at 3:30 Eastern.
    [15:50:35] [Sam]: check
    [15:50:36] [King Blackthorn]: Again, if you are unable to attend, please send a book with your notes, or a representative to speak for you.
    [15:50:51] [The Gooch]: Will do, Kingster
    [15:51:01] [King Blackthorn]: Next, as there has been some debate lately, I would like to go over the duties of a Governor.
    [15:51:11] [King Blackthorn]: as well as abilities of a Governor.
    [15:51:35] [King Blackthorn]: A Governor is to represent the people of his or her town and encourage the growth and health of the town.
    [15:51:53] [King Blackthorn]: The Duties include Attendance at these meetings,
    [15:52:10] [King Blackthorn]: Roleplaying. This is an "In Character" role.
    [15:52:25] [King Blackthorn]: Engage their citizens and encourage activites in their towns.
    [15:52:36] [King Blackthorn]: Host events to support their towns.
    [15:52:44] [King Blackthorn]: Maintain a Trade Deal.
    [15:52:52] [King Blackthorn]: and Support the Governor System in General.
    [15:53:04] [King Blackthorn]: Please note that I understand all of these are not possible.
    [15:53:17] [King Blackthorn]: but it is requested that you participate where you can.
    [15:53:27] [King Blackthorn]: Governors have the ability to:
    [15:53:39] [King Blackthorn]: Encourage their citizend to donate for the trade deals.
    [15:53:54] [King Blackthorn]: Address the needs and concerns of their citizens
    [15:54:06] [King Blackthorn]: Bring those concerns to the attention of the King during meetings
    [15:54:16] [King Blackthorn]: and Grant Titles in their respective towns.
    [15:54:36] [King Blackthorn]: Does any governor feel that they can not perform these duties?
    [15:54:44] [Kelmo]: I have a question... my Liege...
    [15:54:52] [King Blackthorn]: Certainly Lord Kelmo.
    [15:55:13] [Kelmo]: are ya saying the trade deal is mandatory?
    [15:55:25] [King Blackthorn]: No. It is but one part of the whole.
    [15:55:43] [King Blackthorn]: Governors can are not expected to do all of the above, but are expected to do some of the above.
    [15:55:49] [Troop]: Kal Vas Flam
    [15:55:55] [King Blackthorn]: A Trade deal is not mandatory, but it is encouraged.
    [15:56:12] [King Blackthorn]: Next: Homework.
    [15:56:27] [King Blackthorn]: As you are probably aware, we have moved to a 6 month term for the Governors
    [15:56:45] [Malloc]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [15:56:48] [King Blackthorn]: This gives us much more time to be involved and active before the next election cycle starts.
    [15:57:13] [Hobo Baggins]: Hey baby. It's on me!
    [15:57:13] [Shayla Keylley]: Sweet!
    [15:57:15] [King Blackthorn]: I would ask that each Governor take a moment to assemble their thoughts for the next 6 months. What are your dreams for your town?
    [15:57:25] [King Blackthorn]: What are your goals for this term?
    [15:57:33] [King Blackthorn]: Do you have any plans for the term?
    [15:58:01] [King Blackthorn]: Please take a moment to document these thoughts in a book for me and bring them to the next regularly scheduled meeting.
    [15:58:11] [Morgan Ironfist]: Maintain the trade deal, keep the vendors stocked so new people finding their way to our lands can
    [15:58:17] [King Blackthorn]: that way I can better assist where needed.
    [15:58:18] [Morgan Ironfist]: equip themselves properly
    [15:58:38] [Hobo Baggins]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [15:58:50] [King Blackthorn]: Lastly for today, we must discuss misconduct of two on the council.
    [15:59:02] [Henry Swift]: "Alleged" misconduct
    [15:59:04] [Morgan Ironfist]: Thief remove thyself
    [15:59:21] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe has been charged wuth muder most foul by killing her own citizens.
    [15:59:34] [Tia]: oh my!
    [15:59:35] [Kelmo]: she slipped!
    [15:59:38] [King Blackthorn]: However, this act was not taken lightly
    [15:59:52] [Ian James]: oops
    [15:59:56] [King Blackthorn]: and was done to stop the plague that was devastating her beloved town of Moonglow.
    [16:00:37] [King Blackthorn]: At this time, a Grand Jury of the Governors will need to discuss the merits of her actions to determine if a trial is warranted.
    [16:00:45] [Morgan Ironfist]: STAY on your side of the table
    [16:00:57] [King Blackthorn]: Should the Grand Jury decide against, then the charges will be dropped.
    [16:01:06] [Hobo Baggins]: my side of the table?
    [16:01:12] [King Blackthorn]: Should the Jury decide for, then a trial will be scheduled.
    [16:01:21] [Morgan Ironfist]: only governors and the king on this side
    [16:01:24] [Troop]: Gallows!
    [16:01:29] [Troop]: Kal Vas Flam
    [16:01:34] [King Blackthorn]: Please note that despite the decore in the throne room below, I do not believe in corporal punishment.
    [16:01:40] [Hobo Baggins]: i have a hat somewhere...
    [16:01:51] [Hobo Baggins]: oh wait, it's on my head
    [16:01:52] [Sam]: we do
    [16:02:06] [King Blackthorn]: The punishment will be decided by the King based on the recommendation of the trial Jurors.
    [16:02:19] [Luka Melehan]: how will a jury be chosen I wonder. *quietly*
    [16:02:34] [King Blackthorn]: Do any Governors have questions or are we ready for a Grand Jury Vote?
    [16:02:53] [York]: No questions
    [16:02:59] [Ian James]: no questions here either
    [16:03:05] [Morgan Ironfist]: no Milord
    [16:03:18] [Malloc]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [16:03:20] [Phantroneous Cat]: as i was, there during those events.. i have no questions.
    [16:03:25] [Hobo Baggins]: hang her
    [16:03:28] [King Blackthorn]: Lord York, as the Governor of Justice, please poll the Governors on the question: Should we put Governor Kattasrophe to trial?
    [16:04:09] [York]: For those who wish to place governor Katt on trail please say So now
    [16:04:24] [The Gooch]: Aye
    [16:04:31] [Hobo Baggins]: wye!
    [16:04:45] [Morgan Ironfist]: I vote "nay" her actions were justified
    [16:04:48] [Sam]: nay
    [16:04:48] [York]: For those for dropping the charges please say so now
    [16:04:54] [Kelmo]: nay
    [16:04:55] [Ian James]: nay
    [16:05:00] [Sam]: aye!!!!
    [16:05:06] [Phantroneous Cat]: my vote is nay, there was no willful murder in her actions.
    [16:05:15] [York]: It appears Katt is free of the charges
    [16:05:16] [Hobo Baggins]: negligent murder
    [16:05:27] [Hobo Baggins]: how much money did she spend on pest control
    [16:05:33] [Tia]: But Judge he just needed killin!
    [16:05:35] [King Blackthorn]: Let it be so noted in the council records.
    [16:05:35] [Hobo Baggins]: instead of lining her own coffers
    [16:05:36] [Tia]: lol
    [16:07:04] [King Blackthorn]: lady Kattasrophe.
    [16:07:14] [Kattasrophe]: Yes M'Lord?
    [16:07:19] [King Blackthorn]: Your actions have been deemed in support of the people of Moonglow
    [16:07:27] [King Blackthorn]: and while burdensome,
    [16:07:36] [King Blackthorn]: they are not a crime against the prople.
    [16:07:57] [King Blackthorn]: As such, please continue as Governor of Moonglow and continue to protect its people.
    [16:08:16] [Kattasrophe]: *whipes a few tears from her eyes* Thank you M'Lord.
    [16:08:19] [Troop]: yay!
    [16:08:25] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you for what you have done in the service of Britannia.
    [16:08:38] [King Blackthorn]: Next, we mist discuss the actions of Lord Gooch.
    [16:08:51] [Henry Swift]: !!!
    [16:09:26] [King Blackthorn]: While Moonglow was under quarantine for the plaque, Lord Gooch proceeded to steal a boat and sail away to the Island of NuJel'm thus spreading the plague amongst the citizens.
    [16:09:35] [King Blackthorn]: This action was witnessed by many
    [16:09:44] [King Blackthorn]: including the person whose boat was stolen
    [16:09:52] [Malloc]: cement shoes for him
    [16:09:53] [Shayla Keylley]: Hang em!
    [16:09:58] [King Blackthorn]: and by our own traveling minstrel Troubadour.
    [16:10:07] [Malloc]: I'm free!
    [16:10:12] [Hobo Baggins]: you can't take the word of a minstrel
    [16:10:14] [The Gooch]: Lies i tell ya, King!
    [16:10:19] [Shayla Keylley]: Hang em!
    [16:10:25] [King Blackthorn]: Please note that now is not the time for a trial so it is not the time for lawyers.
    [16:10:52] [Shayla Keylley]: darn. was hoping for a hanging.
    [16:10:55] [King Blackthorn]: The question before us is: Should Lord Gooch be tried for his actions as requested by the Sultan of NuJel'm?
    [16:11:04] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Kattasrophe? You have a question?
    [16:11:13] [Kattasrophe]: not a question but rather a statement
    [16:11:16] [Tia]: Sultan? does he have a harem?
    [16:11:26] [Malloc]: strip him of his house... make it fall
    [16:11:42] [Kattasrophe]: It is true that The Gooch Broke Quarntine,
    [16:11:49] [Kattasrophe]: but his actions are not as bad as mine.
    [16:11:52] [Shayla Keylley]: That's what he probably says to his harem
    [16:11:58] [Kattasrophe]: So please before you act, do think.
    [16:12:00] [King Blackthorn]: Please proceed Kattasrophe, but be advised that this is not the time for debate on the issue. This is merely time to decide whether or not to hold a trial.
    [16:12:06] [Henry Swift]: His *alleged* actions
    [16:12:12] [Troop]: Gallows
    [16:12:29] [Kattasrophe]: Sorry, M'Lord, That is all.
    [16:12:40] [Hobo Baggins]: what good are we if we're supposed to rely on the words of a sultan and a minstrel
    [16:12:45] [King Blackthorn]: *looks at Henry Swift* Alleged? Would you call your King a liar?
    [16:12:54] [King Blackthorn]: His actions are well documented.
    [16:13:04] [King Blackthorn]: The question is whether or not a trial is warranted.
    [16:13:09] [Henry Swift]: Nay, your Majesty, I would never *allegedly* "call" the King a liar
    [16:13:17] [Tia]: lol
    [16:13:19] [King Blackthorn]: Do other Governors have questions regarding the charges?
    [16:13:21] [Henry Swift]: merely a point of order
    [16:13:28] [Shayla Keylley]: gonna be a double hanging
    [16:13:44] [Sam]: Lets have a trail to decide
    [16:13:48] [Hobo Baggins]: i don't legibly call king a liar either
    [16:13:50] [King Blackthorn]: If not, then Please poll the Governors Lord York.
    [16:13:51] [Ian James]: no questions here m'lord
    [16:14:02] [Morgan Ironfist]: no questions milord
    [16:14:13] [York]: Those who wish to proceed with a trial for Governor Gooch please speak up now.
    [16:14:18] [Kelmo]: an investigation is in order
    [16:14:23] [Sam]: aye
    [16:14:24] [Phantroneous Cat]: i say aye
    [16:14:26] [Kattasrophe]: I agree.
    [16:14:28] [Ian James]: aye a trial wlil offer us a chance to hear the truth
    [16:14:42] [The Gooch]: I vote Aye
    [16:14:49] [The Gooch]: wait whose is this?
    [16:14:59] [York]: yours gooch
    [16:15:01] [Luka Melehan]: er...
    [16:15:03] [The Gooch]: OOOh
    [16:15:06] [The Gooch]: Aye
    [16:15:10] [York]: any other?
    [16:15:22] [York]: Those who wish to dismiss the charges for Governor Gooch please speak up now.
    [16:15:28] [Morgan Ironfist]: I vote nay
    [16:15:36] [The Gooch]: I DEMAND a trial!
    [16:15:43] [Malloc]: i need a drink
    [16:15:51] [Morgan Ironfist]: Since if we put th ekink of thieves on trial all thieves in the land will go wild
    [16:16:02] [Henry Swift]: *alleged* thieves
    [16:16:04] [York]: IT appears we will proceed with a trial m 'lord
    [16:16:11] [Morgan Ironfist]: we might get into trouble with the sultan
    [16:16:24] [King Blackthorn]: Let it be so noted in the Council Records.
    [16:16:27] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you Lord York.
    [16:16:33] [The Gooch]: this whole trial already feels lopsided...
    [16:16:46] [Shayla Keylley]: It's what your drinking
    [16:16:47] [King Blackthorn]: As Governor of Justice, Lord York will organize and hold the Trial.
    [16:16:50] [Tia]: who will be on the jury?
    [16:17:14] [King Blackthorn]: Lord York: Please select an appropriate Judge, Prosecutor, Defence, and Jury.
    [16:17:16] [Malloc]: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
    [16:17:34] [King Blackthorn]: You shall determine when all is ready and set a date and time for the trial.
    [16:17:49] [King Blackthorn]: Summon those that are needed as witnesses.
    [16:17:54] [Malloc]: house arrest
    [16:17:56] [King Blackthorn]: and report back to me.
    [16:17:59] [York]: This should not be an issue.
    [16:18:13] [King Blackthorn]: Again, please note that the determination of guilty or innocent is the task of the court.
    [16:18:28] [King Blackthorn]: The final sentence (if any) shall be up to the King.
    [16:18:35] [Shayla Keylley]: piffle
    [16:18:40] [King Blackthorn]: The court will recommend a sentence
    [16:18:56] [Shayla Keylley]: oh good
    [16:19:06] [King Blackthorn]: with the options being: Innocent. Guilty - stripped of the Governorship.
    [16:19:11] [King Blackthorn]: Guilty - Jailed.
    [16:19:18] [King Blackthorn]: Guilty - paying reparations.
    [16:19:26] [Hobo Baggins]: It's on me!
    [16:19:26] [Holden Caulfield]: Wow!
    [16:19:28] [King Blackthorn]: or Guilty - Public Service.
    [16:19:34] [The Gooch]: They couldnt handle me in those sissy Yew jails
    [16:19:49] [King Blackthorn]: Nay... you would not go to Yew.
    [16:19:55] [The Gooch]: o.0
    [16:19:56] [Luka Melehan]: wait, is he still infected?
    [16:20:06] [Henry Swift]: *allegedly* infected
    [16:20:07] [Flair]: god I hope not
    [16:20:10] [York]: n'jelum has it's own jail
    [16:20:12] [Troop]: In Lor
    [16:20:13] [King Blackthorn]: The Charges are founded on NuJel'm and it is there that your sentence shall be carried out if found guilty.
    [16:20:26] [The Gooch]: oh....
    [16:23:06] [The Gooch]: As you well should, Governor York
    [16:23:07] [Malloc]: one more bottle and I will be though
    [16:23:23] [The Gooch]: I will choose Attorney General of Minoc Sir Henry Swift
    [16:23:29] [King Blackthorn]: I apologize for the brief delay.
    [16:23:34] [Henry Swift]: I accept!
    [16:23:37] [King Blackthorn]: Are there any questions from the Governors?
    [16:23:58] [Graphnar]: sorry d/c'd when my father called... Had to wish him happy father's day.
    [16:24:08] [York]: I have no questions at this time
    [16:24:10] [Ian James]: nay
    [16:24:13] [Kattasrophe]: nay.
    [16:24:14] [Morgan Ironfist]: nay
    [16:24:18] [Phantroneous Cat]: i do not currently have any questions.
    [16:24:29] [King Blackthorn]: Lord York? You have a full understanding of your mandate here? Will you need the assistance of the crown?
    [16:24:31] [The Gooch]: King might i add youre looking sharp in your armor on this lovely day
    [16:24:49] [York]: IF i do i will contact in within the next few days
    [16:25:08] [Hobo Baggins]: Hey baby. It's on me!
    [16:25:08] [Adrianas]: Sweet!
    [16:25:09] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you.
    [16:25:40] [King Blackthorn]: please note that the charged has the right to a speedy trial, yet we must be fair and determine the truth and that can take time.
    [16:25:54] [King Blackthorn]: Summon whomever you need who has information on this matter.
    [16:26:05] [King Blackthorn]: Even myself or Troubadour if needed.
    [16:26:23] [King Blackthorn]: This concludes our special session of the Governor's Council.
    [16:26:24] [Shayla Keylley]: put him in a cold kettle of water and light a slow fire. That's slow.
    [16:26:29] [King Blackthorn]: Thank you all for coming today.
    [16:26:31] [Tia]: Malloc watch that gas problem please!
    [16:26:38] [King Blackthorn]: I look forward to having this matter resolved.
    [16:26:40] [Malloc]: if he sinks innocient... if he floats guilty
    [16:26:52] [Ian James]: Thank you for a speedy ...
    [16:26:55] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Gooch, until such time as your guilt or innocence is determined
    [16:27:03] [King Blackthorn]: please do not think that you can run.
    [16:27:11] [King Blackthorn]: The King's Forces will find you.
    [16:27:13] [The Gooch]: Ha!
    [16:27:25] [Malloc]: I'm free!
    [16:27:32] [The Gooch]: I like a good challenge....
    [16:27:32] [King Blackthorn]: Until then, or of respect for your position as Governor, I am releasing you on your own recognizance.
    [16:27:50] [The Gooch]: Thank you, Kingy
    [16:27:52] [King Blackthorn]: Meeting adjourned.
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    Flair I don't think anyone has ever thank you for these, and I want to say Thank you for the hard work, although today was very terrifying for me, these are memories that will be forever kept.
  3. IanJames

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    Well said, Katt. Thank you flair!
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  4. Flair

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    I tried to help..
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  5. Kattasrophe

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    Aye and you did a good job, actually made me laugh :)
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    Is Fake-Blackthorne blue or yellow?
  7. Luka Melehan

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    heh, I wondered about that too.

    Flair, thanks for the transcript. Wished I'd had you with me in PG Saturday cause I crashed before I got the transcript down.
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    For the record , it was my boat that was *Coughs* taken in the act of spreading the outbreak across the waters from moonglow. Feel free to contact me for the full story!

    Event Horizon :arr:
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    he's pink :p
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    he's a bit Grey, due to being a Zombie!