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Goza's and Bans

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, May 20, 2010.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    Hi ... I'd like to emphasize that there has been no final word on any of this!
    I used the term "discuss" for a very real reason ...

    On occasion, I've asked several folks in the community or gone to shards and spoken to players on "hot button" topics in UO.

    This is one of them ... I guess ;)

    I have gotten the history on gozamats, how they are used, what they are for, and their benefits (decorative) and their drawbacks (causing lag, used as a way to expand housing beyond the scope of what was intended).

    As I understand it gozamats were placed in UO way before customized housing was a spark in Raph Koster's eye. So, as design pressed forward the teams did not account for that.

    I agree that a sweeping change is unfair for those who have designed with them without warning. So we have discussed internally how to share game rules for future house design using gozamats.

    As the game moves forward we have to be VERY careful what we place in the game. That is what's tough about a product that's been around for so long.

    Also, this is not a BAN! This is a suspension. Ban is so ... just ... ew!! of a word. It's a warning to pull over .. HOWEVER ... I will grant we could do a better job of implementing and sharing what the rules are.

    So for now please know there are two sides to every story .. sometimes 5 or 6 ... so for now, please make note that this is a topic for discussion ... no rules are going to be hammered down your collective throats. :)

    I have seen some of the most beautiful user created content due to this feature in UO, so I don't want to destroy the beauty of what this game is for the sake a reflex action.


    Be well ...
  3. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    Ack! No you are right ... I knew what I meant to say .. basically I'm saying that the introduction of the mats came after housing was introduced in UO, and devs did not account for the impact of the change ...

    Thanks for helping me clear that up ...

    It's our job that we move forward gracefully with any changes we make ...

    - c
  4. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    I have to whip myself then ... I knew the chronology, I relayed it poorly :)
  5. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    On it.
  6. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    Understood, and actually diving more into this topic (which is a core and important aspect of Ultima Online) I find out more every 30 minutes (we've been discussing this for several weeks now). Leaving you all in limbo is not a good thing. This I what's most important.

    BTW .. thanks to everyone who has sent PMs with examples and their constructve feedback. I do appreciate it.

    - c
  7. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    Check your PM :)
  8. Cal_Mythic

    Cal_Mythic Guest

    Actually, right now CS will not be actioning anyone for house design.
    I walked back and spoke to them directly, and they've been notified that players should not be actioned.

    In regard to sweeping change: there IS NO sweeping change.
    In regard to gozamats and decoration and house design they are a vibrant and essential part of UO. I can't see penalizing people for using them.

    The Dev Team does not enforce CS policy. We create content. In this situation we are doing our best to recover from some incidents that involved a handful of players. Those players have been contacted directly, and we are awaiting responses from them.

    We are not on anyone's side but UO's. As someone who personally appreciates all the great things I've seen in the game I will go to whatever lengths it takes to maintain user generated content like no other found in any community or MMO.

    Presently, no one should be getting actioned on house design that does not impact gameplay for other players. If you find out otherwise please let me know ... I'm getting a bat at KMart after this post. Also, as players if you see someone erecting 17 story towers in Luna ... please smack them!

    Apologies to using Raph's name in vain. I got my syntax and chronology messed in my head ... it sounded better there.