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Grand Opening UOAuctions...

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by UOAuctions, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Starting Sunday March 8th at 5pm EST UOAuctions will begin our weekly auctions. I know, you are thinking... there is already so many on Chessy. After a year or so break from doing auctions Cherokee and Paris have decided to start the venture back up. They are well known on Catskills and Sonoma after running UOAuctions for 4+ years.

    Things will be run a little different. There is also a few rules everyone who attends must abide by, these rules will be mentioned in ending.
    When attending some auctions on Chessy, we both discover things people can do to make their own auction better, these of course are personal opinions but we are here to keep everyone happy. When attending our auctions there will be no recalling out, missing next item to get a check for the item that you just purchased. All transactions will be done via vendor and the item you purchased handed to you!

    We will be charging 5% of all sales. Very simple, your item does not sell then you pay nothing. We do ask when submitting an item that you have it in 1 hour prior to auction beginning. All checks for items sold will be handed out Monday morning. You will be contacted via icq from Paris or Cherokee. When picking up any checks or items not sold you are asked to pick these up on the char that dropped them off {or name in book}.

    Now for a few simple rules...
    1. No casting spells. We often rely on our journals for bids placed by you and other players, people casting spells spams the journal and makes it difficult for us to see.
    2. No talking. Keep all talking to party chat please.. again need as much of the journal as we can get :)
    3. No pets. We have designed a stable on the lower level of the auction house, please use it!
    4. NO false bidding. If a person has placed a bid on an item and you or someone else throws a bid in higher just to make the price go up, then don't purchase the item off the vendor it will be considered false bidding and the person will be banned from the auction house and not allowed to return. We are not doing auctions to rip people off or up bids to make a few extra gold pieces.

    When submitting an item there is 4 things we need in a book from you...
    1. Char name
    2. Item description
    3. Starting Bid
    4. Icq number

    Lets all play fair, have fun and enjoy a night to relax with friends!

    Contact info:

    Cherokee- 299-130-213
    Paris/Spunk Brewster- 406-767-021

    Hope to see everyone there! :cheerleader:
  2. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Reminder, auction is tomorrow. Lots of high end items turned in already! Have things you want to submit grab icq info from post above and give us a hollar! I will be posting the full list of items later on this evening!
  3. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    The following are items that will be auctioned off:

    1. Various "of exceptional quality" items
    2. 3 old school "made by" runebooks
    3. Conjurer's Grimoire
    4. Hitching Post
    5. Full Set Super Slayer Books
    6. Assorted Recipes
    7. 50 Of Each Peerless Ingrediant
    8. 9 Various Alacrity Scrolls
    9. 4 Soul Stone Fragments
    10. 3 Rare Deeds "Unknown" "A Note from Zoel" and Rare White Bank Check
    11. Europa Gold Apron
    12. 120 Swords Powerscroll X2
    13. 13 Various SOT Scrolls
    14. 4 Spring Deco Tokens
    15. 1000 Diamond Ring, Earrings and Wrist Watch
    16. 3 Heritage Tokens
    17. Bounty Head *Can Be Locked Down*
    18. Assorted House Deco Items
    19. 2 Rubble Logs
    20. 4 Potted Plants
    21. Clothing Bless Deed
    22. 9 Roses *Cool Names*
    23. Mini House Deed *Tower*
    24. Doom Artifacts- Axe of Heavens, Voice of fallen king, Ring of Elements
    25. 6 ML Hair dyes
    26. 3 Assorted Tokens- Spring Deco, 8th Anniversary and Thorvald's Medallion
    27. Picnic Basket *For Someone Special*
    28. Untrained Luna White Dog
    29. Sorcerer's Suit
    30. Kasa of the Raj-In
    31. PvP Warrior Suit- 70/67/63/70/65 --30 lower d, 5 dex, 10 str , 33lmc, 10 mana inc, 20stam, 4hit point, 11mr
    32. Rare Glacial Holiday Box
    33. Swords 15 minute alacrity scroll
    34. Magery 15 minute alacrity scroll
    35. Dirt Patch
    36. Blaze Cloak labeled "Green Cloak"
    37. Rare, Icey Patch
    38. Blue Bonnet labeled "green"
    39. A Bow of water dissipation - Demon Slayer, Water Elemental Slayer
    40. Sherry the mouse statue
    41. Yucca Tree
    42. 120 Focus powerscroll
    43. Djinni's Ring [Replica]
    44. Sword display Rarity 9
    45. Pendant of the magi
    46. Aos robe Blaze for Lord Cartman
    47. Plate of honor [arms]
    48. Archery SOT
    49. Darkwood suit
    50. Dexxer ring- 12 mace fighting, 9 hit chance, 10 defense, 6lmc, 13 dmg inc.
    51. Tank mage braclet- 1/3,13 hci, 2 int, 7 poison resist
    52. 120 magery powerscroll
    53. Conjurer's Trinket and Conjurer's Grimoire
    54. Totem of the void and A Primer on arms damage removal tally
    55. +60 ash hammer

    *Items will be done in no specific order*

    I will update the list as more items come in! Remember, all items are to be turned in by 2pm EST. Sunday!
  4. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    More Items Added!!! One hour left to get them items in!