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Great Lakes Forum FAQ and Information

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by imported_Mystra, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Welcome to the Great Lakes Forum!

    -I'd like to acquaint you with our Rules of Conduct -- please read them (and agree to them) before you post.

    -For info on titles, images, and just about any question on how "the boards" work, make sure to check out the FAQ.

    -If you need assistance with anything inside the forum, please let me know via Personal Message (PM). In addition, I try to make myself available in-game as needed, please PM and we can work something out on ICQ's.

    -The UO Stratics Great Lakes Homepage is found here. Here you will be able to keep up with all the latest Great Lakes news, along with other helpful and interesting information on the shard. You may also submit your own news, and promotional information of your event from this page as well. You should read over our UO Stratics Submit Informationbefore submitting news items for consideration to this email. [email protected] . Our Great Lakes news manager, Diana will make sure the appropriate staff reporter gets the information. To submit your venue for consideration in our establishments section, please see the the establishments submission information page.

    -Meet the Great Lakes Stratics Staff

    Lady Diana-UO Stratics News Manager UO/TR Moderator

    Mystra -Great Lakes Forum Moderator and Establishments Reporter

    Tony Dobs -Great Lakes Forum Moderator

    Lady Lava -Great Lakes News Reporter.

    Tellsien Mournid-Great Lakes News Reporter.

    Trebr Drab-Great Lakes News Reporter

    Crystal Worley -Great Lakes News Reporter

    - If you're looking for some "professional" (skill or character) help please consult the Professions Forums

    -All Great Lakes Trading posts should be posted on the UO Trade Forum. This includes trades for in game gold, trades on item to item, and trades for real world money. Any posts on this board for trades will be moved to here. The Great Lakes Forum is not the want ads.

    - Looking for Rune Libraries, stocked vendors, etc? GL Vendors, Skill Houses, and Public Resources

    - Guilds? Check out the thread for Great Lakes Guild Information. You may also want to look on the UO Guild Hall.

    Its the hopes of the entire staff that you use this forum to keep up with the community of Great Lakes, and to help us keep up with the community of Great Lakes. Thank you and enjoy the forum!!

    Mystra (GL)

    Great Lakes Forum Moderator

    Establishments Correspondent

    Note: Most of this FAQ is a copy of Amidala's Previous FAQ. Thanks for all your past work here Ami!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.