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*** Great Lakes Guild Information ***

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Blackheath THB, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. This thread is designed to facilitate guild functions on our Shard by offering you a place to post or read information about the guilds of Great Lakes.

    ****** Guild Posting Guidlines ******

    ****** READ ******
    Please do not post inquiries or replies to this thread!! All replies, inquiries, and off-topic posts to this thread will be deleted on sight, so please save your Mods some work, and help make this a valuable resource. Please direct any questions you may have to the contact listed on the post, or start a new thread in the forum to address your topic.
    ****** READ ******

    Feel free to to post your guild info to this thread, but please be positive to include the following information:

    1. Guild Name and Abbreviation
    2. Guildmaster Name
    3. Guild URL or link to UO.com's Guild Index
    4. Email or PM - List an email address to contact you by, or make sure you have private messages enabled in your Stratics Forums profile (on by default)
    5. Any information of purpose, mission, activities etc, that are
    important to your guild
    --this need not be a motto, but please keep this a concise couple paragraphs. Indeed guild history is rich, but no novels allowed! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif If you do go overboard, expect a request for modification!
    (please, let's avoid that!)
    6. Location of your guildhouse/stone(s) and/or primary facet - optional

    Please make sure to update or delete your post as necessary, and please check back to the forum, as this entire thread will be deleted and reopened periodically. For this reason, you may wish to save a copy of your post info (to make subsequent posts a little easier!) We apologize in advance for the "ongoing" maintenance, but it should help guarantee information provided is accurate and current.

    ****** Guild Resources ******

    In addition to posting here, other Guild-related issues can be found in the UO Guild Hall.

    UO Stratics Guild Forums are available for free for player-guilds on each shard. The Great Lakes Guild Forums main listing is found here. To sign up, you need only submit a completed Guild Forum Request Form. Before signing up, you will need to register a username in addition to any you may already be using in UO Stratics forums -- not all usernames currently in use are necessarily available on guild forums, so register ASAP to guarantee your desired "identity".

    A popular tool is Guildboss, a third-party utility for helping manage large or multiple guilds (shareware) (not uo-specific)

    A complete and searchable listing of Guilds can be found on the UO.com site here - characters logged on in the previous 30 days are also visible, as are Veteran and Warfare Rankings.

    For Factions information, you can look to the Stratics Factions forum or the UO.com Faction Focus Forums

    We hope this is helpful,

    ~ Your Great Lakes Stratics Team
  2. Teroh

    Teroh Guest

  3. Galrahn

    Galrahn Guest

    1) Guild Name: Black Company (BC, [email protected], B*C, others)
    2) Guild Masters name: JDread, Sir Bart
    3) Guilds Url: http://www.the-blackcompany.org
    4) Email & Icq: [email protected]
    5) Mission: Friendship, Loyality, Teamwork.
    6) Location: Felucca
    7) Popularity: Ask anyone, I am sure they have an opinion of us, one way or the other.

    We take 1 recruit at a time, could be that you make the cut.
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  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. Fishing Council of Britannia (FCB)
    2. Gem
    3. www.thefcb.com
    4. FCB Trammel tower:

    We are the Cross-shard fishing guild of Britannia! We sponsor free public net tosses and other public events. Fishing's more fun with friends!

    Fishing Council of Britannia
    Turbulent Waters
  5. 1.Guild Name: The United Dwarven Clans of Britannia(UDC)
    2.Guild Master: Damon Omenborn
    3:Guilds Url: http://omenborn0.tripod.com/karakkol/
    4.Guild Recruits:Luna(Malas) or by ICQ #31683517 and E-mail [email protected]
    5.Mission: Reestablishment of Dwarven Holds and Cities through armed invasion, trials of combat and blunt political maneuvering. Recovery of Dwarven heritage including-Recovery of Dwarven Artifacts and Relics, Reclaiming lands lost to our peoples and Reclaiming lost Dwarven Honor.
    6.Karaz-A-Dawi-Mountain Northwest of Luna(Malas)
  6. LordAz

    LordAz Guest

    Army Of Nujelm
    GuildMaster Azerial
    Contact me at icq 126854718 or email at [email protected]
    Through Nujelm we'll control the world through roleplay and fear.
    All Lawful Evil Roleplayers allowed. Our Frist meeting after this post will be Saturday at 3pm central
    ps no Paladins

    "Who says that Umbra is the only city of the Dead."
  7. Cembryl

    Cembryl Guest

    1) Guild Name: The Unholy Sanctum(TUS)
    2) Guild Masters name: Devidian
    3) Guilds Url: http://www.unholysanctum.com
    4) Email & Icq: [email protected], 1965582
    5) Mission: All info listed on the website
    6) Location:Guild house is located NE of Luna.. (Way NE)
  8. Sir_Gallant

    Sir_Gallant Guest

    Masters Of Virtue, MOV. is a Great Lakes Guild composed of players in their 30's or older.
    We are a PvM Guild, some mebers do PvP, but as a Guild it will not be warring.
    We seek other players that believe in fair play and Play UO by the Virtues of the Game.
    our Guild website is www.mastersofvirtue.net there you will find all contact info you need to get ahold of me.
  9. Avalonia

    Avalonia Guest

  10. KalHeinz

    KalHeinz Guest

    1) Guild Name: The Nobility (TN)
    2) Guild Masters name: Wallace
    3) Guilds Url: http://www.TheNobility.org
    4) Email & Icq: [email protected]
    5) Guild Summary: To uphold the ways of the Nobility through wealth, power, and prestige.
    6) Location: Felucca
  11. CANEN519

    CANEN519 Guest

    1. Guild Name : The Sarn Riders Armoury TSV
    2. Guildmaster Name : Big Burtha
    3. Mission: to supply the worlds of UO with quality goods through sales and for a good price
    4. ICQ: 174861437
    6. Location : Felucia ,Vesper (2 seconds from vesper bank)
  12. Miller J*L

    Miller J*L Guest

    *post deleted by request of the author as this guild is no longer active*
  13. Guild Name and Abbreviation
    Farland Clan (FC)- main stone
    Farland Clan Blood Avengers (FCA)- warstone
    Farland Clan Vojin (FC2)- recruit stone

    Guildmaster Name
    Jericho Farland

    Guild URL or link to UO.com's Guild Index
    Farland Clan Website

    Email or PM - List an email address to contact you by, or make sure you have private messages enabled in your Stratics Forums profile (on by default)
    You may contact the Guildmaster at [email protected]

    Any information of purpose, mission, activities etc, that are
    important to your guild--

    Our guild was formally established in Ultima Online in 1999. But our history goes back many more years to the 1980's when our group played D&D. In the late 90's we moved to online gaming and first launched into Diablo. We came to UO with a rather large group and became UO's largest family oriented guild early on. Our group specializes in helping new players get accustomed to the game and we pride ourselves on teamwork.

    Location of your guildhouse/stone(s) and/or primary facet
    The guildstone is located at our castle just south of the Trinsic swamps in the Trammel facet. Our family is nomadic these days and we have holdings all over the realm.

    To be considered for recruitment please click here.
  14. doombuggie

    doombuggie Guest

    Guild name: Rage of angels R*A
    Guildmaster: Arwen
    URL: http://rage-of-angels.tripod.com
    email: [email protected]
    ICQ 14320964
    As a guild we seek to further the virtues across the land of britannia and help those in need.
    guildhouse is a few screens sw of wrong.
  15. FL Girl

    FL Girl Guest

    Guild Name: Success Inc. (S*I)
    Guild Master: Slaymore or Mika Windstorm
    Guild Website & email, ICQ info: http://www.geocities.com/success_incorporated/
    Guild Mission: To supplie the people of GL with armor, weapons, magic, ect and to help out Newbies learn the ropes. We are a Merchants Guild
    Location: Tram 76° 17'N, 25° 44'E or between the Choas and Compassion Shires on the road.
  16. samagee

    samagee Guest

    1.) The Avengers of Great Lakes (@GL)
    2.)Mandorf (a.k.a. samagee)
    4.)PM or ICQ# 20951090
    5.) The purpose is to become thorns in the sides of the Great Lakes PKs.
  17. 1. Yew Militia YM
    2. http:/www.btinternet.com/~chaosmark
    3. Hawk YM Commander
    4. [email protected]
    5. Upholding the Virtues and Protecting the City of Yew
    6. The Yew Militia is one of the oldest Guilds on GL.
  18. coldstonevnv

    coldstonevnv Guest

    1)Victory Not Vengeance, (VNV)
    2)Coldstone Cutter
    4)icq:123525137 or pm me through stratics
    5)i created this guild to help players have more fun and encourage character interaction. my own personal mission is to help the poor and the young. we hold frequent hunts, and a monthly tournament, the first guild to hold a joust.
    6)"Coldstone's" is located North East of the Yew Catacombs, which is a ways east of Yew Moongate. In business since 2000.

    Coldstone Cutter, VNV
  19. 1. Guild Name and Abbreviation: Warriors of Light & Darkness (WLD) and our PvP group Warriors of Light & Darkness_B\ood\Guard (WLD_B\G)
    2. Guildmaster Name: (WLD)- Lord Aravan a'Thel, (WLD_B\G)- Lord Prospero
    3. Guild URL or link to UO.com's Guild Index:http://www.theguildhall.org/
    4. Email or PM: You may contact the Recruitment Office at [email protected] Or ICQ the Guild Recruiter at 9026688.
    5. Any information of purpose, mission, activities etc, that are
    important to your guild:
    Our motto is quite simple have fun, and help each other and others that we meet whenever possible. We are a guild of friends first and foremost. Our guild has a very long history upon the GL shard. We have just resently bagan to explore the world with the founding of the B\ood Guard unit, to give our members a different style of play.
    6. Location of your guildhouse/stone(s) and/or primary facet: WLD Guild House: 55.22' north, 11.15' east Trammel, WLD_B\G Guild House: 38. 45' north, 51. 45' east Fel. Our members are nomadic these days and we have holdings all over the realm. Our primary areas are near Minoc and Trinsic.
    Please feel free to contact us anytime for any further information, Thanks!

  20. A_CareBear

    A_CareBear Guest

    1. White Wraiths of Moonglow (Wwm)
    2. http:/wwofm.tk
    3. Guildmaster: Kuja
    4. [email protected]
    5. To Remove all Evil and Have fun when doing it, By FOLLOWING RP Rules
    6. Guild house is On Fire Island (trammel)

    ICq me if you wish to join at 175794594
  21. GS Elder

    GS Elder Guest

    Guild Avebriation:GSA
    Guildname:Guardians of Sorsaria Army.
    Guildmasters:Jack the killer.
    Guild Site:Guardians of Sorsaria Army.[/b]
    Contact: ICQ: 6778880, or PM me in Stratics, with the reason why you want to join.
    Guild Forum:GSA Forum.
    Guild Objetives:
    To protect Sorsaria from all evil, also respecting the RP Rules.
    Also to have fun, doing champion spawns and more events.
    This is an RP Guild,that rp as Knights and Warriors...
  22. GS Elder

    GS Elder Guest

    Guildname : Elves of Rivendel.
    Guild Avebriation : EoR
    Guildmaster: Jack the killer.
    Site: www.avidgamers.com/RElves
    ICQ: 6778880.
    Yahoo: cobodom2003
    Objectives: To protect till the last green of Sorsaria. RP Guild with Pvp.
    Location: Ask for for gate or contact me.
  23. Branwen

    Branwen Guest

    1. <font color=red>THE ROYAL BRITANNIAN KILTED POLICE (BKP)</font color=red>

    2. <font color=red>Commissioner Branwen</font color=red>

    3. <font color=red>Website</font color=red>

    4. <font color=red>To be considered for recruitment, consult the website and fill out the application form. Alternate contact information is available on the site for other inquiries.</font color=red>

    5. <font color=red>Since 1999, the Royal Britannian Kilted Police has been following the virtues and upholding the charter set forth by Lord British. The guild's military structure is loosely based upon the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, though the similarities end there. The BKP guildstone is open to all who enjoy roleplay and standard non-pvp guild activities; the warring stone is limited to seasoned and highly-trained officers only. Chiefly, we are all out to have fun. </font color=red>

    6. <font color=red>We are primarily a Trammel-based guild, though our investigations may occasionally take us to other facets. The guildstone is located at 131° 23' S, 18° 37' E.</font color=red>
  24. seldane..

    seldane.. Guest

    1.Les Vampirs des Rogues VdR,
    3.contact me at 174225875,
    4.Our purpose is to have fun and enjoy roleplaying vampires,
    5.Our guild house is south of minoc(Fel)
  25. GS Elder

    GS Elder Guest

    Guild Name: The Shadow Empire.
    Guild Avebriation: SE
    Guildmaster: Jack the killer.
    Guild URL: http://www.angelfire.com/rpg/von/uoguild/SE.htm
    Uo.com Index:SE Roster
    ICQ: 6778880
    Guild Objetives:
    To have fun respecting the rules of the RP Comunity.

    For Voice Interviews Download Ventrilo.
    Download the Client.
    Username Servername: anyname, but better use the one of your character.
    Join the: The Shadow Empire -&gt; Interview.
  26. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guild Abbr: DDA
    Guild Name: Damn! Dead Again Guild.
    Guildleader: Gabrielle (ooOOooOO)
    Historian: Whipstitch ([email protected]#$! ooOOoo)
    Guild Charter: To die often and well. We live to die. Dying is what we're famous for. We love to die.

    Guild Song: "If You're Dead and You Love It Say OoOOoo!" (also called "The OooOOoo Song")
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1) Guild Name: Infernal Lords of the Nine Circles (IL9)

    2) Guild Masters name: Dr Gurbles (Stoic/Mage/Necromancer)

    3) Guilds Url: http://www.geocities.com/Evil_Floyd/IL9Guild.html

    4) Email &amp; Icq: [email protected] 196 161 738

    5) Mission: Building a role-playing guild from the ground up with a rich story and background, leaning toward the dark side but not maliciously evil. (It is more interesting to make a character that has a motivation for his behavior than simply being evil because it's fun) /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    6) Location: A two-story tower directly east of Sacrifice on Trammel called the Repository of Fiendish Knowledge. Plan on getting a bigger place once I can find someone willing to sell their plot somewhere else. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    I'm still fairly new to the game (3 months) and the guild is only comprised of a few people at the moment. I'm kind of picky, I want some good role-players to fill the "officer" positions that are currently vacant. I'm really interested in developing a story. Currently I'm kind of involved with the whole Dark Elf/Vampire war in Nujel'm but I would like to integrate on many levels. If interested, drop me a line.
  28. Guild name: The Shadow Empire.
    Guild Avebriation: SE
    Guildmaster: Jack the killer.
    ICQ: 6778880.
    Main Objectives:
    To have fun and roleplay.
    Guild Site: The Shadow Empire
    Status: Recruiting.
  29. 1. Guild Name: Vengeance {V}
    2. GM: Atomos/Dopey and Dawn/Pete
    3. N/A
    4. ICQ: 141167319
    5. Spawns/PVP/Friendship
    6. Felluca
    Vengeance is back :p
    This time vengeance is back for good. If you are looking for a pvp/spawn guild and you know how to cross and play as a team or at least are willing to learn this may be the guild for you. Icq if interested.
  30. Mirshann

    Mirshann Guest

    1. Guild Name: Bregan D'Aerth (BDA)
    2. GM: Mirshann
    3. www.bregan.org
    4. ICQ: 199889122
    5. RP/PvP/PvM
    6. Tram/Fel

    Bregan D'aerth (BDA) and Wanre's of Bregan (WBD--The wanre stone of BDA) is a drow-based roleplaying guild on the Great Lake Shard of Ultima Online. Contrary to rumor or popular belief, we are an evil guild.

    Bregan D'aerth translates roughly to Band of Rogues. Bregan began as a guild in the popular online game Neverwinter Nights on AOL. It's carried on in guild form through many many online games, including Diablo, Everquest and Ultima Online. Bregan on Ultima Online is made up of drow, humans and others, but all follow the ways of the drow and the roleplay of Bregan D'aerth.

    Drow come from the world of Faerun of the Forgotten Realms but are often found in the various shards of Ultima Online as well.

    This is a Roleplay guild. Dewd talk, OOC actions and speech are strongly discouraged when you are the cities of the crown when in game. You are expected to respect your fellow gamers and roleplayers as persons and individuals OOC, but IC....well....we are drow and mercenaries....respect to those not a part of family is not needed.

    While this is a roleplay guild, it is also a PvP/PvM guild. We do Treasure Hunts and Dungeon Crawls together as a family. We also do a lot of PvPing in Trammel with Trammel guild wars. This means we are a warred guild. And the consequences of such are that we cannot be healed or rezed by those not of our guild in Trammel.
  31. xXventruXx

    xXventruXx Guest

    1) Guild Name: Sosarian Guard &lt; S*G &gt;
    2) Guild Master: Summerhawke / Eamon McMullen
    3) Guilds Url: http://www.geocities.com/sosarianguard_uo
    4) Icq: 326-971-433
    5) Mission: RP guild commited to protecting the defencless and the Virtues.
    6) Location: Yew, deep woods
  32. Qu'ellar d'Viaxus is a long respected Guild involving the Drow of Great Lakes.
    We are a traditional Drow guild, with some of our strongest ties in RP. However, even though we play a race of evil demi-humans, we are still semi-realists.
    We are very particular on tradition, that stems from the Temple of Lloth on Neverwinter Nights from America Online (predating UO's Alpha Test by many years.)
    The Current Ilharess is Velturasa Viaxus, and the Steward (Day to day Operations), Quar'valuk, Velturus Viaxus
    Velturus Viaxus can be reached on ICQ at 45392576
    Our requirements for membership are extremely rigid, and we screen very tightly.

    We can be contacted at [email protected] until the Website is refurbished (Traditionally located at www.viaxus.homestead.com )
  33. Mandaka

    Mandaka Guest

    Guild name: Blue Lotus Clan
    Abbreviation: BL

    Guildmaster: Soke Takashi
    ICQ: 255-893-345
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Ka-Ge Wake Commander: Shidoshi Myreuki
    ICQ: 341-625-841
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Guild Type: Ninja Role Play
    Guildhouse Location: Tokuno, just outside NE gate leading out of Zento.
    Website: Home of the Blue Lotus Clan
    Status: Recruiting all levels of Ninjas

    Do you follow the ways of Bushido instead? We have associated Samurai Guilds we work with that are looking for a few good Samurai.
  34. Guild Name: Alchemist Elite
    Guild Tag: AE
    Guild Site: www.AlchemistElite.com

    GM: Reno ( ICQ: 167179425 )
    Alternate Contact: AstarianJewel ( ICQ: 315111885 )
    Recruiter: Orcbane ( ICQ: 215525411 )

    Agenda: A relaxed PvP/Spawning guild open to those who aspire to become great PvPers. A good group of friends who have survived the drama, and are in it for the long haul. The GM of AE has a core group of loyalist working together to ultimately bring the action to prime time Great Lakes. You're guaranteed, never a dull moment in AE. Bring with you a good sense of humor, a willingness to work together, and the ambition to be great.
  35. JhamarTDR

    JhamarTDR Guest

    <font color="red"> Guild Name : The Dark Realm </font>
    <font color="red"> Guild Abbreviation : TDR </font>
    <font color="green"> Guild Alliances :J^W Jhing Woo/ B~P Bringers of Pain </font>
    Guild Type : Standard

    Guildmaster : Genivieve <font color="red"> icq (263862842) </font>
    email @ [email protected]
    Co-Guildmistress : Kathy <font color="red"> icq (50212584) </font>

    Emissaries : <font color="blue">
    Henry Thayer/Coolhand/Eda/Demolish/Telemakhus/Mephistophiles</font>

    Guild History : The Dark Realm was formed back in 1998 in the game of Diablo. From there , while waiting on the Diablo 2 expansion , we moved to a different Blizzard game called Starcraft. After a year or so of that, the game of Ultima was introduced to us by a fellow guildmate and a few of us bought it, and have been here ever since.

    Guild Description : The Dark Realm is a standard, non-warring guild. We have ranked in the top ten guilds for several years now due to our constant growth and laid back type of gameplay. Nobody is forced to do anything. We do almost everything spur of the moment. There are events, tournments, and other things planned every now and then.

    Guild Beliefs : We here at TDR, believe that a guild is made and kept together by it's unity and friendship. We believe that the leaders of the guild are here to serve it's members and not the other way around. We stand up for the little guys and truly believe we are the only guild that has members in fel that stand up against any red guilds and zerg guilds.

    Closing : So if you are interested in joining a guild that loves having fun, that's filled with veterans of all sorts that can help and train you in anything. Send us an IM via Icq. We'll talk and discuss things. If wanting to ally, plz contact Henry or one of the Emissaries.
  36. Erythorbic

    Erythorbic Guest

    Chicken Fight Club [CFC]
    Club President Henry Zoate, Vice President Quistis Zoate
    [email protected]
    We host the chicken fights, EVERY Saturday 8pm est. We're 4 screens West of Umbra near the road. We gate from Brit and Luna banks 15 minutes before each event. Free to the public, you need not own a chicken to enjoy the event.
    Great Lakes, Malas, Umbra
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. Guild Name and Abbreviation: Great Lakes/ Stormwalkers / STWA
    2. Guildmaster Name: Kaydon Bhey
    3. Guild URL: www.stormwalkers.com
    4. Email: [email protected]
    5. ICQ: 246157522
    6. Purpose, mission, activities etc: We are looking for older players that are tired of l337 sPe^k, and are just looking to group with a more mature group of players. We do enjoy some light RP, and alot of time hunting and working together. All levels of experience are welcome! We use Teamspeak.
    7. Motto: All game, No drama.. dictators need not apply.
  38. Guildname/Abbr: Yew Archer's - YA
    Guildmaster: Arrow of Yew (ICQ: 204 477 293)
    Guild Description: The Yew Archers Guild is an Honor Based Fellowship Guild.

    The Yew Archers are dedicated to the training and development of the young archer, party hunting, and support of the community of Yew.
  39. Kutan

    Kutan Guest

    1. Guild Name and Abbreviation: Booga Tribe BT
    2. Guildmaster Name: Amabangu GM Kutan CO-GM
    3. Guild URL: http://www.freewebs.com/boogatribe/
    4. Email: [email protected]
    5. ICQ: 67-557-462
    6. Purpose, mission, activities etc: We are looking for people who enjoy both RP and PvP and like to have fun and also team players. This guild you either rp a savage or a swamp rider and we do war other guilds. Some are through roleplay some are straight PvP. To be in the guild you must have Ventrilo and ICQ if you don't have these we can show you how to get them. We also prefer savage type names but make some excpetions. Last but not least you will die but you will kill to :) If this is something that interest you or need more information feel free to check out our site. Or pm me
    7. Motto: Tu Slughtur douz wu apose uz
    8. Location of your guildhouse/stone(s): We have a small city working on in Malas and some houses in felluca.
  40. Slippyslide

    Slippyslide Guest

    Guild name: Conquerors Of Sosaria
    Guild Abbr.: GODZ
    Guild Leader: Toxic
    Commanding officers: Slippyslide, Rain, Rebel Princess.
    Guild house location: N. Minoc/Fel.
    Guild mission: Chance to bring a new face to PvP. Mainly to prove that more than BC and TDR can complete a champ and reap the spoils. Open to PvP and PvM players.

    Contact: ICQ- 64831934
  41. Kimber

    Kimber Guest

  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1. Guild Name: Knights Who Say NI! Abbreviation: NI

    2. Guildmaster Name: Sentinel, Bounty Hunter of Great Lakes

    3. Guild URL or link to UO.com's Guild Index : N/A

    4. Email or PM - PM me please

    5. The Knights Who Say NI! is mostly a PvP guild. Hunt in Tram sometimes when we feel like it. PvP means, we hunt <font color="red"> Red </font> Players only. We patrol Fel to clean the dungeons and cities of our beloved lands. We are the protectors of the weak and for those who can not defend themselves. Honor above all and Intregerty is held highly. <font color="blue"> We hunt the hunters! </font>

    6. Location of your guildhouse/stone(s) and/or primary facet : Southern Fel
  43. tara77

    tara77 Guest

    1) Guild Name: Warrior Knights Of The Valkyries (WKV)
    2)Guild Leader : Tasha
    3) ICQ# 266-374-500
    4) We are a Family Oriented Guild. We have hunts and enjoy doing things together. We are a Stricktly PvM guild and pride ourself in Teamwork and Helping Others.
    5) We Are Looking For Good Players Who Want Fun And Friendship.
    We Hope To See You Soon. Stay Safe and Good Journies.
  44. yoshihiro

    yoshihiro Guest

    Guild: The Eternal Fellowship
    Abbr: E-F
    Co-Guildmaster: Aria Mooncinder
    ICQ: 1060788
    Guild House : We are located just outside of Minoc, Over the 2nd bridge (past mining area) . 4th house North along the shore.

    We are a family based guild, welcoming anyone. We will have hunting parties ect consistantly. We do prefer players that can roleplay.
  45. <font color="blue">
    Guild name : Royal Knights of Redemption
    Guild tag : RKR

    Templar (Guildmaster) : Ren The Conjuror (ICQ: 74-632-222)
    Undermarshal : Oona (ICQ: 253-367-980)

    Ethereal Tome : RoyalKnights.org

    The Royal Knights Of Redemption are a group of followers loyal to the throne of Lord British and to the virtues placed down by him. In this, RKR is a role-playing guild. The Knights base their operations out of Castle Redemption , a little way's south of the Town Of Newcastle.

  46. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1) Guild Name: Pirates Of The Sea (PK Pirates)
    2) Guild Masters name: Comet
    3) Guilds Url: http://www.piratesguild.i8.com
    4) Email &amp; Icq: [email protected] 18118458
    5) Mission: To expand great lakes Player Killing community and enjoy adventure and riches!! Arrrr!!! (We also have non-PK payers) We just love to play and get rich!!! ARRRRR!!!! [image]
    6) Location 114o 27'N, 60o 23'E
    (North Of Minoc In Fulucia. Go North in Minoc, cross ocean, we are right across there)
    <center> </center> [​IMG][/image]
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    1) Guild Name: Pirates Of The Sea (POS)
    2) Guild Masters name: Comet
    3) Guilds Url: http://www.piratesguild.i8.com
    4) Email &amp; Icq: [email protected], 18118458
    5) Mission: To expand great lakes PKing community while enjoying adventuring and gaining loot!!
    6) Location 114o 27'N , 60o 23'E , North of Minoc in FEL.
  48. Alain_de

    Alain_de Guest

    Guild Name: Zento Light Calvary Regiment (ZLCR)
    Guild Master: Alain de Rohan
    Guild Url: Unitied Tokuno forums
    ICQ: Alain de Rohan 436-757-236
    Location: Tokuno

    Mission: Rp, Tokuno Samurai. Visit our forums for more in depth information including charters and requirments. The rp community on Great Lakes is large and varied, with drow, elementals, knights and jesters there is usually something going on. Some pvp will be experienced, however strict rules apply (you will always know it's coming before your attacked), and training will be given to everyone.

    If the life of a Samurai doesn't appeal to you, the guilds of Tokuno are also recruiting. Visit our forums for Monks, Ninjas, Imperial emissaries or Tradefolk.
  49. JC69

    JC69 Guest

    1. ZeRg
    2. Guildmaster fanta.apple/newbs Bro
    3. Guild URL-Beats me
    4. icq-305226366
    5.pvp no scrolls spawns just pvp
    been playing with either other for years
    only 12 members so far i think lol
  50. Qu'ellar d'Viaxus is a long respected Guild involving the Drow of Great Lakes.
    We are a traditional Drow guild, with some of our strongest ties in RP. However, even though we play a race of evil demi-humans, we are still semi-realists.
    We are very particular on tradition, that stems from the Temple of Lloth on Neverwinter Nights from America Online (predating UO's Alpha Test by many years.)

    The Current Ilharess is Velturasa Viaxus, and the Chamberlain (Day to day Operations), Quar'valuk, Velturus Viaxus
    Velturus Viaxus can be reached on ICQ at 45392576
    Our requirements for membership are extremely rigid, and we screen very tightly.
    Entrance into Qu'ellar d'Viaxus is reserved for physically appearing, "Drow Elves," and entrance into the noble house usually requires the creation of a new character, despite experience within the UO World. (Some considerations can be made for characters with personal bless deeds, please consult the Chamberlain for this information.)

    Qu'ellar d'Viaxus is the founding guild of, "Che'el d'Orbb," (City of the Spider), a player-run city of Drow and Dark Elves, centering upon the religious beliefs of Lloth, the Spider Goddess. Information concerning the city can be found under the Stratics, Great Lakes, Establishments Section, at the following link:
    City of the Spider - Stratics, Great Lakes - Establishments

    Qu'ellar d'Viaxus is a Charter Member of the Second Empire of Armageddon, and was a charter member of the First Empire of Armageddon.
    The Second Empire of Armageddon is an active, Evil-Roleplayer Alliance that functions as a crucible for events, role-play, and massive-involvement activities.
    Although we engage in Player vs. Player Combat for Role-play Plot-Related Activities, Qu'ellar d'Viaxus and the Second Empire of Armageddon subscribe to a strict set of Rules of Engagement with other Role-players. Qu'ellar d'Viaxus does not currently maintain a set of Rules of Engagement for Non-Roleplayers (As deemed by the definition of the Guildmistress) in Felucca, although individual member guilds of the Second Empire of Armageddon will vary in their policies concerning this aspect.

    The Second Empire of Armageddon can be reached through this link:
    Second Empire of Armageddon

    Active Guilds within the Alliance that are also recruiting Evil-Based Roleplayers include, The Temple of Mondain, Chaotic Justice, Chaos Legions, Legion of the Undead, and Kyorlen d'Viaxus.

    Velturus Viaxus