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(RP) Great Lakes Survey Mission Summary

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by TandaBSK, Jun 30, 2014.

  1. TandaBSK

    TandaBSK Seasoned Veteran
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    May 16, 2008
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    The night was fair and the skies clear as a small crowd gathered on the shores of Yew to set off to map out the water boundaries for two of the King’s cities. Tensions have been escalating between Jhelom and Skara Brae for some time now. Ever since the abduction and deaths of a number of citizens including children from Skara Brae the Governors of Skara Brae have believed Jhelom to be at the root of all their problems.

    During a peace summit held on the island of Nujel’m , graciously offered as a site by the Sultan himself as neutral ground, there was a plan put in place to attempt to establish borders and there by hopefully deescalate the situation. Only to have an attack occur along the coast of Nujel’m severely crippling a fishing vessel from Skara Brae that had brought then Governor Neptune out to the island.

    Around 8 p.m. by the central skies Governor Tanda Knighthawke and her husband John, Governor Thom Jameison of Jhelom, Governor Riley of Skara Brae(known as "Captain" Riley), Malag Aste of Newcastle (appointed by Governor Willa), and ship’s Captain and Britain appointee Vasortylem set sail from the Yew coast to the seas north of Skara Brae.It had been arranged to use the High Council's frigate, officially named the Queen Dawn's Legacy. Rapidly, the debate began in earnest about where the northern border of the seas to be protected by Skara Brae should begin.

    Governor Knighthawke and her husband had done extensive exploration looking into the waters, what sits on shore, where the cities outer limits land attempting to at least give an initial heading to the Captain. So the group headed to approximately 0 degrees North by 90 degrees west as the first coordinates, a northern mark in the middle of the ocean. Governor Riley said he’d prefer the Northern border to be near the beach, about 13 degrees north by 83 degrees west. Everyone else, however, felt that beach was definitely a portion of Yew. The proposed southern end was about 76 degrees south and 31 degrees west as scouted by Minoc. This was thought to be too restrictive in general by the remainder of the surveyors, it left the southern end of Skara Brae about even with the lowest farm fields and well above the dungeon of Destard. The next proposed southern end would have extended Skara
    Brae’s control to include about 120 degrees south just above Serpent Pillars. Governor Riley felt that Skara Brae could control the Serpent Pillar with little or no complaint from Papua for having done a favor for that city's now-former Mayor. With much debate a settlement was reached leaving the Serpent Pillars and Dragon Island as neutral area.

    Next began the task of trying to define Jhelom. It was suggested that Jhelom should be inside a box around 30o West to 90o East and then 150o South (Server line) to 145o North. The group arrived at the northern end just south of Dragon Island began discussing again the neutrality of Dragon Island and Serpent Pillars. As the group began sailing south toward that end of the Jhelom islands, they noted a ship tracking their course, gaining on their position. Never gaining enough ground to be completely visible. The group presumed it to be a pirate ship. When it nearly broad-sided the Queen Dawn's Legacy, the group knew they had been right and fled at top speed. Governor Knighthawke's husband, John, had settled on this strategy early on, knowing that pirates had too much of an advantage.

    Safely back in Yew the Governors and their representatives disembarked and then went about their normal routines.

    Later on, Governor Riley submitted a written proposal following the mission with the following description, transcribed exactly by Governor Knighthawke: “Territorial boundaries: The City of Skara Brae perpose’s the following boundary line’s. The northern boundary line shall be set forth along the 49o 59S according to the sextant line’s. The southern boundary line shall be 99o 18S according to the sextant line’s. The eastern boundary shall be set forth along the serpent’s spine mountains not to go past the prepoised northern boundary, to encompass the landmak’s know as the heage maze and spiritwood’s. To stap at the river bank’s and down to encompass Dragonhame Mountain’s not to exceed the prepoised boundary line. The western boundary shall be set forth along the 92o 36W line according to the sextant line’s."

    A map was commissioned to depict what was discussed after the mission and the debates and notes that followed from other cities. (The map which will be featured was a Britannia Sea Chart from 2010, created by Hawkeye Pike, no copyright or theft was intended and credit is given to it's creator to the best of our abilities)
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