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Greater chickens are the least of our worries....

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Dravecky of GL, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. I been playing this game for a couple years and all....

    I guess my question is where do we go from here? I seen many changes in the staff from Austin to Redwood Shores and now Fairfax?

    I enjoy the pixel crack and all, but I am thinkin I need more depth. Is something going to be done about uneven templates?

    I know what your all thinkin.... I just got killed and am whining about the latest flavor of the day. Wrong... I would like to see a day when multiple templates would be matched fairly across the board, and I have a choice.

    Are we headed there? That is my question.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's awful hard to even-up templates when any one of them can be a pure or hybrid form. Mages and dexers won't ever be equal IMO because of the inherent nature of their professions. So other compensation needs to be made by either of them - armor, jewelry, certain tactics to defeat the others strength, etc.

    If even-up in same type of templates - like all swords templates should be more even, then it appears you are suggesting that UO lose the one REALLY unique feature of any template - flexibility. All of the same type would be in a regimented structure of what can or cannot make up the attributes of that template. I didn't like that in other games I've played ... I don't believe it's good for UO.

    Something like that also sets all crafters into a specific set of characteristics ... a smith can only do such-and-so, a tailor so-and-such. A UO Carpenter needs some level of magery, music and other skills to make ALL items available to him/her. A structured Carpenter would need to ALWAYS include these.

    Am I misunderstanding your intent?
  3. <blockquote><hr>

    Am I misunderstanding your intent?

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Not at all. Constructive retort is what I am hoping for. Ty.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    For grinz 'n' gigglz, let's tackle something else you said - "... I enjoy the pixel crack and all, but I am thinkin I need more depth. ..."

    You tagged depth and templates in one sentence and I only responded to the template side of it. Do you or have you ever role-played? Seriously ... immersed yourself into a character with backstory and all that?

    I did for 3 years in a MUCK (really pre-UO) I helped programmatically create as well as write the initial storyline for. Now THAT can add all sorts of depth to any game ... text-based or not. And it is another truly unique thing - not just to UO but to YOU. It's something that others just cannot fully copy in all facets if done well.

    Sooo, you then create your own game using the mechanics that someone else (EA in this case) handed to you. You also - in the spirit of RP - can have your character look a certain way, behave in some unique manner and ... &lt;drum roll please&gt; use a unique set of skills to augment that very role.

    &lt;shrug&gt; This just crossed my mind as I made the last pass of forums for the night. I'll see what awaits in the morning sometime. Take care &amp; afe journeys!