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Greater Dragon Rating Formula

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by imported_Mark Trail, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Everybody wants a dragon with high hit points. Fine.

    But it will last longer if it has high resists. In the interests of simplicity, use just the physical resist. The damage received is (100 - phys resist) %.

    Put those 2 together and the time for a baddy to kill a greater dragon is:

    Rating = hit points / ( 1 - physical resist )

    For example, with 765 hits and 82 physical resist the rating comes out:

    Rating = 736 / (1 - .82) = 4088.

    Anything over 3000 rating is a keeper in my opinion, 4000 is great enough to pay money for at the bank, and 5000 is worth bragging about in this forum.
  2. Kurgan

    Kurgan Guest

    Little confused by your formula.. Mind telling me what this might be, and how you got the numbers?

    hits 808
    stamina 59
    mana 611
    str 645
    dex 65
    int 611

    wrestling 96.5
    tactics 91.4
    resist 95.2
    Anat 20.7
    Magery 117.9
    Eval 41.5
    Med 67.2

    Physical 81%
    Fire 77%
    Cold 43%
    Poison 60%
    Energy 67%
  3. It's not that simple. Every stat on a greater dragon but DEX/STA is relevant for something.

    Magery impacts how much the dragon will heal, so it is relevant in how well a dragon tanks. That isn't impacted in your rating.

    Wrestling impacts both HCI and DCI of your dragon. Also, not impacted in your rating. Wrestling becomes the most important tanking ability for a dragon that's run by a discord tamer because discord on a target can make your dragon very difficult to hit.

    HP impacts fire breath damage and how many hits your pet can take. I wish we had the equation for fire breath, so we could determine exactly how important HP are. One thing I've noticed is that fire breath gets a big boost when hp climb above 50% health on the dragon.

    STR greatly impacts how hard your dragon will hit. The difference between a min STR greater dragon and a max STR greater dragon is 17 dmg per hit on average. That's substantial...

    Tactics will impact damage by about 5 damage per hit on average. It's substantial, but not the most essential stat. The softest hitting greater dragon will hit for 22 less damage per hit than the hardest hitting one... Damage output is relevant.

    INT impacts mana pool and you get 1% SDI for every 10 int. Smart dragons also get all the chicks. INT is probably a lower priority stat for most dragons. I can see justification for a high int dragon in a pvp context.

    Each resist has places in the game where it is relevant. Some resists are more relevant now than others, but that won't necessarily be the case with new content. Also, resists are much more important when your pet is taking hard hits (like boss monsters give) than it is with small hits. If your dragon tanks a bunch of little monsters, HP might be more important. If your dragon is tanking a big nasty monster, resists are most important. IMO, total resists are extremely important. I generally don't battle little critters, so resists are very important to me.

    Magic resist will make your pet less succeptible to some spells. It's mostly relevant for pvp (not having your pet para'd on you). For my uses, resist is pretty much irrelevant. I don't even look at it.

    DEX is completely irrelevant because you can train it up to 125.
    All sub-100 skills are also irrelevant because they can be trained to GM.

    I may have missed a stat or 2... Every skill that goes over 100 is important to some degree. Every resist is important. Every stat that goes over 125 is important for something.

    Every player has to decide what kind of pet they want to have and rate their critter accordingly. At best, I think you could possibly come up with a general rating for critters based on whether it's intended to be a tanking dragon, a damage dragon or a pvp dragon.
  4. Easy to get into the never ending treadmill of what is the best uber dragon, I have fallen into it myself. But just like any other pet that starts to get into health trouble I'm gonna vet it. 926 hits is gonna take alot of damage (assuming it doesn't heal itself), before I need to throw an aid on it.
  5. To Kurgan:

    Physical resist is 81, so 1- phys resist - 1 = .81 = .19

    Rating = 808 / .19 = 4253 pretty darn good

    And about the other stats being important: Yes, they are. But when I am running in Destard, it's all I can get in to check the hits and one resist. What I learned from this formula is that the resists are more important than the hit points for this creature up at very high resists. I would much rather have a dragon with phys resist 80 and 700 hits instead of phys resist 60 and 940 hits.
  6. Kurgan

    Kurgan Guest

    Think I got your formula now..
    hits 808
    Physical 81%
    So I take 100-81=19
    Then 808/.19=4252
    Not a bad dragon then..
  7. Aang

    Aang Guest


    Smart dragons also get all the chicks.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    This made me lol [​IMG]
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    *bows to Sarphus*
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Me too lol

  10. Samaira

    Samaira Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2006
    Likes Received:
    According to your formula, my new tame = 5624 :O At least a half dozen attempts and (thanks to two awesome healers/invis-ers) no deaths on my part - though he did fireball/swipe one helper pretty smartly...

    HP 956 (STR 662)
    DEX 65
    INT 529

    Resists 83/81/40/60/60

    Wrestling 92.3
    Tactics 89.5
    Magic Resist 92.6
    Anat 15.2
    Magery 115.9
    EI 53.7
    Med 54.7

    Pre-tame, wrestling, tactics, magic resist and magery were all in the 120s. Shame the cold resist is a little low, and the energy, but I'm happy with that combination. Can't wait until he bonds so I can start training and see how high those skills retrain [​IMG]
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i dont know if i am brave enough to make my own formula, but, I would vote:

    1) HP
    2) Wrestling
    3) Physical Resist
    4) Strength
    5) Cold Resist

    I know Sarphus will chew me out for putting HP at #1, but the way I see it, with a range of &lt;1,000 to 2,000 (1,039 to 1980 from what I've personally seen, so far), you're talking about the biggest variation of any stat or skill. Then you have wrestling, which will determine how well tactics and strength will hit, and how often the resists will be checked in melee (120+ wrestling isn't going to get ganked by low end mobs as easy). Also determines how often you will have to heal, and how often the pet's magery will be useful. Physical resist is the most important resist for me because nearly everything does physical resist foremost in melee, and a lot of players will be useing physical foremost as well. Strength comes next because, as mentioned, there is a great variance here, and applied to 24-33, there is a great difference in damage from high to low. Last of my top five is cold resist, because, quite simply, a wither gank is going to own most of these super dragons. I'd like to have at least 50 cold, if not near 60.
  12. Surprise!

    I'm not going to chew you out. I really think each person needs to decide what attributes are most important to them. There's so much diversity in these dragons that each tamer really needs to look into all the factors for each stat and decide what thresholds they want in each. Also, I think there's some definite synergy to the stats you've selected and I think your reasoning has merit.

    Personally, I have different dragons for different purposes because I haven't been able to find one that can satisfy all purposes. So far, the only criteria I've been firm on is that I won't even look at a dragon that isn't 160 bard difficulty. Using this restriction immediately filters out almost half of the garbage dragons. If you only look at dragons with 160 bard difficulty, you at least have reasonable stats/skills on the dragons you're looking at.

    Now that I have a few solid dragons, I've been a lot more picky. In some cases I will overlook some really unimpressive resists if a dragon has really stellar str/hp/wrestling/tactics with moderate resists. I'm finding 1400 str dragons to be exceptionally rare, which means a 1400 str dragon with 140 tactics and 145 wrestling would be ridiculously rare... and awesome [​IMG] I would tame a dragon like that no matter how low his resists and hp were.

    At some point I need to dispose of 3 of the dragons I have in stables, because they are inferior to my 3 solid dragons in every way. When I started taming these I wasn't really sure what would be an exceptional dragon, so I kept a bunch that were weaker just in case I was wrong about them initially. There aren't many tamers in my guild, and each tamer only wanted 1 or 2 dragons, so I'm stuck with about 3 lol. I may just take my remaining cast-off dragons out behind the shed and shoot 'em, but who knows.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest

    by that formula mine comes out at