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[Price Check] "green" Clothing

Discussion in 'UO Europa Trade' started by mustafa, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. mustafa

    mustafa Guest

    i have several types of player crafted clothing from a while back now, even tho they say they are green they are NOT green they are grey its just the name on them


    Green Plain Dress
    Green Fancy Dress
    Green Wizards Hat
    Green Cloak

    im looking for a price check and if anyone actually buys this kind of stuff as i have quite alot of it

    please pm me or leave a message here thanks
  2. Ozzmandias

    Ozzmandias Guest

    Hi there

    Sorry I can't be much help on price, but I have seen a few in museum collections. So, it seems plenty of people see them as valuable.

    In case anyone was wondering, for a very short while after, AOS? came out, crafting cloth items with 'Barbed Leather' selected would create clothes that had the 'Green' tag.

    Good luck with the sale, and I'm sure you meant to say 'I only have a couple of these very rare items....'.


  3. Green clothing...don't see many for sale usually. Price maybe 1-3m per item? Depends on desirability i guess. If I'm right they can also be dyed with tokuna dyes as well which makes them quite desirable to some people. I think they can also still be cut up and resewn into new Green items, but don't quote me on that!