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(RP) Greetings from your new Skara Brae governor!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Velvathos, Sep 15, 2013.

  1. Velvathos

    Velvathos Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
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    For those who may not know me, I go by the name Palin Whiteblade! Currently I lead the Rangers of Skara Brae as their Senior Captain, I have ran a long and hard campaign to become the governor of Skara Brae after my first failed attempt, it seems to have paid off! This morning I accepted my oath of office as the Governor of Skara Brae and already we are in a trade deal and have a little bit of gold saved up in the treasury.. I will be using the ballot box every 3 days or so I will be asking new questions for you everyone! Also, some of you may have noticed the barricade and the packhorses are no more at the bank that have been sitting there for a long time! Many found it to be a great annoyance, myself included, I wanted to put up a poll originally on the ballot box but was not sure if I would win, still I managed to get it removed. My apologizes to those who liked seeing the packhorses go "Neighhhhh" every couple seconds and the way our roads were nearly blocked off with just one space in between..

    About Me

    OOC: For years I have been on the realm of Europa(since 2007) I was only here part-time when I discovered a large roleplaying guild by accident while randomly travelling the shard because I got bored, this guild was known as the Baronship of Cove.. But some mishaps happened and I lost my original account, I picked up another account from a friend in which all the characters were on Catskills, where I learned the true meaning of roleplaying and I picked up a second account around 2008 which was a Pacific account that I transferred all the characters to Europa from.. I played the role and continue to play as the character "Jassi Cowin" that some of you may know, Jassi Cowin contnues to remain in The Guardsman Militia.. Eventually all my Catskills characters followed and I have been on Europa ever since..

    About Palin

    IC: Palin has never seen much action, joining the Redguard of the Vesperian Army at a young age of 22, he had not seen much action while growing up in Britain and is of noble birth. He was sent to Serpent's Hold to train at a young age to enter into the Britannian Guard, however, due to several differing political views and the oppression he saw in Vesper he took his leave to join Vesper in their fight for freedom from the Kingdom. After the army was disbanded he served for a short period of time under the Covian army and then worked for Rebecca Silvers as a mercenary and took his leave once more after she died.. Palin soon found himself among the forests of Skara Brae, barren and deserted he met a ranger by the name of Ecthelion Valous who was but a poor ranger living in lush and rainy forests Spiritwood, right outside of Skara Brae with a small force of rangers at his command, Palin agreed to become the Senior Captain of the rangers and lead his men while Ecthelion would concentrate on his part as a civilian, spend his money on building taverns, an arena, a barracks, several workshops and wineries, merchant outlets, a church, a library, hiring craftsman and bar servants while Palin focused on the rangers, which is now known as the Militia of Skara Brae. To this date, Palin continues his efforts as the Captain of the ranger militia in Spiritwood and on the morning of September 15th, 2013 he was elected Governor of Skara Brae after a long and difficult campaign..

    The Future

    IC: I look forward to working with the other governors and especially King Blackthorn! I hope I can serve all of you well as governor and look forward to hearing everyone's ideas and representing such ideas to the king! The plan at the moment is for a High Council in Skara Brae to make laws for me to pass while I am in office! I also plan (after we get a new EM) to have a festival within the Skara Brae Community Centre! Outside of it, a market for the merchants in Skara Brae and on the inside of the Centre there will be food and drinks and we plan to put on a play using the stage as well as possibly some bear fighting competition.. If possible, I will get some archery buttes set up or a small archery range right outside of the Skara Brae community centre!

    I also wish to put together a small security force for Skara Brae which I will be recruiting for! These will be non-rangers who are looking to serve Skara Brae in other ways possible..

    Thank you all for your support and look forward to being your governor for the next 75 days!

    *signed in neat handwriting*

    Senior Captain, Palin Whiteblade
    Governor of Skara Brae
    #1 Velvathos, Sep 15, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2013
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