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GRI Magik Academy 2008: Catskills

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by imported_ParadoxUO, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. "The Magik Academy helps everyone and it is non-guild based.

    You can either do it IC or OOC. We are tutors, teachers and helping hands. You will find it easy to interact... at least while you are respectful.

    - explain to everyone what is the fastest way to gain magik related skills,
    - help char. development by pointing to templates, suggesting stats and gear,
    - create a circle of guilds that work together to help the newcomers,
    - 24/7 backup, either using uo chat or other options,
    - please add your own goals...

    - post possible templates,
    - gather all med-able LRC 13 or better low resist pieces,
    - gather all med-able mana regen 2 low resist pieces,
    - gather all mana wasting skills 110s power scrolls and mage related (magery, eval, resist, meditation, bushido, chivalry, ninjitsu, focus...),
    - add your own ideas...

    Stack the items, sort them and make special welcoming packs with:
    - 1 spellbook with at least all spells till circle 5,
    - 1 runebook with a rune to Haven, another to the EyE,
    - 4k gold to buy the starting skills,
    - a wand,
    - lrc 100 suit,
    - mana regen 12 suit,
    - 10k for insurance.

    After the young ones reach 80+ skill, supply them with the powerscrolls they need for further development and show them possible housing spots.

    This should provide the newcomers their independence, a way to train almost all mage related skills, allows them to hunt and find a path towards their future.



    For those that are new to this, the Gentle Rest Inn is a Trammel based guild focused on helping and training newcomers...

    I have recently joined them and I have been enjoying the celebration of their 10th Anniversary.

    Yesterday, we were given fishing nets and Leila sponsored a fishing event... boats were placed forming a square and a fifth boat... the Red Cross boat was placed nearby...

    Two nights ago we found the skeleton dragon and a strange fortress filled with humans inside mechanical beasts...

    Three nights ago we found the town of justice... the juka town and the subterrenean complex...

    The festivities will continue until the 15th... seems there will be a Festival.

    Everyone is welcomed.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm very glad you joined UO and decided to stay. This is very good of you.
  3. Yesterday was Housing day... with several members getting their first house... a small stone tower.

    Then there was a hunt... all gold was donated to the newcomers.

    I got 45k and alot of gear...

    - how do I setup a parot?
    - how do I use a music gear?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Yesterday was Housing day... with several members getting their first house... a small stone tower.

    [/ QUOTE ]I often help new players get houses and in the past I've always had them simply get a pre-fab house for sake of ease. This last week, however, I let a new player make a 12x12 and she was sooooo excited. I've gone past her new place a few times and every time it was totally re-done. LOL I forgot how fun it is to design your own house, now I'm thinking of re-doing mine.
  5. Reinzeld

    Reinzeld Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 11, 2004
    Likes Received:
    To use a parrot, just doubleclick it. You can move it around like other furniture, also, by using an axe on it (it will redeed it).

    Not sure about the gears, I know that you need the Music Box (an 8th Anniversary item, I believe) to use them, but I don't know how they work specifically.
  6. Thank you...

    It seems I need a parot stand??
    And waffers?

    HELP anyone?
  7. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    Chefs can supply you with parrot wafers. You should be able to find some on player vendors. If not, and you are on Europa, I don't have a chef there but they only need around 37 cooking so I can easily make a newbie chef and make you some wafers ( if you supply the honey, flour and fishsteaks needed to make them ! )

    Parrot perches can be crafted by players with 50 or above carpentry. Again, should be able to find on vendors but give me a holler if you can't, I'm pretty sure my friend has a carpenter on Europa.
  8. Thank you very much...

    I moved to Catskills (was given an account with developed characters and a Keep)
  9. Now I know why I got the Keep...

    It is called "The Core"... and it is where the guild pools their resources and organizes everything for each template...

    So now i need your help.

    How can I maximize the Keep so it allows every class to reach their items faster?
    How can I mark the containers so each class knows what belongs to them?
    How can I set up a teleporter on the steps so everyone can jump inside faster?

    What items should I gather and create areas for?
    What items will each class be looking for?

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are 1-use tools that engrave containers. leather, wood, metal engraving tool. I think tailors make the leather tools, carpenter the wood and tinkers the metal ones.

    With those you can mark the containers with general labels - "Swords and Axes", "Mage regs" ...
  11. Understood.

    I play a necro/mage/weaver plus a bushido/archer... I know, more or less, which items I need and which items the HQ needs to pool...

    Crafters, tamers, bards... what items should be stored and how?
    (right now I have over 50 crates of items/resources... and I am in trouble... my bloody GM found out I have been playing alot so now I have a quest... organize the guild hq... I know, lets have a auction! har har!)
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Honest? Segregate by area of a floor, perhaps.

    Mages/Necros over here ... resources, scrolls, etc.
    Warriors (melee and archery) ... here
    Crafts ... here

    Get the general areas setup and THEN start cleaning each up and marking things. That's how I did it in my small 18x18. Smith on the 3rd floor balcony - Tinker too sometimes; Tailor inside 3rd floor East, Weapon/armor inventory West side; Mage/Scribe 2nd floor with the Fountains for the bandages and soulstones. First floor - triage of incoming junk - and some day a nice looking visitors area.
  13. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    Har, sorry, I've never had a keep so I don't much remember what the layout is like !

    Crafters : resources and tools of all kinds - GM made tools are best for maximum uses. A really good tip is to get your guild going on a resource hunt night - set aside say, one hour, for gathering all and any kinds of resource - ore, woods, gems, wool, cotton, hides, bones, cooking ingredients, reagants, power crystals, arcane gems, feathers etc etc - have chests ready to dump stuff into near the front door for ease of access. Have a little prize ready for everyone that participates - something useful to all like PoF or trans powder etc. The beauty of a resource hunt is that EVERY single player no matter what their character class, skill or stat level can take part and help.

    Tamers - ummm pet balls, bandies, trans powder, runebooks to useful taming locations spring to mind.

    Bards - GM and slayer instruments, fire horns come to mind, again runebooks for good locations to build skills at the different levels.

    For all classes, + 5 and +10 powerscrolls, bandies, regs, lrc stuff, potions, medable armour, repair deeds all kinds, arcane items, cities and dungeons runebooks.
  14. It seems GRI will be 10 years old this 15th of March.

    I'll try to have everything ready.

    Come and visit!
    Thank You for your ideas... now to get the tools to inscribe...
  15. Cat Crimson

    Cat Crimson Guest

    Oh and another good idea for near the front door - scrolls dump box - for scrolls picked up whilst hunting and every so often you can make up full spell and necro books for new people.

    Let us know when your guild anniversary event is, I will try and come if I can [​IMG]
  16. We started a multi-shard helping program... I wonder if it is possible to do this on all shards.

    I also found a katana blessed for kith kanan... can the bless be removed and returned to the original player?