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Griswald's Demise.

Discussion in 'UO White Stag Inn' started by neroallkill, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. neroallkill

    neroallkill Guest

    It was a currently uneventful day as Nero pondered his thoughts. His days of adventuring, searching for artifacts, as well as finding long lost items of unique magical properties had long since grown dull. Now he filled his days growing more reclusive; trusting only people of the xFU clan. Lately his thoughts had grown twisted with obsessed madness. Everyone he saw he suspected. They are after my treasure! All those he saw fell with sickening demises. His servants Frost the White Wyrm well advanced in the lore of magery, and brutally disgusting with his claw and bite attacks; was his favorite pet. His second was Deep. A sturdy nightmare of advanced proportions in its on right. He never quite trusted the mare. He would spend hours pondering it. What is the secret of the nightmare? The wyrm of course he could understand. He read up its history thoroughly.
    Nero and his pets spent their days wandering the countryside looking for interlopers. He didnt see many out here as much as he used to. "Perhaps word is spreading" He quietly pondered. The thud of a falling tree brought him back to his senses. "A wood cutter?". "Out here?" he thought. He called out to him. "Hello there lad!" He let the working class of Britannia alone usually. For they werent much bother just trying to make a living. The woodcutter stopped and look gave a passing glance towards Nero. Without a word the woodcutter turned back to his tree and began to chop it into useable logs. I said "hello there my good friend how is the wood today?". The woodcutter responded with a "thunk" as his axe dashed through the wood. The familiar anger filled Nero's thoughts. "Such rudeness!". "You will pay for you brutish unmannered ways my boy". Nero yelled "Frost! Deep! Remove this blight from my presence!". The death was undescribable. He listened to the wet smacks of Frosts gaping maul as it clamped down upon the unruly woodcutter. "Boring" Nero thought once again. Then came the sound of running footsteps. Quickly almost instinctively he called upon the ether and magically hid his pets. He turned to face the possible interloper. Could it be? Surely his eyes were playing tricks on him.
    Nero quickly glanced at the heavily armored mans crest. It was him!
    It was Griswald! Leader of the W*C clan! Ooh. Nero's thoughts jumped with an old excitement that he had not felt in years. "The fates have surely blessed me and cursed you today Griswald." Whispered Nero to himself.
    Nero quickly recalled there last meeting...

    Nero once again released from ethereal banishment. Found himself overwhelmed at the new state of his precious land. He quickly desired to join an accepting clan. Searching his old hermitage which was just south of the dungeon wrong; Discovered a gypsy clan camped there. He sought to join them and was accepted into there clan. But after killing a couple of gypsy scoundrels was banished from their clan. Which led him to a meeting with a subordinate of the W*C clan near area of the Britannia cementary. He called out to "hello there my good sir, have you any use for a kindly old wizard and a few pets?". "But of course we do! Doesnt everyone?"
    Arrangements were made for Nero to join the Warrior Corps. At there Guildhouse something didnt seem quite right. Several members of the clan showed up. Nero grew somewhat suspicious. Quickly making a mental note to be prepared; readied a magical orb that would quickly bring Frost to his side. After Nero's name was carved into the W*C guildstone, there leader Griswald explained while approaching Nero: "We are a band of proud warriors. Frowning upon cowardice and the lot" Griswald stated with clarity and boldness. Then with a deft flash Griswald donned his axe and quickly swung hitting Nero with the flat part. Dazed Nero regained his bearings, and quickly ran out the guildhall. Quickly calling Frost as well as incanting the protective magic of Lord Brittish. Nero turned as Griswald ran up expecting to perhaps finish the wise Nero. Griswald gave a frustrated look as he found he could no longer swing his axe at Nero. "You like that stunning blow" Griswald taunted. "We shall meet again" Nero whispered as he called upon the ether to return to town...

    Frost cocked a glancing look of recognition towards Griswald. Instinctively Frost knew what to do. He took off after Griswald the Shamed. Nero exploded with glee at the ensuing chase. Holding Deep back he called after Griswald: " The town guards wont help you here leader of cowards!"

    Griswald ran as fast as he could cursing at the weight of his armor. The Wyrm, horribly, he could tell was playing with him. With a swipe of his claws Griswald screamed in agony as the claws raked across his back. The Wyrm Cruelly let him get back to his feet. It watched with a torturous scheming as it watched him struggle to the haven of the moongate. The guards looked out and saw what was happening. They waved and yelled "come on good sir! You can make it!"
    Being controlled by kingly rules they could not venture to far out even if it would save anyones life. The Wyrm let Griswald creep closer to the gate. As Griswald's declining hope was fading he looked up and saw he was just inches away from being saved by the guards. But it was not to be. The Wyrm with unique accuracy swung his tail around and hit Griswald square in the back. Griswald began to beat his chest. He was in sheer agony. The guards and a few other random travelers stared as Griswald found the breath knocked out of him. He clawed and beat his chest as he tried to ask the guards to protect him. His mouth formed the words; but no breath to bring resonance to them. As the armor he thought would protect him now hindered him. Frost tired of his game sent out a deep rumbling as he began to vibrate his entire body. Nero recognized this. It was coming. The death blow. Others at the recognition of this que quickly turned away. The guards stared at nero with burning hatred. Frost then took Griswald into his mouth and began to shake him violently back and fourth. Many ran into the gate as the tearing platemail dug into Griswalds broken body splashing marrow and blood upon all who stayed. Griswald's muffled cries filled the quiet air. A deafening horrible cracking sound stopped Frost in his frothing madness. Dumping the now broken body of leader of the W*C clan further away from the guards. "Such shameful men deserve not a proper burial" Frosts actions seemed to say. Nero turned and headed back towards the xFU clans outpost; with Frost and Deep in trail. Mystic Ninja, who was among the ranks of the xFU clan deftly dashed by to see what goods could possibly be recovered from the broken mess of Griswald...

    Griswald was my 100th kill.