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Group 115 - Atok

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, May 23, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1.Bug 2: I am only getting 100 reward cloth for each BOD I am not getting the
    gold reward.

    Explanation:When i finished a BOD id only get the reward cloth. as nice as
    reward cloth is i usually just recycle it into more Bulk orders, everyone
    is telling me i should be geting some gold with the reward cloth including
    tinker/smithing/mining were all fairly close to 50.

    2)Player Account # xxxxxxxxxx

    Player Object ID# xxxxxxxxx

    Shard Origin

    Facet Felucca

    Description Player paged in because they were unable to mount their pet. Player stated that they were previously at a harrower spawn where they and their pets died numerous times. Player stated that he accidentally used pet summoning ball while sitting on pet. After spawn was over and he was back at his house he dismounted his pet and was unable to remount the pet.


    GM Comments

    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Sit on mount

    2. Use pet summoning ball

    3. Dismount pet

    4. Try to remount pet.

    5. Pet scripts may show a isInStables = 1 preventing you from mounting pet

    Reported By: GM Petrucchio

    Comment: Removing the object variable from the fire steed made it able to be mounted by the player again. It appears that using the summoning ball while sitting on the pet somehow caused this to happen, although it may also have something to do with the previous fighting/dieing/etc.

    3. * Preferred Shard: Pacific
    * Date/Time of Incident:Thursday, May 19, 2005
    * Detailed description of incident: When I make recall runes for my
    house, I can't get there because something's always blocking the
    location, which isn't true. There's nothing but grass where I
    marked the rune. No one or anything is standing in the spot
    either. I went through the trouble to setup vendors and distribute
    runes only to find out that none of the 30 odd runes I made will
    get people there. The one my friend made for me works, but none of
    mine do.

    4. Player Account # NA

    Player Object ID# NA

    Shard Arirang

    Facet Felucca

    Description This has really popped up since PUB 32 was released. We get at least 1-4 calls per day, sometimes from the same player over and over again.


    GM Comments yeah!

    Steps to Reproduce Be sailing on your boat!

    Fish with a fishing pole.

    Equip a weapon

    Cross a server line on your boat.

    Use UOA to start fishing again, continue to hold the weapon.

    You should get the message "you are already fishing"

    Have a GM come and remove fishing script from you.

    Reported By: GM Spada
    Mesanna: We need to verify this is only caused by UOA, if you confirm it with uoa make sure you try to confirm it without also please.

    5. What's going on with all the vendor prices in fel these days?

    60 gold coin for 1 blank rune?
    12 gold for 1 mandrake root?

    Ever since you did some sort of upgrade on 5-13-05, prices are sky-high.

    6. Date/Time of Incident: 11:45 am 5/19/05 on ice island
    Detailed description of incident: ore element popped up out of ground I recalled out but had ran a long distance before doing so and left my fire beetle behind. I was not worried about him dying because I could have him rez’d. got healed came back found his corpse and could not find the ghost. Looked until corpse was gone

    7. What the bug consisted of: I'm having a problem, but only in 3D mode. For instance, when I armored my swamp dragon in valorite, it didn't show up with a bluish color; it showed the regular silver color. It only shows up as blue after I click on my dragon, but when I go to ride it, it switches back to silver. Other people's dragons show metal colors, but not my own unless I click on it, and not when I'm riding it. I also noticed that forest ostards and frenzied ostards aren't showing their actual colors in 3D mode until you click on them or put your cursor over them in war mode - they show up as brown. I'm riding a blue ostard, but it appears the regular brown, just like all the others, until I click on it. I have to go into 2D in order to see the colors of ostards and my dragon's armor. This has never happened to me before and there have been no changes to my computer that I'm aware of. This is the first time I've reported it. I thought I'd give it a few days before doing so, but it's been going on all week.

    8. I hope this is the correct place to submit this. It isn't really a bug
    but is a change that I hope is not permanent. The hueing on the forest
    ostards in 3d mode has changed. They are now all the same color.
    However, if you have one that is bonded, it dies and is then resurrected
    it will show it's true hue until you mount it. Once mounted it changes
    to the generic hue. The generic coloring looks more like a desert
    ostard however. I hope this will be changed back so that they show
    their true colors in 3d mode.

    9. was being haressed at Umbra bank by Astaroth and the GM said to put them on ingore and i couldnt get it to work.

    10. Theres a problem with pets....players can attack them and even though I call them off them the pet still is grey to them and reattacks them. If the 2 min timer gets reset with the player reattcking it then why do I go grey for my pets action to the player that attacked it? Understand what Im getting at?

    I shouldnt have went grey at all but I did....all because of a flagging system that needs to include pets.
    For one the player that attacked my pet was grey...but went blue to me but stayed grey to my pet yet I flagged grey because the blue attacked my pet again after running away and coming back before the 2 min timer was over (or as I notice with pets the timer stays extra long sometimes sorry to say)

    The guy shouldve reflagged grey not stayed blue and made me grey. that is totally wrong. I didnt geta count that time but I do know of other tamers that have. How is that fair to anyone?

    11. I'm not sure how it is happening, but several times (3) over the last few days I've been attacked and killed in the guardzone (Yew gate) by reds without them being guardwhacked, even though I have called guards and not attacked first. The only detailed account I can give is the last one I experienced...just now.

    I was hidden in the guardzone, while 3 players (all red) were attempting to rez another red just outside the guardzone (on screen, approximately 3 tiles from zone edge). Once he rezed, i immediately attacked and attempted to rezkill him. (he had it coming). I was then attacked by a dexer (red) that had done the rezing. (I had not attacked the dexer) He ran to attack me, well within the guardzone. I hit my "Guards!" macro, saw me say it, and still he was able to attack me without consequence. I was flamestriked by another red in the group, who was outside the guardzone at the time but on my screen. I hit the "Guards!" macro several times more before dying. In all I gave 3 counts to players whom I never attacked (I was still attacking the rezed player). After my death I checked, and I was still blue, having only attacked the one red.

    All 3 instances in which this happened, I had not initiated the fight, I had called guards and saw the words being said, and still they were not guard whacked.

    12. Detailed description of incident: When crafting, if one goes overweight by the crafted item, the item drops to the ground. You should have prevented the crafting in the first place vs just dropping it to the ground (not even a message that it occurred). You can reproduce it by making halberds with a fully weight-loaded pack. There's no excuse to have crafted items dropping to the ground.

    13. Date/Time of Incident: 5-18, around 2:20pm PST
    Detailed description of incident: NPC escorts vanish when I get to the town
    they wanted to go to (this happened going from Magincia to Jhelom and from
    Jhelom to Minoc; the escort I took from Minoc to Yew did not vanish and I
    gained in compassion & received my gold reward).

    14. I just sold 225 pieces of cut leather to Tuesday the Tanner at 13gp per piece in Britain, shop name 'The Best Hides of Britain' but did not receive any gold for it.. Please let me know what happen to the gold? I spent a lot of time getting those cut leather!

    15. At the Illshenar gypsy camp/troll spawn just north east of spirituality shrine when i walk in between 2 of the tents the screen goes black with the exception of the the campfire.