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Group 124 - Jade

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. Client Version Number: 4.0.10b (patch 42)
    Server Name: Napa Valley
    Detailed Bug Description: At the Gargoyle City, I have been checking the price/buying boards. It appeared each time I purchased them, the price would remain the same the following day. I thought possibly that someone else may be purchasing them as well, but I decided to purchase from one vendor (to check and see if the prices reset) and the next day they were exactly as they were the night before. Usually, if someone else were buying them, the boards at the other vendors would have the same price,
    but in this case the vendors did not. Though I have not checked, I believe this is also true with the ingots at the Golem crafter shop and the Zhel-In-Lem Blacksmith shop.
    Date/Time of Occurrence: Currently occuring .
    Location: (Sextant coordinates, facet, and city location):
    82 21N, 31 51W (Ilshenar) Lap-In-Lem Stonecrafter shop - Kallibrus and Quan Vendors
    88 3N, 37 28W (Ilshenar) Lap-In-Lem Stonecrafter shop - Kallibrus and Forbrak Vendors
    86 23N, 38 44W(Ilshenar) Atri-Ben-In-Ailem Golem Crafter shop - Quan and Runeb Vendors
    On-site references: (If you spoke with any official OSI representative, what was his/her name and what were you told?): N/A

    2. The second problem I've got is trying to repair a pair of Spined Bone gloves
    my character Drax Varibolt on the Europa shard has acquired. I did summon a
    GM last night, GM Valentine, who said I needed to log a call with UObugs as
    he could not find a way to repair them either. The stats for the gloves are
    as follows-

    Spined Bone Gloves
    Night Sight
    Luck 40
    Reflect Physical Damage 8%
    Physical Resist 21%
    Fire Resist 3%
    Cold Resist 4%
    Poison Resist 2%
    Energy Resist 15%
    Mage Armour
    Strength Requirement 55
    Durability (current) 8/26

    I hope you can help me with these issues
    thank you

    3. There seems to be a Bug / Exploit that is causing alot of grief for alot of players.

    When a Grey or a RED ninja is hidden and casts a mirror image the image come up blue. This in it self is not such a huge deal BUT the fact that when someone attacks this RED or Grey the mirror image (BLUE) is destroyed by the attack causing the blue char to go gray IS A BIG DEAL. This is an EXPLOIT and they know it, you know it and EXPLOITS are supposed to be BANNABLE. Why do your GM's keep telling me and everyone else that there is nothing they can do about this? If you start BANNING people for doing it, like the website says will happen people will stop doing it until you can get it fixed.

    4. Detailed description of incident: I am not able to utilize the fishing skill from a boat. In over 500 casts, I have caught nothing, at all. Hence I have also obtained no skill increase. But I can catch and gain from the docks. (it's slower but I have no alternative). My fishing skill is 62.9 and I have previously been able to catch from the boat. But over the past week I have not. I have moved the boat all over the place to no avail. Can you advise me on this?

    I was in the Minoc Armour smithy shop filling some SBODs. At the same time I was using lockpicking. By accedient I locked my keys in the boxs themselves. I had no axe to chop them with and my sledgehammer was in one of the boxes., so I used my tinker tool create a sledgehammer. BUT my ingots were ALSO in the locked box. I was SUCCESSFULLY able to create a sledgehammer, BUT it appeared in the box with the ingots that was LOCKED!!!
    IF I can not access the sledgehammer in the box to use it, then HOW am I able to use the ingots in a locked box?!?!? I feel this is a box that can be exploited, especially in Fel.