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Group 152 - Werm

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. bedlam looting if you fight a monster and some one joins the fight when you go to loot
    objects stick in the backpack and give message to many items this cant be moved

    2 what i expect once the monster is killed to be free to move any object in the back pack
    without it getting stuck and cant move it without removing it from the pack alltogether

    3 reproduce daily

    2. hi there i am mining in delucia ...
    when i use a prospectors tool on a plain iron spot it says i can mine dull copper
    however as i continue mining i get shadow iron instead
    not sure if this is a bug or not

    3.I'm making cloth at the Pacific Brit tailor shop. I noticed that when
    using the loom, it gives the response as when you've just made a ball of
    yarn from the spinning wheel.

    Steps to produce:
    Get 12 wool from sheep in Yew
    spin 12 wool using all 3 wheels from left to right
    use the loom right behind wheels.

    Expected results: i should be getting the same response from the loom
    in the text on my bottom left of window.
    Actual results: i get the spinning wheel text in the bottom left of window.

    4.Escort would not enter gate tried 7 gates in 7 different locations never entered , impossible to escort if they wont enter gates When I played 2 years ago you had these problems, I just restarted last week again and find these little things still are not repaired ???????

    5. Get a lot of iron ingots fast and easy:
    Ok, in 3D go to the Gargoyle city, when your there, go straight
    into the smiting area. Next to the forges there will be 2 big
    rectangles with ore inside them, mine these (they will never run
    out, so you don't have to move at all) and you can get 1K iron
    ingots in no time at all
    Fast Strength:
    Go to the Nearest Black smith Shop and purchase a Pick-Axe. Now go
    to the mountains (Big grey lined up boulders) and start hacking
    away at them. You str should raise gradually.

    6.When I drink a potion of greater strength & dexterity to raise the
    appropiate stats, if a succubus curses me while I'm under the effects of
    these potions, my chivalry skill to remove curses will not remove the curse
    to my strength or dexterity but will remove the penelty to my intelligence.
    My question is are penelty spells suppose to work like this while I'm under
    the infulence of the potions?

    7.Detailed description of incident: Ok... first happened with a lesser hiryu , then with a drake... a tamable monster that is currently wild and attacking me follows me like a tamed creature... with the hiryu i was actually trying to tame it... then i cast invis to hide... bc a ninja showed up (hate those)... so neway the hiryu runs to my loc and is looking at me while im hiding... just like a pet would.... didn't reveal me just sat there... so i run and invis again... and again it runs to my loc... and the fast run like your pet does... way faster then a wild one chasing me down... so i try to run more and it kills me of course... lol... then the drake... in destard lev 1... it flys after me.... i mean right on my tale like a newly tamed pet... u cant run away faster then that bc it stays on ur tail flying lol... and is hitting me while it's flying... so of course i die... this time i wasn't trying to tame it... i had my wyrm and mare attacking a dragon that was near it... anyway this is kinda a bad bug bc there is no way to get away from these monsters that follow u like tamed pets do... they jump screens to catch up....

    8.In the act of combining like cloth the cloth slipped from my backpack and fell to the ground. actual wt./ Limit wt.

    9.every time i place a spinning wheel facing east it places south and when i turn it back to deed deed says south

    10.My Fencer- Est got a weapon: Club, UBW, Hit Harm 20%, Hit Life Leach 30%,Luck 35,Elemental Slayer.
    When i hit some elemental (tested on POison/Earth/Blood Elementals) this weapon doo some damage with Slayer effect -e.g. 40 hits. BUT when it hit also with Harm (20%) the Slayer effect seems dosnt work at all - so i do 12 (harm)+20 damage( damage with no slayer*2)=32 damage. This work with or without Pally spels and dosnt depend on Life Leach effect of this weapon.
    When i found this weapon (after AOS sure) it works as it should -do double damage with or without harm spell effect but after some of patches it becomes work wrong.

    11.Detailed description of incident: i have noticed over the last few months
    that there is an exploit that allows archers and mages to cast on any level
    of a house and target someone on the adjacent levels through the floors, the
    same thing applies if you are also outside of the house you can target
    someone through an opening on the bottom level through the floor to someone
    on the other levels of the house, technically this should not be possible as
    it would be impossible to target someone through a floor\roof. Im not sure
    if this is accually a bug or an exploit but it is something that possibly
    needs to be looked into as it provides mages and long range attackers in fel
    an advantage or even in trammel if you are at war or in the same guild. I
    do not mean to winge as my sole intention was to bring this to your
    attention if it was not known. thankyou

    12.Hi..my name is Sami and I play on the chessy shard..I today seen tons of people selling 1000+ of powder of fort...All of luna vendors are loaded with it also..I then looked on tradespot and seen tons of people selling a lot of it..So I did some investagating and my friend sent me a copy of the bug he found on a website..Just thought you all should know before it gets out of hand if it hasnt already.... Thanks for the great game BTW =)

    First, this will only work with the BODs that have a 20% chance of
    getting a Powder of Fortification and a 40% each for getting either a
    gargoyle pickaxe or a prospectors tool. It MAY work for the BODs that
    have a 90% chance at a Powder of Fortification and a 10% chance at the
    +5 gloves of mining, but I have not had enough BODs to test this part
    with. The method SHOULD be the same as outlined below.

    OK, after filling the BODs that have a 20% chance of yielding a powder
    of fortification, take your character with less than 100 strength (I
    use characters with only 90 strength), put all of the filled bods into
    your pack, and then put enough "stuff" into hisher pack so that you are
    carrying 1 stone below the maximum weight you can carry without being
    overburdened (thus, if you can carry up to 300 stones, you want to have
    299 stones worth of items in you pack). This is usually best
    accomplished with cloth or ingots. If yo! u are going to get a new bod
    with each turn in, as i do, i also suggest having a bod book in your
    pack, to be explained below.

    Go to the blacksmith NPC character of your choice and drop the
    completed BOD on him or her to receive your reward. You will either
    receive a powder of fortification or the message that you do not have
    enough room in your backpack. If you do not receive the powder, the bod
    will drop back into your pack where it had been; repeat dropping the
    bod on the NPC until you receive your powder. I have had it take 10
    times or more between powders, so persistance is necessary, as it will
    be rewarded.

    After receiving your powder, if you wish to receive a new bod, do so at
    this time. when the new bod is placed into your pack, it must now be
    put into the bod book in order for you to continue getting more powder.
    If you do not receive new bods, you will not need to add anything to
    your pack, as the powder ! and the bod that was turned in will each weigh
    one stone

    13. Detailed description of incident: First I have GM mining. I have mined all
    day in Tram and Milas. Of of the time of this writing, I have only found
    ONE location that has VALORITE. I also marked some book from Lake Superior
    and tried those locations on ORIGIN and still no Valorite to be found.

    14. I had already stocked my Moonglow Vendor w/ no prob, but as I was placing an item on my Luna Vendor, everything instantly vanished!!! No item, but especially, no vendor! A GM appeared eventually but had no idea what had happened. The vendor did NOT expire (unless the last patch affected that) and had over 2 million gold which I got back through vendor item retrieval (thankyou for that feature!).