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Group 153 - Atok Mondain Issues

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
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    1.Vinsent just had on a Horned leaf tunic. Right after Weight it says:

    "Error (MegaCliloc) : Stringld Not Found" and then some numbers.

    2. When my pet (any pet it seems) is killed by something I'd told it to kill the pet even after its dead continue! s to follow its target. My poor Cu Sidhe's ghost was chasin the rend that killed him.

    Many of the decorations on the tables inside the umbra healers are invisible... as well as the iron maiden that gives access to bedlam...... except... when im dead they're all visible... its like all of the items around the bedlam gate have been marked as ghosts...

    Now why do i bring this up? because it also seems to be a problem around the entrances of several of the other new dungeons, most notably the entrance to Blighted Grove, where the entire pond of new tiles over the marsh pond next to the entrance is completely gone while you're alive (which some may remember i was asking where the tiles that were there went to...)

    I haven’t checked most of the others but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a similar situation.... am I the only one seeing it this way?

    Of course, while dead, all mounts are appearing colored as if you aren’t dead.... might be related..

    4. I don't think that area-peacemaking is working as it is supposed to on the beta client. When I am in an area with multiple monsters and I use area-peacemaking, the monsters continue to target me as if the peacemaking attempt had no effect at all. If I target-peacemaker individual monsters, it works just fine - but area-peacemaking doesn't work at all. Example - I was in the Prism of Light dungeon with my pet rune beetle and nightmare, and was being chased by two crystal lattice seekers. I area-peaced, but the lattice seekers did not drop out of war mode, and kept on chasing me (to my death). This seems especially odd since I can actually target-peace an individual lattice seeker without fail most of the time.

    5. Crafter's quest "Necessity's Mother" will only accept NPC purchased tinker kits, not player-made.

    6. Bows/staves/wooden shields, both crafted and enhanced with the new wood types, still don't show the wood type in the item name. This is just asking for problems.
    (This should be fixed by now, but let me know if it’s not. I think this just may be an old report)

    7. Spellweaving spells - refer to the doc I sent you

    8. When one of my bonded pets is killed in combat, its ghost goes racing away like it is still trying to flee its aggressor. Pets do generally try to flee when they are close to 0 HP, but when they are dead; they shouldn't continue trying to flee... As an example, I was just inside the entrance area of Minotaur Dungeon with my Rune Beetle and Nightmare. While fighting a Minotaur and a Drake, something (I don't know what) attacked my rune beetle with a mortal strike attack, making it so I couldn't heal it - and it died. Its ghost then proceeded to run away - it went so far away from me that when I called "all follow me", it didn't respond. I had to leave the dungeon, log out and log back in just so my Beetle would come back to me.

    9. Another pet bug I've found is that when you log-out and log back in to retrieve pets that you can't get to (for example, if you are in a dungeon and your pets died and you had to flee), sometimes your pets don't show up, or only one of your pets shows up. My pets died in the Prism of Light Dungeon at one point, and I retreated to the safe area - I logged out and in to bring my pets back to me and only my Rune Beetle appeared. I logged out and back in again once more, and then both my Rune Beetle and Nightmare were there. I think this needs to be looked at.

    10. An interesting bug. I was walking (ok running) through Sanctuary Dungeon when I got killed. My corpse fell to the ground. My ghost appeared above the corpse...and as I moved off toward the south...my live body followed me...
    I have pictures that show this if it helps. It followed me for a bit but not duplicating my movements. It would wander off in the same general direction that I was heading. I turned back toward the east and it ran in that direction.

    11. Another "odd" thing I see and I wonder if anyone else is seeing this...is when you click on items it will show first , very quickly, its real name. For instance. a bowl of dirt first shows "a bowl of potatoes" , or a plant few days old will first show when clicked on " a bowl of lettice" , a seed will show first " a fishing weight" . Does anyone else get this?

    12. I just drank all the contents of a Picture of Liquor but it still says "it's full". When I double click on it, it says "fill from what".