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Group 158 - Jade

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1.I know this is not a major bug, but hopefully it is something easily fixed since it can be rather annoying. i play on the Atlantic shard, and since the new patch my plants have seemed to go down into my floor. my cactus types are fine but the bushy ones like the campion flowers, or the rushes for example are one level down so they look 3/4 covered with the floor tile. if i take the house decorating tool and use the up command one time, then they are exactly where they should be. other plants are not affected, the Bonsai trees, the cactus, and i don't think my ferns were affected. just certain ones. i also noticed the large beetles look like their heads are semi-covered by ground tiles when riding them, just a weird bug.thanks for your time on this.

    2.Preferred Shard: catskills

    Date/Time of Incident: august 23rd, 2005, 3:20 PM GMT

    Detailed description of incident: the vampire embrace necro spell life drain effect doesnt work as it should. the 20% life drain bonus drains 20% of the base damage as it appears on the character damage gump and not 20% of the real damage inflicted.

    for example, when using a 100% an axe my damage range is 44-50. while in vampire form any hit on any creature would give me about 9-10 life, no matter what the actual damage to the creature was.

    slayer bonuses and enemy of one (chiv spell) modifiers, as well as bushido critical hits dont count, and the creatures elemental resistances dont count either. i even hit a GM crafted golem that had 100% poison resist with a 100% poison axe, did no damage at all to it and still got 10 life.

    3. I don't know if this is a bug, but since the last patch 4.0.11f. I can no longer water my locked down plants in my house. I have to release them first. This problem did not start until the most recent patch.

    4. Incident: I completed an escort to Minoc and top popups appeared. one said
    "already sequencing" and the other said "not sequencing" I am attaching a
    screen capture.

    5.Since the patch on 24th Aug., PC & NPC shadows have an extremely irritating rippling effect to them.

    I use:
    - 3d UO client (800x600 res. in windowed mode)
    - Win XP Home SP2
    - Graphics Card = ATI Radeon X800XT Platinum Edition

    6. > my account name is joeycole , on legends , and im just trying to see why i cant see my hats on top of my hooded robe is this a glitch or permanent or what ? it looiked better the old way why change it because it defaces the value of hooded robes who wants to weara hooded robe when u cant see ur totem or hat of magi while ur wearing ? any way pls repond with a real answer next time not some lame auto response thanx for your time

    7. Hi, I'm Pywicket and I've helped beta test UOML. I
    went scouting on Pacific shard after this patch and
    found a flaw in two of the tiles at the Blighted Grove
    in Trammel. Where the waterfalls are supposed to be
    green there are two tiles that are the color blue

    8.Since patch 4 the 3d client loads saying "Age of Shadows". Don't know if this has anything to do with the lag on west coast servers, but though it should be reported. Loading 2d client says "Samurai Empire."

    9.Using 2D client
    Computer infos : Windows Me - Pentium III - Nvidia Geforce 2 (using Mc Affee Security Center)
    Detailed description : Yesterday, before logging out i stabled my dragon. When i logged in today (means on 24th August/11:00) my dragon was destabled and near me.
    Then i played a little, then my computer freezed and i closed computer. Then i came back in game and this time i found my ki-rin near me (which was supposed to be stabled).

    10.Description of bug:
    When moving in a SW direction through the Yew garden, I sometimes get rubberbanded by some invisible wall. There are no visible obstacles. Coordinates are in Trammel 55.6 N, 54.46 W, although it happened in 3 different locations.

    11."a rat" is using an exploit that allows him to use guards to kill players he has flagged on. He attacks you, then he cast the ninja spell for mirror images. He is grey having started the fight but you get guard wacked when you shoot at him and hit the image.

    "a rat" is a player on siege who is exploiting and should be banned. After dying like this i spoke to several other players to learn that he uses this exploit continously to kill many honest players. He has been told he is exploiting several times but doesnt care. He claims "he can rebuild his character in 3 days so go ahead and ban him".

    This is frustrating honest players and needs to be handled fast, both by banning him and fixing the bug. As a customer of several years I am frustrated that so much time is spent creating new stuff to sell us while little is done to fix old problems.

    12.I have had troubles Bonding my Pets, but got them to bond somehow.
    i have around 85 Taming and 110 Lore real skill, but have been using Jewelry to get up to 112 Tame.
    Originally i peaced animals and a friend tamed, then the animals were transfered to me.
    I fed them, Stabled them, waited 7 Days. and they still wouldn't bond.
    I waited a few more days feeding them every day and they still did not Bond. I Contacted a GM and was told to feed them once more and wait 8 more days.
    It had been a total of about 15 or 16 days total (Did not take GM's Advice waiting, i already waited too long).
    The part i believe might be a bug is that a friend wanted to see if anything would bond so i took out my Hiyru and fed, did not bond then i realized i didn't have my jewelry on (85.7 without). So i was like oh crap, and put jewelry on (112.7) and fed it again... and it Bonded! So i repeated this with all my other pets. removing jewelry, claim them, feed them, put jewels on again, feed... then they bonded. Even worked with my Fire Steed wich i had transfered to me in even less time than the rest of my pets.
    I did all this in 2D also by the way.
    Animals involved were.... Dragon, WW, Mare, Fire Steed, Hyiru, Rune Beetle.

    13. I use Great Lakes shard, I always use 3D. All i did was purchase recalls from a vendor and I think it took to much from my bank account at that time. I am missing 1 Million gold. I had that money in there before i purchased the recalls so i am possitive thats when it happen. I didnt try to repeat buying anything from that vendor because i didnt want to lose anymore money. And i wasnt sure if i could get it back.

    14.ate it start happening: 24 of August (after the last
    UOML patch)

    Description of event: When mounted on my beetle, if i
    attack a monster, my beetle will disappear, then
    reappearing. It is like a glitch. The beetle is not
    gone, it just disappear. I use an Executioner"s axe.
    If mounted on an other pet, like an ostard, it does
    not seem to make the ostard disappear.

    15.opened profile, left click and drug to side of screen, text moved down but slider didnt. could not
    scroll up or down. had to close and reopen.