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Group 31 Jade 3d/Banzai 2d

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Dec 3, 2004.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. I have a thief character on Chesapeake shard. I havent seen any of the flowers that are pictured on the UO Stratics web site. Is this something that was missed? I cant find where they spawn and neither can anyone else. (Mesanna: check dojo and mines)

    2. at brit stable, player transfer of ice blue color hiryu, player named Negative began transfer of pet and i placed check. Negative recalled out with window open and my 40,000 gp check still in window. Dialog said pet transferred but i did not recieve pet. My check did not reappear in my backpack.

    3. My problem is that an archer can shoot a running shot and when the arrow is in mid flight they can hit the armor ignor button, and you are then hit with a running armor ignore. The character that is doing it this time is punky from BC but every gimp archer in this game is using it, i have submitted this bug email several times, and always am told that i did not provide enough information. This is all the information that i know to provide, you can try it if you want, all you do is set your macro for a running shot, when the arrow is in mid flight you press your armor ignore macro and BOOM you are hit for 50 hp with a running armor ignore,

    4. Please, please, please fix the damn bug that prevents the orc captives
    from following me through the moongate to their destination allowing me
    to finish the "quest" and not only collect the gold but also the fame...
    this has been a problem for the two years that i've been with UO, surely
    you can find a few minutes to figure out what the problem is and hide it
    in a patch? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif While you're at it, the robed npc's in Haven still won't
    follow either... arghh!!

    5. While on Ice Island, north of Moonglow, my character Sarielle made a campfire and got a secure camp, used a bedroll and logged out to the title scene. Upon logging back in two or three hours later I found
    that my character was DEAD, standing in the same spot I logged out in.

    6. Detailed description of incident: extensive (about 30+ uses) use of honorable execution when doing champ spawn on toluno islands crashes 2d UOSE client

    7. Description:
    If it carries out for the floor of a ship with a pitcher, water will be able to be constructed from a floor.
    Moreover, the drink which applying drinks and whose supplement is impossible will
    also be able to be filled.
    For example, if it is aimed at the floor of a ship using "Bottle Of Ale" after drinking "Bottle Of Ale"
    by the half, it will pump up from there and "Bottle Of Ale" will become full again.

    8. The brit castle gate is gone. What causes this, you may be wondering? (but probably know). There are locations under the brit gate that you cannot drop objects onto, they will always bounce to the west or the east of the area under the gate. However, if someone holds an object in there hand and logs off then the object will land at there feet in the one location that you can never drop stuff. Unfortunatly this is also the location that the gate closes at. When this happens the gate gets confused when it tries to close (object already there, I guess) and eventually the pieces of it 'vanish' from the game. While this was probably originally done to aid in the blocking of peeps tring to invade the castle it is probably done now by the enemy factions as a way to remove the castle gate. Im not sure of a 'work' around for this, but its probably possible to 're-initialize' the gate at server up each day. Yes? No? Right now I "think" that it is only caused by items you cant 'walk' through, but it could be caused by all objects. Please fix the gate at Castle Brit in Feluca on the Baja Shard. (Probably now broken on most if not all shards)
    9. Detailed description of incident: testing unknown white liqid in a keg with
    taste ID gave Error mega clinlock 1048328.

    10. ยท Detailed description of incident: When you use a soulstone and a skill drops, the title on your paperdoll does not change. For example, My grandmaster warriors skills have all been dropped to 0, but it still says "Sharp Knight, Grandmaster Warrior"

    11. While hunting in the dungeon of wind I used the honor virtue to honor a
    deamon then was killed by the deamon after hitting it only once. When I
    called the guards on the deamon and it was killed by the guards I still
    gained Honor. I repeated the process without dying honoring deamons, hitting
    them once and calling the guards to kill the deamons, each time I hit the
    deamons and had the guards kill them I still gained honor for the kill.

    12. Recently purchased a beetle, recalled to minoc, only to have beetle run to certain parts of town and mine and stay there no matter how much I ask it to follow me.

    13. When riding a Hiryu [the normal type, unsure of lesser]. At some point my
    follows gets set to '0' and if I dismount the Hiryu and say 'All Kill' I
    receive no targetting gump or anything. If I tell the Hiryu to 'all stop'
    'all follow me' it then resets my followers to the proper amount of 4 and
    the Hiryu will then take 'all kill' commands. [You can then summon a
    wyrm/etc.] I didn't reset until after I lowered my follower count below 5,
    but I would assume you could keep everything out then and fight with it.

    14. Detailed Bug Description: I took my paladin to Zento healers to tithe gold
    using the ankh. Upon tithing I gained the tithing points but did not lose
    weight for the gold tithed. I had to recall to another location to fix this
    (had to use strength potion to do so), logging out then logging in did not
    fix this.

    15. I have noticed a really huge bug with the bushido skill! apparently the
    bushido skill cancels your chance of parrying an attack aside from the bonus
    from dci shields and jewelry, which is ironic since half of the bushido
    abilities involve parrying. On Seige, i had 71 bushido and 75 parrying, as
    well as a shield that gived 15% dci, which should have granted about 40%
    parrying chance. however, i was unable to parry any attacks, so i called a
    gm. he suggested i restart uo and i did, but even after i did that i still
    failed to parry about 20 times in a row before i was able to parry a single
    attack, so the gm said to send an email here. before i did, i tried storing
    my parrying skill with a soul stone and trained it up to about 40, which
    should have granted me about 25% parrying with my shield, and i was still
    unable to. i then recovered my parrying from the soul stone and stored
    bushido in another one. after that, I was able to parry attacks at a normal
    rate. to confirm this and to make sure it isnt fixed in the next pub, i went
    to the test shard and equipped the aegis shield and heart of the lion tunic,
    and set my parrying and bushido to 120. i tried fighting again, and was
    unable to parry any attacks, just like on Seige. I then set my bushido to 0
    and I was able to parry attacks over half the time. obviously, the bushido
    skill contains a bug related to the weapon parrying bonus it is supposed to
    give. please fix this as soon as possible, its not much good having a new
    skill if it makes an old one useless!