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Group 32 Atok 3d/Werm 2d

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Dec 7, 2004.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. Hiyas,
    You probably already heard about this but I want to stress it again because
    this one is BAD! In the new Asian lands, you have managed to put server
    lines through two of the major spawns. The Hiryo spawn in isama (sp?) and
    the Yamatso (sp?) one in Homre. This is sooooo not good. Whenever a
    monster crosses one of these server lines IT FULLY HEALS!!!!! I had the
    same Yamatso today cross a server line and fully heal on me 3 times when all
    I had to do before that was spit on him and he would have died. The same
    thing happened when I was fighting Hiryo. I had this sucker down to almost
    no life, and he crossed the server line and poof fully healed and kicking my
    butt all over again. This is a big big bad bug that needs fixed ASAP! Its
    bad enough that you rubber band everytime you hit the server line and bounce
    back in to the monsters if you are trying to run, AND they also get a free
    hit on you.

    2. hello i was fighting in dungeon shame on baja in trammel alone i got
    a bottle of liqour and drank the hole thing then i could no longer
    regain my stamina back at all all it would do is go to 1 then right back
    to 0.................

    3. Specifically, on areas of Trammel. I have not personally tested
    Felucca's areas, but I was told by other players who frequent that facet
    that the guards were working fine, so far as they could tell. (And I
    imagine that if the guard zones stopped working around moongates there,
    people would have noticed this right away.)
    I have tested the following locations. I did this by using a throwaway
    character as "bait" to nearby monsters, and tempting them into the area.
    Moonglow - Yes. Both moongate and city have responding guards.
    Britain - No. Neither the city nor the moongate guards respond.
    Jhelom - Yes. The moongate's so close I didn't see the need to lead a
    monster all the way through town.
    Yew/Empath Abbey - Yes/No. The Abbey area does not respond, but the
    moongate guards do.
    Minoc - Yes/Maybe. I was chased by a bronze elemental into town a week
    ago and no guards responded, but today they did. They respond at the
    moongate, the gypsy camp, and in town.
    Skara Brae - No. This is hardly a surprise, since the town's invaded by
    dragons at the moment. I could not successfully lead a dragon to the
    moongate to test it specifically, but I'd guess it doesn't work.
    Trinsic - No. Neither in town or at the moongate, which is actually a
    little ways out of town, and should be responding.
    Magincia - No. This one's really bad, because the moongate's in the
    middle of serpent/alligator infested jungle, and no guards respond there
    or in town.
    Delucia - No.
    Papua - No.
    Lost Lands Lighthouse - Yes.
    Gargoyle City in Ilshenar - Yes. (So far as I know, this is the only
    guard zone in Ilshenar.)
    Luna in Malas - Yes.
    Umbra in Malas - Yes.
    Zento in Tokuno - Yes.
    I have a theory. I noticed, on walking around town, that I could not
    find a single guard in the towns with no guard response. I am not
    familiar with the exact workings of the code in question (hardly a
    surprise), but if it's dependent upon NPC guards being in the towns to
    respond to calls from a "pool" of guards, it could be that the guards
    were deleted at some point and that's why they're not responding.
    4. Description: Paragon's speed seems to have doubled to a point that they appear to skip. It almost looks like when someone uses a speed hack.

    5. Detailed Desscription of Incident: Peacemaking Skill is saying:
    You must wait a few moments to use another skill......
    Not allowing me to use or increase the skill........ My character has no active macro's or programs running. I've logged out and back in to clear and in-game macro's. Shutdown all active programs and left UO running alone..

    ยท 6. Detailed description of incident: Pixies and shadow wisp showing as grey and attacking players with high karma levels.I was attacked by a paragon shadow wisp and then other shadow wisps started attacking me as well as pixies.

    7. I have placed 9 new vendors at my house the new vendor when placed show -56 gp with only 4 gp in their inventory I have had to place 1000gp on each vendor to bring them upto the normal 16 days, this after paying the normal 1250gp for each contact. This must be a bug as its not right that the vendor starts off with a minus amount of gold.

    Ok you two this one is going to account for 8 bugs this week, we need you two to spend as much time as you can to confirm this please:

    1. Target must be running at all times

    2. Takes 2-3 people or 1 with precision timing

    3. 2 casters must paralyze non-stop, the 3rd must explosion non-stop

    4. For the last hit you must time the Explosion or Mindblast PERFECTLY so that it hits them RIGHT when they are released from the paralyze

    If timed right the targets armor falls 100% of the time, Jewelry and weapons/shield fall about 40% of the time

    the second way is that about 30% of the time someone who uses the Help stuck option will drop all of their items if killed right when they get teleported

    I accidently did it to a guy the other day not knowing he was using help stuck