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Group 34 Atok 2d/ Werm 3d

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. i got invited into a guild while standing in brit (friends of sosria) i accepted and they killed me and stole all my stuff, this was my best armor. It seems there is no penelty or recourse for this sort of behavior in your game. i cannot believe this bug is in game i never gave any body permission to loot my body and didn't think you could loot a persons body in brit or even kill a person in brit. i was only in this guild for 3 seconds before they killed me. i have only been playing for 1 year and was very hard to get the equipment i have these people probbably have 10 times better armor than i have. what can be done about getting my armor back. i would like to know there is a penelty for these actions these people should at least be banned. shouldn't it say somewhere that if you join this guild you automatically give permission to the guild to loot your corpse. im so mad right now, what can i do?

    2.I set the runebooktub Default and color it to get the original color back, but, Runebooks seems now like Magebooks,
    red with yellow ank.

    3. I was playing my ninja character and noticed that earthquake and hit area effect spells do damage to ninjas even while in stealth. Please make these spells have no effect on ninjas while hidden or in stealth. Ninjas can already be revealed, paralyzed and poisoned by fields so having this disadvantage makes the ninja completely useless in PvP situations where any red character can instantly drop them with earthquakes, and hit area effect weapons. Thank you for your time.

    4. i was killing lich lords and i noticed everytime
    a monster looted another dead monster corpse (i.e. a
    lich lord looted a dead lich) i could not access the
    loot on the corpse and it gave me the "you cannot pick
    this up" message(or something to that effect)

    5. one, when i summon my pet (usually my white wyrm)
    using a ball of summoning, my pet is stuck in place,
    and i have to give it the 'all come' command to make
    it teleport to me...it does it on every terrain. until
    i make it teleport it spins in place and doesnt move,
    when you tell it to attack it just spits magic at it.
    sorry but im not sure if it does that with other pets
    since i predominately use my white wyrm.

    6. I was killing elder gazers in the gazer rooms in Shame dungeon. I would kill one gazer with my white wyrm and by then the other gazer has moved to the room I am in,. I then set my WW on the next gazer, and I see "Rummages thru corpse, takes an item" After my ww kills the 2nd gazer, I go to loot both corpses. I can loot the 2nd gazer corpse, I go to loot the first gazer corpse and I get a message "You cannot pick that up". I have to wait 3 minutes before I can loot the corpse. This should not happen as I (or my ww) killed it with no other interference from anywhere and my pet was in kill mode and set upon the gazers. There was no one else in the room so no other person inflicted damage upon the gazer.
    7. Detailed description of incident: several of us in the guild were down in the Ilshnar Balron room. A balron killed me, I am a tamer, and I went and got a res from someone in my party.. returned to my body and was unable to get my items back off it.. I had someone else in my party try and when he tried he got the message, your not allowed to loot this corpse. even when it went to bones neither of us were allowed to loot my body. and everything I had was lost when the boned finally decayed.. we tried over and over again to loot with no luck. we tried all names to bring up the name of the corpse and then to click it, that didn't work.. also tried control shift, and no luck.. nothing we tried worked.. we have played UO for 5 1/2 years and this has never happened before.. Thank You

    8. Monday morning at 1am myself and 3 other guildmates used a fabled fishing
    net. A Leviathan surfaced along with 4-5 other creatures we vetted my WW and
    proceeded to take down the Leviathan. Upon death the Leviathan completely
    disappeared there was no corpse or anything. The other creatures that had
    surfaced their corpses all stayed upon death. I believe there was 2 Water
    Elementals,2 Krakens and 2 Sea Serpents plus the Leviathan. Ordinarily this
    would not have been a problem except I spent many hours fishing to get the
    fabled net to have the outcome turn out this way was to say the least
    disheartening.As this was our first attempt at Leviathans for Artifacts we
    were unsure of whether the corpse was supposed to disappear or not

    9. crushing blow is doing less damage than a regular hit with my smith hammer that i use.
    10, I just got a staff with, among other things, Mage Weapon -24 and Use Best Weapon Skill. Shouldn't this be one or the other? How could it be both? It seems like it would knock magery back just to use best weapon skill? If you have no magery then what? If you have no weapon skill then what?

    10. Detailed bug info: In the client patch before Publish 28 some changes were made to the way in-game music worked. When Publish 28 came some server side changes were always done. There are two areas where music doesn't work in game now when you enter the area.
    This bug can be reproduced very easy. Just recall to an area where music would normally play [such as brit bank] and nothing will play. The music in Lord British's castle doesn't play as well when you enter the castle

    11. Detailed description of incident: I had put some my belongings on two packies so that i could resize my home. The rest in the housing crate which when i demolished landed where the house sign had been. When i resized the house the packies disappeared. They were no longer even on my critter list. This subsequently resulted in my loss of rares, soulstone, and hearth of the homefire. Needless to say my preorder was for nothing because even the soulstone could not be replaced. But I did want to let you know that there is a bug in the housing that somehow made the packies disappear.

    12. Dismounted a faction guy at Yew Gate
    He went thru moongate
    His mount stayed, it was "orange"
    I thru Deadly Poisoned Shuriken
    It turned blue
    I was guard wacked along with fellow factioneer named Mid Knight

    13. I am unable to locate my status bar using UO3D. Changing the resolution does not do any good. I click on Status on the paperdoll, and it does not show on the screen, but appears to be off the screen as my map was. I was able to find the map, which was off the screen all but one corner.

    14. Just wanted to point out a very annoying Bug/Feature with the Guild
    When utilising the Guild Menu the following is experienced
    Clicking on the User to bring up details and then Cancel with put you
    back at the first page of the Guild Roster. Not the page you were
    previously viewing.
    When Using the Guild Member Information pressing any of the buttons
    results in the Guild Member Information Closing. The preferred outcome
    would be the Guild Member Information closing and the Guild Roster
    returning at its previous page.

    15. Detailed description of incident:
    This requires 2 players minimum.
    Player A is a Mage, with at least 70 wrestling
    Player B is any character that can be hidden
    Step1: Player B Hides or Invises
    Step2: Player A Casts a Field Damage Effect (IE: Fire Field/Poison Field)
    Step3: Player A gets close and activates a special ability of wrestle, the
    moment the damage from previously cast field hits Player B, this ability will
    go off on player B (100% of the time) even though player B is not targettable
    and hidden.
    This can be used as an exploit by chainusing Disarm ability, thus rendering the
    opponent fighter unable to retaliate in the case they are a pure fighter (IE:
    Disarming them contantly), this also deals wrestling damage, and since it does
    not miss, it bypasses standard combat rules.