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Group 37 Jade

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. Detailed description of incident: If I invoke honor but click on an invalid
    target (i used the floor of my house and a dungeon floor), then I can no
    longer lock things down. Logging in and out did not solve the problem. I had
    to attempt to lock myself down to fix it. This caused me to embrace honor
    even though it was hours later and I had been logged out.
    I was able to repeat this several times, but I only waited a few minutes in
    between attempts as oppsed to hours.

    2. My brother and I were on the first level of the Fan Dancer Dojo looking
    to get some gold. Things were going well until he died, I resurected
    him, I died and he resurected me. Upon opening my corpse I noticed the
    bag I had been putting loot into was missing. I assumed the fan dancer
    had taken it so we killed the dancer and went through the corpse, but
    it wasn't there. We checked nearby corpses and it wasn't on those
    either. This same thing happened to me around 10:00 pm on Saturday
    December 4, 2004. On that night I died, and upon resurection was killed
    again. I found I was missing about one hundred bandages, and a Bag of
    Sending. Neither of which could be found on any corpses. Reimbursement
    isn't of any concern to me, I'm just looking to bring this to light if
    it is a bug. If not, I would like to know what it is that has been
    happening to me

    3. Detailed description of incident: Was sailing a ship with no armor, and crashed into land, a harpy jumped from the land to my boat, and killed me, with no way of getting it off, or killing it, it then proceeded to jump off in the water, and stay there, but only after killing me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif just doing my best to do my job as a player, thanks

    4. Not sure if this is a bug or the way they have always been and I just haven't noticed, but I was making arcane gloves this morning on Napa Valley at 7:30 a.m. I noticed that although I made leather gloves with the following resists 8/7/6/5/4, they changed to 2/4/3/3/3 as soon as I used the arcane gem on them.

    5. I had just tamed a wild packie.. i started to put my stuff on to it. I put some leather on packie, i did this by opening the packie and placing it on the packie. I then drop a hat onto the packie without opening pack.. I received the message "You pet looks happier" <Mesanna: do not use a powered character for this>

    6. yes i have been experiencing a bug while doing the rooms, and the dark father. I play crysania on the catskills shard and i contacted a gm the other day, who told me to report the bug. I have been fighting the df for about a year now, so i know that when u kill a monster that people players can be quick looters, and i have also learned to be just as fast. But since i got the samauri addition, i have been experiencing when i kill in one of the rooms, and i go to loot it, that there is only so many things in the corpse, like a tunic and cash, and i see things flying over head, but u know that when there is only three people players in there, everything that is flying is not on the corpse, This is one of the reasons i fight in doom, besides that is a blast, but when u cant get anything it doesnt make it that much fun, to die as many times as i do. Please fix the bug, i would like to get something off the corpse, but there is nothing to get thanks.............................

    7. I went to the OL Dungeon in Despise and to my amazement my Ogre, Respond Slayer (Bow) did only 69 damage max......:( it used to do up to 209 damage and at least well over a hundred each hit with my bow. It is a Slayer Bow off Juka Lord modified. Black one, Older one I got it a long time ago.

    8. 1st time i was moving down in the despise pass, I see reds inc on my UOassist so i cast parafield and run back up when i come to the 2nd pass or what to call it before the green field i all of a sudden get dismounted while running.How could they have line of sight to drop me while they in 1st mountain pass and me in 2nd? I know it was them cause i looked in journal. I died recalled and went back and he starts chase me again i notice he uses a hvy xbow and while we both running he dimount hes pet and shot with xbow and gets back on without loosing any distance too me even when i kept running.i get dismounted again ahead of him in the mountain.

    9. I was told by a GM that I had to report this bug, since he couldn't fix it for me ingame. The problem is that I have a stone oven that won't disappear, no matter if I use an axe on it, or if I doubleclick it. This happned to me on the Drachefels shard.

    10. I think the colors of the honor virtue icon are a bit mixed up, the icon
    gets darker with gaining in honor.

    11. playing with my ninja and just messing around with other chars of
    mine... so here goes.
    If you are in felucca and turn into a animal form ie .. llama,
    anything can attack you, from energy vortexs to poison fields which
    are casted by blues and reds, even attacks blues when you are blue.
    then results in the blue turning grey to you and sometimes to
    everybody which can see him. Another thing which i have reolised is
    that sometimes 1/40 say.. you have to option of counting them as a
    result of killing them, no fault of theses really. its reall hard to
    explain and would be a good idea to show you in a deminstartion on
    test shard.

    12. Another bug which ive found from people which i know is no skill delay
    on hiding, tracking, provo ect..
    This is from having a inscribe pen, attempting to make a lv8 spell,
    make last, make last again then use skill. Next time you do this it is
    use pen,make last,make last, use skill. this can be done by using uo
    assist as it does something to the client, *YOU CAN NOT DO THIS

    13. Final thing is all your party statue bars disappearing once you die,
    to be a good idea i think they should stay on your screen as it is
    very time consumming getting everybodys gump once you die.

    14. Upon the success of the begging skill with a wandering healer, the
    healer says "I feel sorry for thee, here have some gold: $$" ($$ being a
    numeric value). Yet this gold does not go into my character's backpack
    (bed roll, bandages and a dagger are all I usually carry). I believe I
    even get skill gains this way...just no gold. No major problem, but it's
    annoying since I should be rewarded for my success at using my skill.

    15. leather dye tub is not dying leather boots anymore.