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Group 42 - Jade

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. Now, I am in trouble.
    Although my acquaintance is playing by Fisherman with GM-Parrying skill,
    he is sad that a Fishing Pole will break immediately.
    I was not trusted.
    Because,I am enjoying fishing.
    However, I am because it has not experienced once.
    Happiness, I had character with GM-Parrying and GM-Bushido skill.
    Then, I actually received the attack with the Fishing Pole.
    Then, how is it?
    The Fishing Pole has broken with the Weapon-Parry effect.
    This is always succeeded.
    This is a big problem for Fishermans.
    Because, Fishermans don't think that a Fishing Pole breaks.
    and, Fishermans don't carry two or more Fishing Pole.
    That is, Fishermans cannot continue fishing.
    Please check about this affair.
    I want this problem to be solved for all Fishermans.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    2. Detailed description of incident:
    I was in despise felluca today and had been using
    ninja forms, but was currently in human form and I was
    definately blue. A blue necromancer cast wither near
    me and it hurt me so I attacked and killed him. I
    went grey and got a murder count.
    So he attacked me and could have killed me through
    casting wither yet i cant kill him?

    3. Over the last 3 days 5 vendors
    I have a large vendor shop on the new town of Zento
    and I rent out alot of spots. My friend has the shop
    right behind me and does the same. Since we started
    the shops we have both had numerous vendors just blow
    up and get put into the sign. I have had alot of
    complaints about this and I know that at least some of
    the vendors did have gold on them when they blew up
    because I reclaimed the inventory. My friend says she
    has had the same problem. I was gone 3 days and just
    got back and there are 5 vendors in my house sign now.
    The house is right on Zento and named Temple of the
    Eastern Sky if you wanted to check the house. The
    house behind me is B&B Shoppe and she is having the
    same thing happen. This is a very annoying problem
    since it is hard to contact those vendor owners who
    don't have icq and it tends to freak them out that
    their stuff can just blow up like that with gold on
    the vendor and the contracts set to renew from both
    the house owner and the vendor owner. Please help.

    4. My vendors have been very profitable as to 3d customers! However, my 2d customers complain that they cannot see all of the goods offered! So, I have tried to load the 2d version of UO to understand their complaints. However, since installing the SE expansion, I am unable to do so!

    I requested the GM last night to help me with this problem. Their advice was to make sure I had uninstalled the "old 7th anniversary" expansion and reinstall the SE expansion.

    Well, I have done so, but I am stilll unable to load the 2d version of UO to determine how to accommodate my 2d customers!!! This must be a bug! A vendor should not be penalized because she places her products in 3d mode!!! This is ridiculous!!!

    5. I am a well seasoned and rather talented, if I do say
    so, pioneer.
    The announcement of the opening of the shard Origin,
    thus, filled me with great...happyness.
    I soon went into prepare routine, I made new chars on
    other shards than my main and tried to determine the
    quickest way to get gold to place my new Luna house
    (you'll see, oh, you'll see).
    In the course of my expiriments and research I came
    across an NPC exploit. This exploit consists of
    buying gems from an NPC Jeweler of -X-gp, and then
    reselling the gems to the provisioner, generally for
    I had already had 10k from a prior expiriment, and it
    took me about another 15-20 minutes to reach 38k, more
    than enough to place a house.
    I belive a came across this exploit on the - shard,
    and that it didn't work when I tried to duplicate on
    the - shard, because the jewels at the jewelers were
    the same price as at the provisioners.
    Therein lies the solution to the problem, all one must
    do is make sure the prices for jewels in the
    provisioner and the jeweler are set to the same to
    prevent this exploit.
    Please mail me back if this is (or is not) considered
    an exploit, and if I do not recieve a mail, I consider
    that this isn't an exploit and attempt it on Origin
    when it is created.

    6. ,i used vortex to kill a crystal element and NO HELP from any other player. This was 100% my kill counldnt loot it. This happen to some of my other chars too it was 100% their kill and my friend that plays too.

    7. the Yew gate Felucca on Europa is at a Mount, when i ghost i cant go to
    other gate.
    and when i dead follow me not my faction horse, or when i have 1 sec
    before i dead "all follow me"

    8. after using the "shadow jump" spell it sometimes happen, that no more actions like "hiding" or use of any other spell is possible
    instead i get the message "Your are too busy to do that at the moment"
    This is only "breakable" by using a item like a knife to get a cursor to cancel
    This also happens to my mage after using teleport

    9. Ok, Jack
    Sparrow is a t-hunter that wears a 100% LRC suit.
    Well the past 3 times I have died on a t-hunt ALL of
    my armor jewelry and clothing becomes uninsured, even
    tho I have the gold to cover and I MAKE SURE my armor
    is insured now due to this problem well this is third
    time I have died and third time it has happened to
    me.. I paged a GM they suggested a bug report TY

    10. Date/Time of Incident: january 5th or 6th
    Detailed description of incident: All weapons titled as Daemon slayers are
    now Demon slayers, which should be super slayer doing duoble damage to
    gargoyles too. but ex Daemon slayers and new ones spawning with name Demon
    slayer name are still daemon slayers. The old Demon slayers still act as a
    Demon slayers but they look just the same so no one can tell is it really
    Demon slayer or Daemon slayer which will result to some form of scams.

    11. im in moonglow at the herbalist shop working on detect hidden and lockpicking and stealing. I cant get a targeting cursor on some of the lockpicking and I keep getting the message you must be standing by item u want to steal. I am standing right next to it. and this is the second time this has happened, the first time it was also happening to my detect hidden targeting cursor

    12. Ninjitsu special moves when failed still use up mana.

    Execute DeathStrike and miss, 30 mana is used up.

    13. Detailed description of incident: I was killed by a meer mage paragon
    in Ilshenar that then looted me. I saw the message that it was looting items from my
    corpse. When I returned, several bags were missing. When a friend and I
    killed the creature, the bags were not in the loot dropped by the monster.
    Killing the other monsters that may have looted me as well turned up
    nothing either, so I assume that when the meer mage looted me, the bags
    were destroyed rather than retained by the creature. I heard a similar
    thing happened to a friend about a week ago to a rotting corpse. Thank you
    for your time and efforts.

    14. I can't get a rescued person out of a dungeon. I can't gate a rescued person anywhere. There is no way to get a person out of a dungeon. I can't gain compassion if I can't actually get an NPC from one place to another. I tried one NPC at a public moongate and they won't gate.

    15. i wish to train peacemaking but my npc does't respond
    with a menu when i ckick it.