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Group 45 - Werm

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
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    1. I have been playing a ninja character frequently and enjoy this skill very much. However, as of late I have realized a major bug in the game. When necromancers cast the revenants and they target you they follow you around and sometimes reveal you even while you are hidden and in stealth. This makes the stealth skill completely useless against any necro player. The same is for earth elementals and any other pet I would imagine. Please fix this bug as it does not make sense that any pet or summoned creature can follow invisible players. There are many ways for a stealther to be revealed already but this one makes a stealther completely defenseless. Please fix this bug so that summoned creatures and pets may no longer follow stealthing/hidden characters.

    2. I wanted to let you know that there is some kind of problem with paragon chests in Ilshenar. Four times today I have killed paragon creatures and instead of receiving a chest i got a no draw tile that disappeared when my cursor moved over it. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of creature it is (I killed a gargoyle, mongbat, imp, and giant rat).

    3. I put on savage kin paint and it was GONE the next day. I did not use an oil cloth or attack a savage. thank you

    4. At 2224 Brisbane time, Oceania Shard – Trammel – Ice IsIe - tried to transfer a skill to a soulstone. This was Pyric the magician (104 magery skill). The soulstone came up with the following message:

    You must wait two minutes after engaging in combat to use a soulstone.

    I have not engaged in combat prior to trying. Equally I logged off and on again – tried same result.

    I tried various combinations of spells such as reactive armour to see if they wouild work but to no avail – I wsill keep trying and if anything further comes up I will let you know

    5. I have tailoring of 73, and i have been getting
    regular cloth Tailor Bods for 3 days! Im not sure
    what is going on, but I was told by Furnis to email u
    guys if it kept happening! Hope u can fix it! Thanks,
    and have a great day!

    6. Greetings. I started a new character on test shard, took 16000 gold from the bank in haven to tithe at the shrine. After tithing it did not reduce my weight, but kept it at 312 pounds even after naked and nothing in inventory. Tried changing str to go under it hoping it'd reset it, and now I'm 312/75. Thought I'd let you know that the weight was not reduced when you tithe.

    7. This bug is very old bug, but even now,here is this bug.

    My Chivalry skill is 120 and my karma is 32000, the maximam of a player's
    but,in P v P, I cant dispel a revenant summoned by a Necromancy skill
    ,Vengeful Spirit,and
    I cant dispel a Energy Vortex and a Blade Spilit summoned by Magery .

    I think this is a bug of dispel evil on P v P ,because we can read that
    *to dispel all summoned creatures of an evil nature*
    at the explanation of Dispel evil in Origin's official site.

    I want to use dispel evil not having this bug on P v P.
    Please repair soon.This bug is very old bug.

    8. Sheena recalled home and headed for the doors that lead into the tower she lives in. There was a Vampire Bat behind the house and it targetted her. Not uncommon... the tower is west of Umbra. Sheena entered the house and began putting stuff away in the living room. The bat came INTO the house and attacked her. That tower is and has always been set Private. Usually the bat can't get past the front steps but this time, it did... right into the house!!

    9. I am not much for gold farming but my cash reserves were getting low so earlier tonight Draco and I went to wind to solicit donations from the deamons that haunt the tunnels surrounding the city. After about 90 minutes or so, I had sent well over 60k to my bank via a bag of sending (I told you I was not much of a gold farmer). We walked over to the bank, opened it up and there was two nice shiny piles of gold. So far, so good.
    Well, I had a check for 992,089gp which I wanted to bring up to nice even 1,000,000gp so I cashed it. I then asked Eva the Banker for a check for 1000000. She replies; "Ah, art thou trying to fool me? Thou hast not so much gold!" Thinking that I had accidentally hit an extra zero, I ask again and the woman repeats her statement that I do not have that much gold. Concerned now, I ask for my balance and she tells me that I have only 992,089 in the bank. I ask for a check for 990,000 and Eva happily complies with that request. All that is left in my bank box is a single pile of 2089 golden coins. My 60k+ gold was somehow gone even though I had adequate room in my bank (only about 104 items even with the check cashed).
    I quickly paged a GM, informing them that Eva had embezzled my funds! I know well how helpful the GM’s are about replacing lost or missing items but the big brown dragon standing behind me was not so understanding as I. It was all I could do to convince my draconian friend that GM "tasted terrible" and that eating that unhelpful fellow in red would be more trouble that it would be worth.
    You should have the bank manager in Wind keep a very close eye on this woman. I noticed some packed bags under a nearby table. I suspect that she plans to abscond with my money and most of the banks as well!
    Perhaps, if these NPCs were given a decent wage and not forced to work 23 hours a day without so much as a potty break, they would not be inclined to take advantage of innocent customers like this!

    10. Ok. well lets see, i work my thief up to skills to steal scrolls from spawns
    and such and now i cannot do this.. you know why? well let me tell ya, im at
    a spawn and there is 10 reds, 2 blues one being the protector one being a
    tamer. the protector kills him selve when the champ comes up, and lets the
    tamer hit the champ, the tamer kills her self a few hitpoints before the
    champ dies letting her animals attk the champ while she is dead to finish it
    off, while the reds heal the dragon and mare. Thus they get the scrolls on
    them while there dead and we cannot take them, what is the point of a spawn
    if you cannot take scrolls when there dead? they get the skull all 12
    scrolls and nothing happens to them.

    11. Bug Problem with:
    BOD/LBOD Books (Deed Books)
    Weight/Quantity reports backwards.
    1 Book
    SHOULD report as: 1 item, 8 stones.
    CURRENTLY reports as: 8 items, 1 stones.
    Meaning that if you have 10 books in a bag, it only
    weighs 8 stones, however, the quantity is reported as
    80 items.

    12. I was at the Deamons near Compassion gate in Ilshenar when I had killed a few deamons and a paragon. I carved the deamons and fed my White Wyrmm.

    I had travelled 10-15 minutes more killing deamons and paragons when the Wyrmm decided it was better to be without an owner. I retamed him and managed to get him back. But....

    4 days earlier, the same thing happened when i was attacking an ancient wyrmm with my hiryu and the wyrmm killed him seconds after the hiryu went wild.

    A week earlier, I had problems with my pets in as much as when i took my hiryu out it took up no control slots. I was able to take out my Hiryu, White Wyrmm and a horse from my stables.

    It seems my pets are bugged as they lose their loyalty quicker than normal.
    Mesanna: Pets lose loyality faster if you fight with them constantly, which requires more feeding.

    · 13. Detailed description of incident: Im on the ambitous queen quest killing red solon queens but mu quest log wont update past 3 kills. And ive killed plenty!!! Im getting angry can you let me know whats going on?

    · 14. Detailed description of incident: When stable WW and take out of stable i lost hit points on him.He is a 456 but his hits are reading 433 and been like that for 3 days now.

    15. My char's dex is 117 everytime i get hit by a lil spell or big spell or even a weap i manage to lose 1/2 or all of my stam that is not normal! my mages have 20-25 dex and they never lose stam unless someone casts strangle or poison strike but not off regular spells plz figure out the problem and fixx me thank you /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif