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Group 55 - Atok

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
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    1. Hello. The following problem is occuring with my characters. I am working Remove Trap skill on my thief character and everytime I die and get ressurected, my default skills are way lower than if I click on Show Real. The problem with this is that I believe UO checks the default skill level when determining success or not. Example. I died and my hiding skill is 100 Default and Real. After being ressurected my default Hiding is 100 but my Real Hiding skill is 100.

    The only way I have found to make it revert is to run across a server boundry and have the server update my character skills. Then it reverts to normal.

    2. i've found this bug about 1 week ago, and it's still there. I play in europa, and i am a tamer. Mine is an updated client. When i say to my pets (i've got this problem with all my pets) all kill to a target that is on a bridge ( for example in despise or even in the gauntlet dark bridge that brings to the variety dealer) my pets won't move. I think they don't even attack who attacks me and is on a bridge when i say all guard me. I'm not the only one who has this problem.
    I've already got in game support for this, but the gm told me to email this problem.

    3. I was playing in dastard tram this morning and a wyervn was running as fast as I was I was on a horse it was on top of me the whole time

    4. when in my 2D mode i try to invoke the virtue of honor on high level monsters that i am about to kill and after i kill them i never get the message that i gain in virtue. I guess this is a bug because the monsters i kill have of a high fame level.

    5. http://boards.stratics.com/php-bin/uo/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=uouhall&Number=5652989&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=0&fpart=&vc=1&what2=postlist&selv=&vwhich=&PHPSESSID=
    Two friends and I were working a champion spawn in felucca T2A. A pk guild
    came and raided us. Yes, such things happen all the time, so I'm not upset
    over that. The fact of the matter, though, is that they recalled into the
    lost lands using the boat key "method." It's not my place to say whether or
    not is is an actual "exploit," but it does circumvent the game mechanics by
    allowing players to recall into a "no-recall" zone. The GM who showed up
    obviously understood the concept of a "no-recall" zone by telling me that
    you can't recall into dungeon doom (meaning the gauntlet), but he didn't
    seem to understand that felucca t2a is a no-recall zone, and not simply "an
    island" or whatever he was trying to call it. He was trying to tell me that
    the "ocean" of felucca T2A is not "inside" the felucca dungeon subserver.
    This is just plain wrong. Certain facets and certain areas of those facets
    have rulesets that differ from place to place. The GM's need to be fully
    aware of those rulesets in order to provide quality assistance to their
    The bug in question is the recalling into a designated no-recall area by
    using a boat key. The ruleset of felucca dungeons and t2a disallows the use
    of gate, mark, and recall. Recalling to a boat key allows players to
    circumvent this game mechanic. The fix would be, like runestones, to flag
    them such that when you tried to recall it says "you cannot recall into
    this area." I am not sure if boat keys are marked with specific coordinates
    of the boat's location or how that works, but I'm sure it would be a bit
    more difficuly since boats can move in and out of this area through the
    serpent pillars.
    However, it is still a very reproducible exploit that a lot of guilds use
    to their advantage. Most guilds that raid champ spawns have a boat parked
    somewhere outside that area. They can post one of their characters as a
    ghost at the altar to watch the spawn, and when it nears completion they
    can recall in all of their members at the same time to the same place to
    destroy the few who are doing the work. The worst part is that those guilds
    have 200+ members, when those who try to work the spawn only have 3 working
    the area, and no way to compete against those numbers anyway. Another fix
    for that would be to only allow those players who have been attending the
    spawn for X amount of time, or killed X amount of creatures on each level
    in order to receive the powerscrolls at the end of the spawn.
    Anyway, now I'm just rambling. The one thing I want fixed is the ability to
    recall into felucca T2A (a no-recall zone) by using a boat key to
    circumvent game mechanics.

    6. Incident: i arrived at my private felluca house when i found a reaper just outside the steps. It targetted me and teleported into my house when i went inside. This should not be possible. How could it happen?

    Hi ya , Everytime my char on Siege digs up a chest and attempts to remove chest and dies , he goes into stat loss. I know that if he dies to a orange monster then yes I will accept that. But when I dig up a chest and remove all the monsters , and then die while opening the chest I go into stat loss that is unacceptable. Can you fix it in the next patch ty. And yes my char is in factions , I have also tested this on Chessy shard and its the same result.

    8. I have been able to track players in Vespar Bank, Tram on LS Shard. But when using detect hidden skill, i cannot detect them. This only happens in Vespar Bank, can i can track and detect these same charaters wherever i run across them in game. And since they cant be detected, I am thinking since that same character has been in the same spot for hours on end, there is a possible exploit going on.

    9. I was on a boat working necromancy and was meditating with a NON-Spell Channeling weapon, so it got Un-equipped (normal), so I tried to equip it again and stopped medittating (Normal). So I wasted my mana again, then meditated, and used the "Equip Last Weapon" macro the client has, and I am able to re-equip my weapon without stopping meditation.

    10. all of the samuri empire furniture makes items go underneath it instead of stacking on top of it that is very frustrating i have to unlockdown my furniture to get the stuff underneath

    11. Recently My hiryu went from wonderfully happy to better of on it's own in a matter of a minute! It was also bonded at the time.
    I had 102.7 animal taming and 98 animal lore
    i also just fed it multiple times.
    Am i feeding it the wrong food?
    am i making it battle too much?
    this has never happened with any other animal

    12. I transferred a skill to my soul stone (Magery 69.1) and now I have a character that I would like to transfer the skill to the problem is that I have 69.1 skill points free on that character. Now I know that if I transfer the skill I’ll lose a couple of skill points and I’m fine with this, but it will not let me do this at all. This seems to be a bug to me.

    13. There's something that's been "bugging" me... Cruse by your local Luna or Ice Isle and check a few vendors for artifacts, daily rares, and the special unique item from times past and you'll find folks charging insane amounts of gold for such items... Millions!! It is my beleif that these folks have discovered some way of operating their vendors at a reduced price, or possibly for free. If I stick a single item on my vendor and ask 10,000 for it, my vendor cost goes up significantly; yet others have several items worth 1, 5, even 10 Million on their vendors and they seem to just "stay open" ... The easy answer is that they have a LOT of gold held on them... but I beleive if you took the trouble to send a GM by... you'd find that was NOT the case.

    14. This happened on the Atlantic shard. It happened in Trinsic and Moonglow that I am aware of. The Council of Mages controlled these towns and (I assume)faction bottle, board, reagent and ore vendors and horse breeders were placed by the respective finance ministers. The True Britannians corrupted the sigils for all of the towns and placed them on the town sigil posts. In the past the vendors would disappear, but now the vendors remain. Incidentally, the horse breeders remain Council of Mages vendors and will not sell war horses to True Britannians. Those vendors showed up on the finance minister's menu and could be fired like normal. They counted against the towns cap of each particular type of vendor and were costing the city silver. This was a sort of a reproduction of the bug since I personally placed a horse breeder before the Council of Mages took over Trinsic and when I clicked to buy from the breeder it gave me the option of doing so. A horse breeder placed by one faction will tell members of other factions that they cannot buy a war horse because they are of a different faction.

    Steps to reproduce: (I wasn't able to reproduce the bug myself because of the way the faction system works, but the steps would be something like this.)

    -Finance minister of Trinsice that is in the Council of Mages (CoM) faction places a faction vendor in Trinsic while Trinsic is controlled by CoM.

    -True Britannian (TB) faction corrupts the sigil of Trinsic and places the sigil on the sigil post in the city of Trinsic.

    -Faction vendors should disappear, but they remain in Trinsic.

    Expected result: Faction vendors disappear after a new faction takes over a town by corrupting its sigil and placing it on the appropriate town sigil post.

    Actual result: The vendors remain.

    15. Spell Casting bug
    There is a big big bug for PvP spellcasting. The way it works is, if you cast a spell then wish to cancel that spell to cast another, and cast that second spell PERFECTLY after the first spell, the second spell will freeze you to cast, and bring up a target cursor, but the target cursor will do nothing