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Group 66 - Jade

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
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    1. So i stabled my pet and log in at my house. NOW i dont have a pet i have played this game too long for me to loose a pet i have worked so hard to train. I did exactly what the message told me to. So how come i lost the thing that i have worked so hard on. My pet was a white wyrm that was bonded i also had it linked to a summoning ball. Now that ball wont even respond

    2. I found i could feed my dragon gold when i accidentally dropped some on it. i was fighting rune beetles on the tokuno islands

    3. I was in town still blue. Did nothing wrong in Moonglow just banking when someone came up to me. (Red) and casted explosion. Then hit me with explosion. I yelled for guards and nothing happened. Then they continued to cast only explosion and nothing else. So I am not sure if explosion doesn’t allow you to call for guards or what? But I am sure this shouldn’t happen.

    4. I was working on my lockpicking skill at my house in malas. I had just
    unsecured the boxes I was going to pick. I had to lock them. Just as I
    got ready to start picking them many of my boxes just up and vanished.
    The whole process took about 3 min from the start till finish. I'm on
    the catskills server

    5. enhancing with bronze not longer give 40% i had a 70% fire weapon and enhanced it with bronze it now has 70 fire and 30 cold ???

    6. Our Guildmaster accidently resigned from the guild. The Guild Leader position went to a player who does not actively play. When the original Guildmaster came back, we all voted for him. He has received more than a majority of votes yet he is still not the Guild Leader. What's wrong with this guild feature?

    7. Hi the bug causing the fire bettles to do only one point of damage is still in effect

    8. Hello, My name is Caroline Thompson. I was playing uo (Pacific shard) at
    6:30 pacific time, i died in Destard and used the help option to get to
    brit. None of my insured items were on me or my corpse. I was in Trammel so
    others looting me was not a factor. My weapon, shield and all armor pieces
    were gone. I have over 200,000 gold in my bank so money was not a factor
    either. I was told that using the help option was more than likely the
    reason all my insured items disappeared. I am hoping that some how my
    insured items can be retrieved. Hope to hear from you soon.

    9. Last night I was hunting daemons in the Fan Dancer Temple. I had logged out there a few times due to company visiting. Eventually I was able to return and play for a few hours. I finally died, and was too tired to bother getting rezd, so I just logged off dead, and went to sleep. This morning when I logged back in and got rezd, ALL OF MY INSURED ITEMS that were in my backpack when I died were gone!!!! Only the items I was wearing, the blessed books, and some repair deeds were left on me. My pack was full at time of death, (125 items). I'm not worried about the loot I found that night, But some of the best weapons I have are ones I carry with me all the time. THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN INSURED. Is this because my pack was full at time of death? I am very upset with what happened. The GMs tell me nothing will be replaced, and the weapons I lost were literally worth millions. This is the only char I hunt with and PvP with. Without those weapons I have acquired over the last 2 years, I don't even want to play. I understand that there are bugs, But the GMs wouldn't even try to help, and I am told there will be no reimbursement.

    10. John Deere, a Paladin, is getting low on Tithing. Went to Spirituality Shrine, said the om om om to get on, but when I clicked on the shrine for tithing, it would not come up with the drop down list to allow tithing.
    Immediately went to Humility to try there. No luck. Went to Honesty, same story.
    This has happened several times before, only to find that I could tithe within a few days.
    Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but when I am able to tithe, the perceived process

    11. If this is being set to the wrong dept. please forward it for me. After playing since day 1, including being a Beta tester, I feel that the Mage has become a second class citizen. While virtually every other magic char can summon and /or cast their field spells in town, the mage’s ban continues in these areas. As a mage in town I have been relegated to healing and resurrection during EVERY city invasion. Not to mention the new generals teleport directly to me, (any mage) if I even try cast on them. Resulting in death 90%+ of the time. The playing field needs leveling! I find myself not even wanting to play in the defense of the cities, or anywhere else for that matter. Please let me know what, if anything, is being planned to balance the field for the mage. As my, as well as many others I have talked to, continued play hangs in that balance. Thank you for your time.

    12. Last night about this time I turned in a large 20exc spine studded bod got a horned kit instead of a barbed kit is there a problem here as I have turned these in before but this is the first time its given back a horned instead of horned thnx

    13. On the Catskills shard, account name oldmopar. My vendor named
    Rosy the Riveter can no longer wear armour because her strength
    has dropped to around 10.

    14. I have 108 Animal Taming (natural taming, no jewelry) with 120 Animal Lore (once again natural skill, no jewelry), and I am tired of watching my pets die because they won't listen. Too often my pets go after something they can't kill (despite intelligence 4 times higher than my characters), and I can tell them a dozen times to follow me and they simply will not. The most they will do is take one step and then turn around and run away again. It too often makes it impossible to use bandages on them, and too often causes their death.

    Considering the number of hours I had to play this game, and the amount of money I spent (in monthly fees) just to get a tamer with those kind of skill points, and considering that every single time my pet dies it loses skill that I worked hard to help them gain, I am completely frustrated by this lack of listening. By the time any tamer reaches this level, their pets should be under control and minding what they are told instead of just doing whatever they feel like doing (such as getting themselves killed). I play this game to enjoy it, not to get frustrated by an AI algorithm that makes pets way more stupid than the people who control them even though those pets supposedly have a higher intelligence.

    15. I was looking for smith BOD's for plate made of copper quanity 15. I found a vender that had one the description said plate copper gorgets 15 so I bought it. When I looked at it in my pack it was a large BOD for all armor parts plate copper(ex. arms, helmet,tunic). This is the second time this has happened. The first time I received the same thing but one item on the list was filled. Thank you for your time.