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Group 68 - Werm

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. this bug occours after i had died in the dungeon doom
    gauntlet: i have a character with 90 ninjitsu
    skill,and i cannot use the animal form ability,i
    cannot access the form choosing menue.it tells me i
    need at least 100 ninjitsu skill to use this ability.i
    tried to restart uo but the problem still occurs.all i
    can do is using items to reach cap to use this
    ability.after i use an item to increase thes kill,the
    bug dissapears.but this have to be fixed anyways!

    2. is this typical that if i use the animal
    form ability,all monsters in the area target me
    immediately,same when i transform back into character
    form.this cant be a fair part in anyways and should be
    fixed too! thanks

    3. I have attempted to so the Solen Queen Quest. I also read up on the quest through uo.stratics.com

    They state:
    -5 Queen sister kills
    -50 zoogi
    -get back to solen queen
    -give 50 zoogi, and receive 25 powder of translocation

    -maximum zoogi to be converted at 1 time is 200

    I give 50 zoogi, and get 11 powder of trans location
    I attempt 200, and solen queen refuses.

    4. Red Solen Matriarch quest, 7 pitchers of water into the finale I
    misclicked somewhere, and the count was reset to zero. Another 8 pitchers of water got me though the quest, good thing I carry
    16 at a time But an unimportant bug none-the-less. I've run this quest
    maybe 100+ times, and this was the first hiccup I encountered.

    5. My real name is Troy Butler, I play on the Catskills shard, my account name
    is "sarroc", the character in question is "Maligant".
    Very early this morning, I had been hunting monsters with my pet Rune
    Beetle. It normally has 356 Hitpoints, which I know very well. After
    hunting Blood Elemental Paragon's in Ilshenar (Blood Dungeon) this morning
    though, I returned to Luna so I could stable my pet - but before I did so, I
    noticed that at full health, it's HP was only 315. Somehow, it had lost 41
    HP. It is not under any spell effects (that I am aware of). 315 HP appears
    to be its new HP total. I know other players have experienced this bug, and
    it is definitely a large problem.
    One piece of information that I'm sure is related to this bug, is that
    whenever my beetle goes into combat, it casts a stat enhancing spell on
    itself (either Bless or Strength), and its HP is normally boosted to 397 HP
    (before this bug went into effect, that is). When the spell wears off, it
    would return to its normal 356 HP. The difference between those values is
    exactly 41 HP, the same loss I have experienced with this bug.
    I am not sure, but I feel I may have an explanation for the bug. If a
    player casts "strength" on himself/herself, their STR and HP temporarily
    rise accordingly. If they cast the spell a second time while already under
    the effects from the first cast, the second cast is successful but has no
    additional effect on the stats. Presumably this is the same for pets - once
    the spell is already in effect, a second attempt at casting the same spell
    will have no additional effect on the stats. But is it possible that after
    casting the same spell twice on itself while only experiencing the stat
    bonus once, both casts are being counted when the spell effect wears off?
    Like I said, my beetle normally has 356 HP. When it casts bless or strength
    (or whichever spell it normally casts) on itself, it's HP normally goes up
    to 397, a difference of 41 pts. After this bug though, it's total HP is at
    315, 41 pts below it's normal level. It seems like it may have powered up to
    397, possibly tried to power up a second time with no effect, but then the
    41 pt bonus wore off twice, lowering its normal HP. The reason that only
    some tamers have been affected by this bug is because magical pets seem to
    cast random combinations of spells - and it seems that in this case, my pet
    just happens to have cast the same stat enhancing spell twice in a row - a
    combination that would not occur very often. But given time, it WILL occur,
    and all tamers will be effected at one time or another.

    6. I had a character who was friended to a house (and inside the house). He clicked on his pet and accidentally chose "Kill" so when asked for the victim he selected the pet itself. He immediately became unfriended to the house he was friended too and could no longer open chests. Once he left he could no longer enter.
    I was able to repeat this after having the owner re-friend him.
    I decided to experiment and found out that he does not have to be inside the house for this to happen. If he is outside the house and does the same thing he can no longer enter, and this time even if the owner re-friends him and he gets the message "you have been made a friend of this house" he still cannot enter, until he has logged out and back in again.

    7. There is a bug in fel.... When you are in fel you cant heal, cure,res or do
    anything to playeres there is in guilds even if its a full normal guild and
    not war, faction etc.... I know that this is something new that havent bin
    there before and i know that manny manny in fel is werry unhappy whit this
    and all wish it to hell... first of all it's (whit this bug) not poseble to
    kill the pk's when you cant res any dead blue's to help whitout being in
    thair guild or get them to resign from it....
    I think and hope you undestand that this probelm is something that we all
    wish fixet werry soon...

    8. Hi i just want to let u know there is a bug in spell macros. Exp: say u cast Greather heal and then press cure wich u got written to target self, it wont allways target on ur self all the time so u need to repress the "cure, wich u got written on target self" like up to 4-5 times before it target ur self.

    before pub 30 it allways targeted ur self as soon as u pressed the spell macro for cure with target self written.

    9. Hail, i just talked with GM Malachite ad she asked me to contact you guys to see what you can do for me. In the last mounth i used twice my soulstone and twice i've lost my skill.

    My account name is tinad, i was on caracter Home Depot, it was my first try on a soulstone. So i open my skills paperdoll, i put my alchemy arrow down. I put my soulstone in a secure container and from the secure container i double click the soulstone.

    So i choose to transfer 100 points of alchemy. I never moved the soulstone from that chest. A week later when i came back to get the point back on my char the points were gone from the soulstone. I said to me no big deal i might have move them on an other char.

    A couple of days later i took my lumberjackskill from my other char Tom Sawyer into the soulstone, a couple of days later, the points were gone again. So this time i know exactly what hapened, there is a bug with the soulstone, i would like to get back my skills please i worked hard to have them i don't want to be penalyzed.
    Would you please contact me, if you have any question i will be happy to help, i am waiting to hear from you soon good night.

    10. There is a bug which allows players to loot a ninja player character namely Yuki when he uses toad form and poisons the spawn from the invasion. If I am killed my corpse appears gray and other players have been looting me of my possessions this has been witnessed by a few other player in Britain when my character dies.

    11. Theres a HUGE problem with me and a few friends of
    mine were we recall to other areas in game or be
    sitting in dungons move off the screen and will freeze
    up in game and times where its like we are lagging but
    then sit still and it will be fine for a few mins..
    This isnt just me but for other people as well and
    havent been able to do anything cause of it. Also
    when we die after crashing from these issues come back
    and click the war peace tab many times even talk in
    game and still cant be seen to be ressed.

    12. Twice tonight....and before on two occasions, I have fed my rune beetle (bonded) an apple while at the bank, and he disappears. No sound. Just disappears. I call: "All follow me".....walk around bank. Nothing. No pet. It's as if he vanished. I use the pet ball which i keep in my bank and he reappears. Where did he go? I buy my powder of translocation and seems like I'm having to waste it because of this bug /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Can you help?

    · 13. Detailed description of incident:
    o I noticed that a couple people I killed had scribe pens on them and wondered why a PvP’er would be carrying these. I checked around and found out there is an exploit that allows a player to bypass the skill timer using a pen. I tried it out using the stealing skill and a mapmaker’s pen, and it works very well.

    First, a UOA macro needs to be set up that looks like this:
    Use item (mapmaking pen)
    Menu selection (make world map)
    Menu selection (make world map)
    Use skill/cast spell (use stealing skill)
    Pause 500
    This macro allows you to steal without waiting for the skill timer to elapse. I have not tried it with other skills, like meditation or hiding, but if it works for stealing chances are I bet it works for other skills also.
    I will be reporting anyone PvP’ing using a pen from now on!

    14. My guild can not elect a new gm. There are about 30 members who no longer play UO, one of them being our gm. With the latest expansion, Samuri Empire, the guild system was revamped. Now any member who does not log into UO for 30 days becaomes inactive. They are shown as inactive on a guild roster as well, and they no longer get a default vote for the current gm.This is not happening, it has been over 3 months since SE was released, all of the members who no longer play UO are still showing on not only the guild roster but also UO.com under guilds. The name of the guild is Avatars of the Virtues A^V, we have had this guild for about 5 years now and where really looking forward to being able to take charge of it once SE came out.

    15. Hello There ...

    In the last few days i'v started doing some Pk killing (Red killing) in fel,
    Yew on eroupa server, but i feel a big change. Its not poseble to call to
    guards when you are standing in the Guard Zone, and a PK is comeing in and
    atacking you. I need to say that i was blue, and not flagged or bin in a
    fight. But still it was not poseble for me to call the guards, and i hope
    you get fixet this problem werry soon so the bule just have a bit of a
    chance, and thy realy not have right now and i dont know OSI wonna the hunt
    all the blue away.
    A other thing whit this Guard Zone problem is that if a PK (red or gray
    player) gives enught dammage to kill you in one hit, you cant be fast enught
    to call the guards and that werry sux. Thy are allso useing this to kill
    people there is get res'et and kill them, whit out thy can do ANYTHING abaut
    We are a lot there think the RED's have all the chances to rul in Fel .. But
    that might mean that in some time, no longer will be any blue to kill them.
    Realy hope you find a way to do that fariplay!!.