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Group 71 - Atok

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
    Likes Received:
    1. Lately when ever i have been clicking something once, so as to set security on a door in my house or as to tame an animal, it has not been working, i do not know if i am the only one experiencing this or not. Please help me thank you very much. :)

    2. In reguards to my previous bug submission I taked with a freind of mine who
    told me that she took her fisher out and tried to do fabled fishing nets and
    got no artis as well.... with two fabled nets so there is you verification
    that it's not just me... if you require any further information on this
    please ask.

    3. Detailed description of incident: every time that i logout, close the client, and restart it (play it later) my entire setup is set back to default, my paperdoll, spells, backpack, map, and skills arent there for "quick access"

    4. ok i am healing guildmates and turning grey and i dont understand y.... and people are taking advantage of this by calling guards. this does not make sense plz look into this and correct it. thank you

    5. Detailed description of incident:
    myself and my girlfried where sitting here at home , and desided to do a ASOS net to hunt leviathans. as it died i saw a seahorse appear in my backpack then disapear.
    thats pretty much it, we used our magic and pet ww's .

    6.test if it is possible to exploit the number of controls slots that unicorns take by friending them.

    Dear Uo,
    Around 7pm cst, on friday, March 4 (yesterday) my 7 yr old daughter was put in jail by gm kulag(?) for using an exploit. I, myself, still do not understand it completely, so that is why I am writing....for clarification...so I can tell her exactly where she messed -up and what not to do. she was jailed because she had 2 unicorns out, and I guess she had 1 of them freinded to someone else, this gave her extra follower slots. I can see how this could lead to using an exploit, but...only having 2 unicorns out, just takes up 4 slots, friended or not. So, she may have had extra slots for followers, but she wasnt exploiting it. She was, however, jailed for it and luckily, I was home for lunch break and was able to talk to the gm for her.
    I still dont get it though. She was only using four slots out of five, and perhaps the friending of the animal gave her more slots, but she wasnt exploiting it. She was nevertheless jailed and questioned and reprimanded for it. I have told her many times what she can and cannot do on ultima, and this is the first Ive heard of this...and I still do not understand completely why she was jailed. Perhaps she did have the ability to use an exploit, but she was well within her bounds to have 2 unicorns out. If the friending of pets create an exploit, why allow pets to be friended at all???? Why my daughter would friend a pet is beyond me, some guild thing , I guess, as she belongs to some guild called the angels(A*H)
    I have told her not to friend anymore pets, but I still do not understand why she was jailed. Either you can or can not friend pets( of all things to be jailed for). Why UO would allow pets to be friended and then call it an exploit, I cannot figure out. Needless to say, my daughter is very upset, and I am very confused. I have told her many times to watch her p`s and q`s while playing Ultima and when she was jailed yesterday, she was very very disturbed by it, to say the least and all I could tell her was not to friend anymore pets, for whatever reason she was friending her unicorn to begin with, I dunno.
    If the friending of pets create an exploit, why allow them to be friended at all??? Im confused....my daughter is upset, and I still dont understand. Some clarification here would be much appreciated. and if this isnt a bug, I dont know what is.

    7. Shard Origin

    Facet Malas

    Description The "Skinned Goat" rare in Doom often spawns under the ground and is inaccessable to players. A GM must physically move the item up for the player to steal. The 'normal' spawn location is 347 44 4.

    Scripts/Integers Scripts~



    overloadedWeight = 255

    oldWeight = 1

    canAlwaysSteal = 1

    rareSpawnInterval = 86400

    specialMaterial = 1

    noFall = 1

    GM Comments I am particularly amused by "noFall = 1". See attached screenshot for more detail.

    Steps to Reproduce Go to Doom.

    Wait for the "Skinned Goat- Rarity 5" to spawn.

    Did it spawn under the ground?