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Group 99 - Banzai

Discussion in 'UO Developer Feed' started by UODevTracker, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. UODevTracker

    UODevTracker Guest

  2. Mesanna

    Mesanna UO Producer | Dark OverLady
    VIP Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 30, 2004
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    1. I have a house at 63, 37 North, 61, 35 East...the house is set as private but three times now I've logged in and there is a harpey in the house. Even though I log in on the 2nd floor and the harpey is on the 1st floor I sustain damage. This is the 3rd time in 2 weeks this has happened during a login.

    2. 2D client(irrelevant)

    Steps: Spent a good 30-45 minutes getting daemon bones, gave them all to the
    sorceress, started killing the bone daemon. During the process of killing
    it, I got a client error, when I logged back in, I finished killing the
    daemon, and didnt receive a skull.

    Later on, I got killed by the daemon(after trying to get a second skull
    since the first one was never received, and by the way I had to waste
    ANOTHER 40 minutes getting daemon bones), had to leave Doom to get rezzed,
    and of course, I get the message "you have abandoned your quest", but do I
    get the bones back? NO, I dont. Which means I yet again have to waste MORE
    time and kill the daemon again. This needs to be fixed or addressed somehow.

    3. Uh yeah... first Pigments of Tokuno not dying anything, then when I dye
    my major artifact tome, it disappears

    4. Detailed description of incident The Town Sigils are "ready" to be Stolen, and yet when I attempt to steal I get the Message " The Required Item has not Passed to Steal The Sigil". I dont know if this is a Bug, but it is Very odd. :)

    5. there is a bug the guild REV is using u put a scribe pin in your pack ,show
    gump,dbl click on pin and it gives you 4/6 casting

    6. I was recently today taking items out of my moving crate. While attempting to open one of the packing crates (which was full,) it dissappeared. I opened the next one (also full) to see if it would happen again, and it did. Next I contacted a GM to see if he could help me, he said that he couldn't and I should contact you. Please take care of this bug and, if at all possible, I would like to get my items back that I lost

    7. The problem we are having is with our vendors at our guild house using vendor rental contracts. We renovated the guild house on April 6th. To do that all of us had to remove our vendors and put them back. We are all experienced with the vendor system and no mistakes were made in placing or making sure the settings were correct, that being that they all had enough gold to pay the rent, and both the owner and rentor had agreed to the terms, the contracts were set to renew. On the 13th, at the time of renewal, all of our vendors disappeared. Using the house owner account I checked the moving crate to look at the vendors. I was able to click on the statuette and check the contract terms. The rentor portion of the contract had been set to not renew, invalidating the contract. I know for a fact that mine were set to ‘yes’. So we had to place new ones on the 13th. I only populated one of the four I had and made sure that they all had gold. I checked this morning, April 20th with 4 hours left to renew, all 4 of my vendors were set to renew and the 3 I had not populated had 10 days of gold left. The other one I had populated was more. I checked about 10 hours later and this time 3 of mine had disappeared. The one that I had populated remained. Checking the contract options on the statuette’s inside the moving crate showed that the contract was set to renew, but they had dropped anyhow. What is going on?

    8. The magincia parliament sign is spelt wrong. This is on the Europa shard, I dont know about any others.

    The sign reads "Magincia Parliment" wheras it should read "Magincia Parliament" as the correct spelling of 'parliament' has an 'a' after the 'i'.

    9. Detailed description of incident: I found this item repair deed at bank, it reads nothing at all but if you double click it tells you what type it is, but when you put it on vendor it reads this Error (TID) Provided Token Out of Range :0: 1043303

    10. Durring this time my guildmate Pab and I were down in the bottom level of the fandancer Dojo. We were both using our Hiryu's to kill fandancers. Now I know that when I went down I was using one of my more recently tamed Hiryu's with low skills trying to build him up........ Now after 2 hours of constant killing in which my pet never once died...... he gained only in Wrestling......... seems odd that he gained nothing in Tactics or Anatomy...... I can understand the lack of gains in Magic Resist..... but no anatomy??? No Tactics? When I take pets to the Bake Kitsune Forrest they gain like mad in everything..... why should the lower level of the fan dancer dojo be so different? Is there some reason that pets don't gain skill there? Pab and I both noticed that this seems to be the case with the fandancers only.

    11. Next on to the Yew Abbey Bank........
    This is a huge bug that causes client errors and crashes..... We all belong to the Yew Militia and other Yew based guilds so we do alot of banking at the Abbey and trading there. What we have noticed is that when one person involved in a trade at the bank has thier bank box open or moves or even some other player comes along and opens their bank box ... one of us gets a client crash. This is increadable frustrating. As we feel the Abbey is our home we kinda like doing bussiness there but this crash problem makes it a bit difficult and well we are begining to really hate banking there. Not sure what the deal is with that but sure would like you all to look into it and fix it. Not even sure if it happens on other shards.

    12. I have noticed a bug in the item insurance related to greater & lesser
    treasures of tokuno. I insured a Kasa of Ra Jin, Ancient Samurai Do, and
    the Stormgrip gloves on my character. Each time I died, 3 total, the item
    insurance did not reset. I had to manually insure each item again at a cost
    of 600 gold each item, after I had just paid 600 gold for each item when I
    died, so double the normal cost.

    13. You have made this Bokuto but there is nothing that can repair it or even make it on the game that i know of. Its not in my blacksmith tool or tinker tools

    14. 6:25 a.m. is when i first noticed vendor over-charging
    since i've had vendor my charge is never more than 2k per day. today when I checked it is over 330k per day.

    15. <font color="red"> </font> Deleted this to be replaced by the bug from last week due to the time involved in the extra testing requested by Ben