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Guard finds Natasha a nasty Knave

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Queen Mum, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Queen Mum

    Queen Mum Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    *Posted with permission from the author Shadow Riter

    Pembroke was not in a good mood. Some of the citizens had climbed over his cage and were poking him. He tried to move out of their way a few times but finally the poking got to him. He spewed slime from his large moth. Aires, Balum and Agnogg were covered in foul smelling goo which turned their stomachs. Luvs Harmony was watching closely. She raised a brow and remarked in a slightly warning voice, “I have never seen someone get eaten before. He gots practically a four course breakfast in there yet he's not eating. hmmm, he must not be hungry!”

    That was when Amonos arrived. He came from behind the red curtain. I suspected he had come through the secret passageway. He looked out at the group and began to speak.

    “Hello” Then Louder “CITIZENS And GUARDS! YOU should not be in the cage with Pembroke! He has taken to spitting. Now come around”


    He looked over us to be sure he recognized the faces then asked, “ I am glad you all made it did anyone see you?”

    Cuttles and Luvs Harmony both shook their heads no and replied “we stealthed in one by one”

    Amonos seemed pleased “Very good I was worried that we might be spied upon. I have spoken with Daniel about Algenon and I think as members of the guard and concerned Citizens we need to investigate. He was robbed of his ink and I need to know who has committed this crime .My scouts have spotted other operatives snooping around. They are not scouts of the guard and Daniel did not recognize them. That is why I asked you to sneak in here. They are not scouts of the guard. They seem to be looking for the potions Algenon makes. Have you seen anything?

    Queen Elf Sandy had been on watch for anything unusual. She had seen peculiar glasses outside of Brit. Could they have anything to do with Algenon?

    Kinkae Prowlr reported a green book near Mokito Jima. Amonos was pleased that these unusual things were being brought to his attention. He told us all “If you see something of interest you should investigate I hope you did”

    Kinkae Prowlr grimaced “Yea I almost died “

    Cuttles laughed “yea, I also investigated that. I lost consciousness a few times too”

    Luvs Harmony wanted to know more about the ink. ”Did the other snoops have ink on their hands?”

    Amonos Sgt at Arms explained about the ink that had been found. “I believe the ink makes things vanish”

    Jocelyn considered this “maybe invisible ink!”

    Amonos Sgt at Arm “yes. If it touched their hands the hands would be invisible.”

    Luvs Harmony was thoughtful “hmmm, but gloves could cover invisible hands”

    Amonos Sgt at Arms concurred “yes gloves would make the hands visible again”

    Rei reported some Alchemy things in Tur Mer. He was going to seek out Daniel to let him know but agreed it would be good if the entire group went to investigate.

    Amonos verified the location “Up by the docks again? Let us go with haste! ARE you with me??”


    Ansatsu, Lucky Charms, Rei, Kinkae Prowlr, Agnogg, Cuttles, Queen Mum, Nora and Ixtab stood at attention and said “ yes sir!”

    We quickly cast gates to the beautiful Gargoyle city and then marched northward to the dock. It seemed familiar.


    We walked up to a building that could have been a small tavern at one time. It was clean and a woman stood before it. She had light titian hair and wore a dark grey outfit. She pulled her mouth funny when she saw us approach. I ventured a hello but she just said hmmm and swatted at a pest fly. Then she said in a not very pleasant tone “Out of my face Gargoyle” I felt insulted as I had greeted her most politely.

    Then Amonos stepped forward and this is what I heard.

    Knavish Natasha “Oh Look its Amonos! *rolls eyes* this is my dock. I bought it.”


    Amonos “Is that You Natasha?”

    Natasha “Yep it is Me!”

    Amonos * in a matter of fact tone*”Stay seated we are here for omeone else.”

    Knavish Natasha, “Oh Always a pleasure to see you too Amonos. There are no others here right now. Go away!”

    Amonos “After I have a look around.”

    Knavish Natasha “I told you to go away. This is MY Dock! I have no time for you”

    Amonos “Just looking in the warehouse”


    Cuttles had been looking around while Amonos spoke with Natasha. She found more bottles. She was pointing them out when Natasha whistled loudly and called, “Almojin! Barboz, Victor!!”

    Jocelyn screeched and soon we were beset by Strong men who were following Natasha’s orders. Baratoz was a barbarian and attacked us with cunning and skill. Almonjin went berserk. He flailed about like a mad man overcome with battle rage. Their weapons were sharp and we had to duck and parry as they advanced on us. Soon the dock was overrun with dock workers and guards. Not royal guard, mercenary men.


    Knavish Natasha barked orders “Kill these trespassers “Then she pulled up her chair pulled out an ale and watched the battle as if it was a traveling show.


    Amonos Sgt at Arms was not sure why Natasha was doing this. “Natasha! Call your men away. We are looking for an Alchemist! Not you!”

    Knavish Natasha opened her eyes wide. She seemed to think the answer was obvious. “You are the one on my land!”

    Jenny looked week. She ran up to one of the company healers.

    Knavish Natasha laughed “HAHAHA! Good job boys!” She clapped. ” Show Amonos’ little followers who is boss! *sings let the bodies hit the floor*


    Agrias Oaks Nora, Buck and Quit all started bleeding profusely but Luvs Harmony and Queen Mum were there to administer healing.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms demanded “Natasha This is nonsense! Stop!”

    Then they debated.

    Knavish Natasha: Ha Amonos! Your pathetic minions are no match for my men!


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: these are not Minions. THESE are THE ROYAL GUARD!

    Knavish Natasha: oh right sorry SLAVES!

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: your men are slaves

    Knavish Natasha: I pay my men well. Do you pay your ummm 'guards'?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: I bet they have no clothes they are so poor. And you stay up there and let them die.

    Luvs Harmony found Natasha very interesting “She sits there having her lunch and cookies while we fight off her minions. Maybe those cookies get caught in your throat?”

    Knavish Natasha: You are still here? *yawn* this is boring!

    Luvs Harmony: I can't even see what we're fighting maybe it's covered in invisible ink or something.

    Knavish Natasha: *grins evilly*

    Luvs Harmony: oh I see em now They look Mechanical.


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: you got the blacksmith to make body guards for you? Couldn’t you pay enough real people?”

    Knavish Natasha: Having fun?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: why are you doing this? You live up to your nick name. You are nasty!

    Knavish Natasha: *giggles*I am known as Knavish now. You're so cute when you're mad Amonos. I could just eat you up. *grins*


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: *stamps foot* I am not mad

    Luvs Harmony: we're not getting anywhere here! She is eating candy and popcorn while we battle it out with her conspirators.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: She won't get her hands bloodied. She was always good at getting others to do her dirty work.


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: *battles with his guards* Don’t let them bleed you.

    Luvs Harmony: yeah, fight and none of that bleeding people!

    Kaylor McKairin: I know not what comprises this discord, however the lady stands alone and easily taken,While instead we spend time playing with her distractions. *watches to woman*

    Knavish Natasha: Soooo Amonos, what are you doing after your ummm 'guards' get defeated?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: My Guards Will not be defeated. We Shall be victorious and you and your nasty will fall to us .


    Knavish Natasha: I will be very upset if they aren’t decimated! *ignores Amonos and watches the carnage*

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: You like this don`t you. You had no reason to start this.

    Knavish Natasha: You would waste all of them just for ONE of my people. I hire the best *smirks*

    Kaylor McKairin: *chuckles, altering his gaze toward the fighting*


    The battle eased allowing us to have a look around. Empty bottles were strewn about.

    Amonos *sniffs*I wonder what was in it. Sure does not smell like a refresh. Natasha what are you getting yourself into?


    Knavish Natasha: *smiles innocently* Who me? ’Amonos You're the one with the ummm *snickers* guards

    Luvs Harmony: we're not falling for that innocent smile. No way!

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: she is out of tricks now


    The words barely left his mouth when mindless men rushed in *cautiously watches Knavish*

    Luvs Harmony: they are dropping like a sac of orc bones

    Natasha seemed to be enjoying herself. “Your blood is a lovely red!”


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Natasha stop this

    Knavish Natasha: Why should I?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: you are teasing someone when they are down. You have always been a bully

    Knavish Natasha: awww you've missed me!

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Never

    Knavish Natasha: *looks a bit worried*

    Kinkae Prowlr: We are amazing


    Luvs Harmony: Woot, she's looking a bit worried now! We got this thing. Guess who has to clean up this mess?


    Luvs Harmony jumped right in to ask questions. “Tell us what we came for!”

    Ansatsu added,” What are you up to? What is going on here?

    Knavish Natasha: *glares* I have no idea what you came for but Look at what you have done! I told you I did not have anyone here. Just me and my workers. You MURDERS!


    Kaylor McKairin: You say that yet you attack with guilty pleasure

    Luvs Harmony: yeah, what Kaylor said!

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: you attacked first

    “Shut up you drunk!!!” Hatshesput added.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: We have found some unusual potions! Where did you get them?

    Knavish Natasha: Empty bottles are not unusual.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: No but these are not your greater heal potions. What are they?

    Knavish Natasha: Do I know anything about Alchemy? How would I know?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: You do not need to know about Alchemy: to know what is in a product that you have in your warehouse.

    Knavish Natasha: *smugly smirks* Prove it! Murderer.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: HEY Guard did we murder or defend?

    Ansatsu, Cuttles, Rei, queen elf sandy, Orion shouted in unison Defend

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Your men attacked first!

    Knavish Natasha: You trespassed*glares*

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: *is exasperated* Where is the Alchemist?

    Knavish Natasha: If you want him you should find him yourself I am not in the business of information vending. I like solid things*Points to the warehouse* Things people can touch. You should do your job!

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Oh I have heard from my informants that you are in the business of making money

    Luvs Harmony: why is she saying she likes solid things?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: You are not alone, many others have caught our eye. One day our time will come You are up to something

    Rei: hang her!

    Knavish Natasha: Pfft then i will leave you to it: enjoy looking through an EMPTY warehouse


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: We will find out what she is up too

    Luvs Harmony: she's hiding something

    Kaylor McKairin: aye.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Knavish Natasha was just one of many people the scouts spotted. What have you discovered? Did anyone see Algenon

    Luvs Harmony: She said she likes things that are solid. things you can touch. I wonder if Algenon is solid still?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Algenon is a real being Do you think she has him?

    Luvs Harmony: he's an alchemist. Maybe he did something weird

    Jocelyn: oooo he is?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: *nod*

    Jocelyn: hmmm maybe she is holding him prisoner?

    Luvs Harmony: *tries to open door*

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: The ink was strange: maybe he did something with the ink

    Luvs Harmony: if ink made something invisible, wouldn't it still be solid and something she could touch?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: *nod* I think so: just not see

    Jocelyn: not necessarily though. It would depend i suppose

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: I did see several empty bottles

    Luvs Harmony: can we take those bottles and test them?

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: I think we will send Daniel to investigate them

    Jocelyn: well Daniel is an expert investigator

    Luvs Harmony: yeah, unless somebody here wants to give it a try.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms responded” Oh my, Luvs that might be lethal.”

    Luvs Harmony nodded bad idea

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: Maybe if any of you see Daniel you can let him know


    Amonos Sgt at Arms: well we were not successful at finding Algenon tonight. I hope he is not in too much trouble. We have found interesting potions. Perhaps you should watch for other signs.

    Kinkae Prowlr: Next time.

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: for tonight you have fought well

    Amonos Sgt at Arms: GOOD NIGHT

    Crixus: *YAWNS*

    ~Shadow Riter