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Guide to Training Discordance from 50-120 - Powergamer & GM+ Tamer Version

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Fat Lip, May 22, 2010.

  1. Fat Lip

    Fat Lip Guest

    Guide to Training Discordance from 50-120 - Powergamer & GM+ Tamer Version

    By: Fat Lip

    This guide is very specific and not watered down. It was completed following the rules for not trapping creatures. This is a powergamers method, and takes many hours in the day to complete over a 2 week period :sad2: . The reason I wrote this guide was because after trying to follow the Disco Primer on the forum, I found that after 4 days, I was not gaining very fast for this character type. I then modified the procedure to suit the Tamer with GM and above skills and higher total skill points.

    [Some "Nice to Know" Skill Gain Statistics]
    Total Days to go from 50.0 to 120.0: 13 Days
    Total Hours Spent Training: 193 Hours
    Hours Per Day Spent Training: ~14.85 Hours Per Day
    Total Number of Instruments Used: 43 Drums

    I just got to 120 Discordance this morning & after a nice 6 hour nap, I'm posting my findings for people to examine. The character I trained Discordance on was a Tamer with 110.0+ skill in the Taming related skills. I put unused skills on Soulstones to increase my GGS gains. I would then swap the skills back onto and off the stones as needed. To begin with, put your Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Veterinary, and other unused skills onto Soulstones; try to start with the [Character Starting Template] listed below (by "unused", I mean unused in the beginning portion of this training method). Please note, that I started training with Musicianship locked at 100.0. If you do not have any Soulstones, don't worry - I used them mostly in the beginning when training on Polar Bears. If you need some, and don't have an account of age to get one as a Vet. Reward, go to the following link and buy some. They are selected from "Legacy Tokens": they cost $9.99 each. Here is that link: http://www.uogamecodes.com/store/prod_detail.asp?ProdID=UOLGCYTKN&CartID={5A08C839-1E84-4D0A-B6C1-D7E1E5A251ED}&PromoID=996

    It is required that you be in a guild if you wish to train in a Trammel facet, this way you will be able to perform negative acts on your pets.

    Starting skill in Discordance was 50.0 & total Skill Points on this character at start time was 235.0.

    [Character Starting Template]
    100.0 Musicianship (Locked)
    50.0 Discordance (Rising)
    85.0 Magery (Rising)
    ** All other skills on Soulstones for the beginning of training because I did not need them at this time.

    [Skill] [Creature(s) to Discord]
    50.0-59.1: Polar Bears (Untamed at Dagger (Ice) Island, NOT using any skill bonus jewelry)
    59.1-76.1: Gamen (Tamed & Untrained - Use 5 at a time, NOT using any skill bonus jewelry)
    76.1-87.0: Giant Beetle (Tamed & Untrained - Use 1 at a time, NOT using any skill bonus jewelry )
    87.0-100.0: Cu Sidhe (Tamed & Untrained - Use 1 at a time, wearing +13 Discordance Ring/Bracelet)
    100.0-107.0: Cu Sidhe (Tamed & Untrained - Use 1 at a time, NOT using any skill bonus jewelry)
    107.0-114.6: Nightmare (Tamed & Trained to 5xGM - Use 1 or 2 at a time, NOT using any skill bonus jewelry)
    114.6-120.0: Nightmare & Regular Dragon (Both creatures Tamed & Trained to 5xGM each, NOT using any skill bonus jewelry)
  2. Shelleybean

    Shelleybean Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jan 30, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Great guide - thanks :)
  3. Pinco

    Pinco UOEC Modder
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 25, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Last time I raised disco I used this fresh tamed pet:

    dire wolf 25 - 55
    giant beetle 55 - 72
    hiryu 72 - 95
    and I reach 95 in 2 days, I'm not gone higher due the jewels bonus, however this pets is from "Challenging" to "Optimal" level of the skill tutor.
  4. dragonthorn

    dragonthorn Guest

    To use discordance on pets in tram just say all guard me before attempt. Although this sounds like a boat method (I don't think that's allowed) this guide is descent, I got faster results after gming, adding jewels to get to 120 and advancing the spawn in the twisted weald to the satyrs and wild cus.Using a very easy macro (next target, use skill discordance, last target) it will rotate the entire spawn on screen, when they are all discorded, invis and repeat. I got to 117 in 4 days, maybe 2 hours a day work.
  5. No need for all the different tames. I just went to the spawn next to swoop spawn and got my quick newbie gains in disco off wisps, and fierys. Then, I tamed a drake trained disco up to like 86.2, then I tamed a dragon later on last night. In the first day of training I was adept. Much easier this way. Working for GM now, cap is 115.
  6. Martyr845

    Martyr845 Guest

    im going this route but just outa curiosity did you use any macros?
  7. Getting a greater dragon and taming it is awesome skill when above 115, their barding difficulty is 120+. I know you're not going that high, but for others.
  8. Sir Rukkus

    Sir Rukkus Guest

    Anybody played around with using discord mastery for training?