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[Guide] Top 7 Ways to Make Money on Release Date

Discussion in 'GW2 General Discussions' started by CharrGaming, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. CharrGaming

    CharrGaming Guest

    Follow me on live stream: CharrGaming

    Hey guys! In this video I will talk about the ways you can make money quickly during the first few weeks upon the release of Guild Wars 2!


    1. Gather EVERYTHING. Cloth and ore are the two most profitable materials since from what I saw they are used the most. Ore can give you gems, which sell very fast. I suggest always carrying a extra stack of gathering tools.

    2. Complete maps. I got around 30+ silver plus 2 greens for my finishing the Asura starting map. Right now the city maps give no money, but decent exp for a low level character.

    3. Salvage and check AH prices. It's very quick to see how much weapons and armors will net you on the AH since you can check and post anywhere. If the price is low you can Salvage (depends what type of item it is) or vendor. Say you pick up a heavy chest piece that vendors for 35c. If you salvage you could get 2-4 copper ore which say sell for 10c each. If you are lucky you could profit from salvaging, but sometimes not.

    4. 8 slot bags. This is how I made my money last BWE. I racked up 500 leather for 5c each. So each bag cost 1s (20 leather per bag) to make and I sold for 2-4s each. Leather working is best for this since leather is cheaper than cloth and ore. I'd often pick 2 professions at first that can make bags (Leather working and Tailoring - Armorsmithing can but I found ore to be more expensive.) and try this with both.

    5. Farming blood. Vials of blood seem to be the most demanded crafting trophy since they are used to make early power stat gear. I don't know the best farming spots for them, but remember monster kills don't grant much exp so this would not be recommended if you want to level.

    6. Place orders constantly. I could place orders for cloth for 8c each and resell for 12-15. In large quantities you can make a decent amount of silver.

    7. Salvaging sigils out of greens. Often the green item wont be very good, say a harpoon which no one really wants but has a awesome rune/sigil in it. Sometimes the price of the sigil or rune inside it will sell for much more. The only way to guarantee the rune/sigil out of a weapon is the salvage kit from the gemstore, but there is one that gives an 80% chance. Check the AH prices before you do this!