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Guild Listing & Forums (UO Stratics Guild Forums Ad)

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Guest, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Greetings and well met!
    Please feel free to leave a reply to this post with an advertisement for yer Drachenfels Guild.
    Write as much lore and history and information as ye wish, or as little as ye wish.
    If ye want to discuss a Guild listed in here, then please do so in either a New Thread or via PM or some other chat means.

    Also, Be sure to give yer readers a method to best contact ye!


    If ye be looking for a Free Forum for yer Drachenfels Guild, then check out what Stratics has to offer Ultima Online Guildmasters:


    Then look no further, for Stratics has ye covered!

    Drachenfels' Guild Forum section is up and running and is accepting applicants for a forum for yer Guild!

    Travel to this link below to request
    Your Guild Forum:

    Or, view the Drachenfels Guild forum section here

    Here ye be an introduction of what the Stratics Guild Forums has to offer:

    A Guild, in terms of these forums, does not have to be a Guild in the strict OSI/UO sense. Instead, what we call a Guild can be any group of Ultima Online players who desire a public and private place to communicate. If you have a town council, trade group, or other organization in game made up of members of many guilds, you can have a forum here for planning events, etc, just as much as a group of people with the same guildstone can have a set of forums.

    You can have either two or three forums created for your group:

    <u>Public Forum</u>
    Readable by all, writable by all. You, as the requestor, will have moderator access to this forum. This forum WILL strictly adhere to the rules of conduct for Stratics Forums and will only allow w3t Markup, no HTML - no profanity, no pornography, no warez, no personal information, no cheats, hacks, etc. Break these rules or allow them to be broken in your public forum and your entire set of forums will be REMOVED. You will be able to request additional moderators for your forums.

    <u>Private Forum - Members</u>
    You will be given one Members only forum for which only people you desire can gain access . Your members will be able to read and write posts in this forum away from the eyes of the general public. HTML will be allowed and the rules of conduct will be relaxed in these forums - however, pornography, warez, and any illegal activities in these forums will be immediate cause for removal of all associated forums.

    <u>Private Forum (Optional) Leaders</u>
    If your guild has a council based leadership or an inner circle which needs a private place to discuss matters, you can have a 2nd private forum for that use. The membership for this forum should be limited to only those people who decide matters for your Guild. This forum is subject to the same rules and policies as the Members Public forum.

    <u>Stratics Guild Forum Moderator Rules of Conduct</u>:<blockquote><hr>

    Moderators on these forums have the ability to ban users from these forums. If you have a problem user you must report all details, including links to posts to us. We will investigate and resolve the issue based on the Stratics Rules of Conduct. IN AN EMERGENCY YOU MAY TAKE ACTION, BUT ANY BANNING MUST BE DOCUMENTED BY EMAILING WITH DETAILS ABOUT WHY A USER IS BEING BANNED, INCLUDING REFERENCES TO THREADS WHERE THE USER IS ABUSING THE FORUMS. It is far far easier for you to report a trouble user to us and have us look into it than to have us post-investing because you banned someone w/o talking to us about it. If we find you have abused your privileges as a moderator, you risk being banned yourself and losing your guild's forums. Abusing the ban system of these forums will result in your entire guild from being permanently banned from these forums.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    [/ QUOTE ]

    <u>Please be aware</u>:
    That ye as guild leader, and yer guild members, must register a nickname on the UO Stratics Guild forums first. <font color="red">These forums do not use the same user database as the Public Stratics forums, so even if ye already use those ye will still need to sign up at the UO Stratics Guild forums.</font>

    Enjoy, aye!

    Your friendly Moderator
  2. Gark

    Gark Guest

    Gpsy; Gypsies, Trammies,Thieves.
    Loosely knit guild, based in Umbra's outlands. Diverse player base ranging from Warriors, to crafters, to Role Players. Even a couple pvpers. Not actively recruiting, but a person can always ask. Exist mainly to wander around, explore new events as they come out, monster bash, fill and collect BoD's, run T maps, horse races etc.
  3. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    CAT - Camannon Aman Thalion (Elfish name translated to English: The Givers ,Free From Evil , Steadfast and Strong.)

    We are all whats left of the old CW-Clan Wulf guild when most of them left to other games.
    We do everything we can in UO but without any PvP!

    Here's who you can run into: CAT Guild list
  4. stormysky

    stormysky Guest

    TCOF - True Circle of Friends, probably the smallest guild on DF: active members: 1

    Founded by me and 3 of my RL mates who I tried to bring to UO last year. However they all left after a few weeks because of this game being too item based and so many Veterans running around with uber-stuff they could never compete with (or not without investing very much time). When I started this account I also had nothing and worked like an idiot to get going but for me it didnt take too long to get some good gear since I knew the game and its dynamics pretty well.
    So all who are left in this guild is me, namely Terowyn the Archer.

    He is the First Lancer and will carry on the TCOF Flag until he dies. Every true friend is welcome to join. This guild is mostly of a symbolic character, so there are no guild-meetings or rules atm.
  5. Corbin-PVP!

    Corbin-PVP! Guest


    Name says it all. You can find us at www.peeveepee.com. Bud is our GM but we all are PVP!.
  6. Gilmour

    Gilmour Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 19, 2003
    Likes Received:
    The Danish Knuckleheads site is back in action on the usual domain, which is www.knuckleheads.dk now featuring forum on the subdomain http://knuckleheads.dk/forum however at the time we do not have plans to resume our events however might eventually. (chicken fight club and Horse race) however be aware when browsing site that it is somewhat outdated and quite some false information on it, including our shop location, a new site is in the making, thats all i can say at this time.

    Also most of our forums is accesable to registered users, and are quite some usefull and still valid info on our forums.

    Greeting from the Knuckleheads

    EDIT: Our main site is now updated in a new look, and url to our forum is changed cause of a host change, which should also make it faster in load times. i edited url to forum in original section.