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(Question) Guild shopping

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by bpaintmag, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. bpaintmag

    bpaintmag Guest

    i am getting UO back in afew days and would like to find a guild that plays the game for what it is and has fun while doing it. I game mostly late nights and in the morning, early afternoon's. I have a gm warrior, and i am going to start a mage (pvm) to start. Hit me up, let me know.....lets kill some ****:gun:

    p.s. i have been playing on CHessy since 97' so if i could stay on that shard that would be great if not, no biggy
  2. Ahoy! If ye be interested in de Pirate life then ye best be sendin ye Cap'n a message. I be runnin de Skeleton Key Shipping Company in de Kijustsu Anei Keys a player run town.
    If ye be a landlubber den ye can find a guild to fit yer needs in de USA alliance which me guild also be in.

    Dis shard be havin many player run towns. Ye can be findin information about each player run town and guilds at de top of Chesapeake forums.
    There be other alliances and stand alone guilds both in tram and fel. PVM, PVP, Roleplay, Craftin.... ect ect ect. Dis be de greatest shard that be fer sure! Ye will not find a better place to dabble in yer interest.
    No matter de guild ye pick I be willin to help ye get back into de game.

    ICQ ye Cap'n at 603054416 or ye can send me a private message on dis forum but me ICQ be better way to get in touch.

    Welcome back! Ye be comin back at a good time!

  3. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    You'll find many fine guilds in the USA alliance that will suit your playstyle.