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Guilds of Pacific!!

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Doc Yellowfoot, Feb 24, 2001.

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  1. If you are the GM of or in a paific guild , I want to list all we know here

    What I want Is the Full name of the guild, GM's name, ICQ E-mail or some way to find them. Hangouts and brief discription of the guild.

    PM them to me and I will post them on this thread.


    THC: The High Cociety

    GM: Warfda (could also be Lord Warfda, t-hunter bard/mage)

    Based Just outside of Minoc, Trammel...
    as well as 3 outposts in Fel

    A guild purely consisting of RL friends. We hunt and hang out, help each other and hook each other up when needed.

    Crafters include:

    Gm Smithy
    Gm Scribe
    near gm alch
    near gm tailor
    near gm tink

    Guild name-Mean and Dirty [[email protected]]
    gm-Granny weatherwax
    [email protected] was founded by a group of real life friends all of us from shawnee oklahoma
    we have kept it that way except for a few stragglers we have picked up along the way.most of us no longer play with the exceptions of granny myself(Tarzan),screams and Jo,we have just recently lost one of the founding members to a tragic accident in real life.
    granny hangs in skara brae.i dont hangout anywhere,screams lurks about in the woods north of britt.
    you can contact granny at icq 73811722
    or myself at 62824580
    we are currently at the following skill levels
    craftsman=gm mining/smithing/cooking/tinkering
    alchey-master incript/poisoning/chemy/magery
    the fighters in the guild are all true 7x gms in their skills(we all have played that long lol)
    <font color=blue>We are currently not recruiting</font color=blue>
    Name = American Standard
    Abbr = LPF
    GM = Artegel
    Iron Rod
    Wiltaar Qual
    Description: We're just a loose group of friends
    that occasionally hang together. We'd have a few
    more members but its tough to get some of them
    to the house. Guild house is about 4-5 screens south
    of the Felluca Ice Dungeon entrance. Its a two-story
    and the sign says "All Hail Iron Rod". Iron Rod was
    refreshing my house when I was on vacation last
    year and I haven't (and probably won't) bothered to
    change it.
    We couldn't think of any good names for the guild
    so we named it after the urinal here at work.
    "American Standard" is the manufacturer and our
    abbreviation "LPF" stands for the small print on top,
    3.8 Liters Per Flush. If we ever find a better name
    that fits us we'll change it in a heartbeat.
    Because our guild is modeled on the toilet/urinal
    theme, so are our guild titles. If you run into us you'll
    see titles like "Handle Jiggler", "Power Flusher" and
    "ADA Compliant".

    Crafters Include:
    GM Smithy
    GM Tailor
    Seekers of the Flame is a mideval role playing guild started by close friends who had been playing Ultima for a year or two.

    Our story is:
    A young fighter named Adren had a vision of people across Sosaria uniting in an effort to search out and destroy the breeding pits of the monsters which threaten the land. He saw an army led by Paladins laying waste to Shame, Despise, and other dungeons of evil.

    The GM is Adren

    [email protected]
    Britannia's UnderBelly {BUB}

    A guild that is the true darkside of Britannia. They are looters , thieves, murderers and down right not so nice guys. If you hang in Fel , it is most likley that you have already met one of them

    GM, Fingers Mcgee
    Srcond in command , Kendrik Soulbane
    Guild Name: The Spirit of Steele
    Guild Master: Xander Steele
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Our motto is 'Honor, Loyalty and Friendship'.. We are a small guild that is working towards increasing.. Most of our growth has been thru the assistance of newbies that then join the guild.. Our Guild house is a small tower south of Trinsic on the fringes of the jungle, which is also a shop.. We have many GM Craftsmen and a fine shop of 10+ vendors there..
    BSC: Britannian Society of Chefs
    GM/Hostess: Samara
    ICQ: 17326734
    Email: [email protected]
    Hangouts: Good Eats in Britian and the guildhouse South of Trinsic

    The BSC is a new cross-shard Guild to bring together the Chefs of Britannia! A small group of us started the Guild in order to help one another organize the upcoming Chefs Faires across the shards. Our main goal and purpose (for both the Guild and the Faires) is to bring awareness to the cooking skill and the Chef profession, and of course, to have fun!

    We are currently accepting new members who are Chefs-in-training, or those interested in volunteering to help out in the Faires. The BSC Guildhouse in Pacific is equipped with a full kitchen, and we will gladly help out aspiring Chefs with supplies.

    To find out more about the BSC, visitors are welcome to visit the Guild web site at http://www.wedgieonline.com/bsc/
    The Pirates of the Drunken Maiden {PDM}

    GM: Doc Yellowfoot
    Stone master and Quarter Mistress:the Lady Wynn

    PDM are a collection of the best pirates on the pacific shard. To best explain them here is a clip from their theme song.

    "True friendship and adventure are what we can't do with out , and when your a professional pirate, That's what the jobs about"
    To get in touch with Wynn or Doc .... Errr Your on my board it shouldn't be too hard =P


    GUL: Guardians of the Undead Lords

    Guildmistress is Rebekah Froste reachable at icq #774975
    Dylan, Captain of GUL is reachable at icq #69956598

    We are the Pacific chapter of the Guardians of the Undead Lords, formed originally on the Napa Valley shard by Adam Ant.
    We are a roleplaying guild that protects the Lichs and Red Mages of Britannia.
    Any who wish safe passage in dungeons where the Great Ones live, must don a scarf(bandanna) the color of blood. Or if a helmet would prevent this, then a blood red sash is acceptable.

    We are accepting new members. New members will be considered Initiates until they prove themselves on the battlefield, in which at that time they are promoted to the Guardian status.

    Soldiers of the Sea (S*S)

    The Admirable Edric (Guildmaster, S*S)
    ICQ# 84014257


    Hangouts consist of the guild tower near Skara Brae, the guild library and workshop in the North Yew forest, the city of Skara Brae, and anywhere our adventures may take us.

    Soldiers of the Sea is a non-waring guild on Pacific. We accept all classes and skills as we feel the diversity will make us stronger. Our members consist of both new players and veterans. Soldiers of the Sea is committed to providing an exciting gaming experience that challenges your sense of adventure. We are in constant search of new challenges and, in response to member suggestions, will continually endeavor to provide the innovative adventures our members have come to expect. Visit us today and let your adventure begin!

    Guild Name: PiMP oRDeR oF oCLLo
    GM: Treacle LeDaene
    ICQ: 60012462
    Guild Charter: Live, love, eat! (and pimp!)
    Hangouts: Various Dungeons, Bucs Den, Ocllo, Moonglow (Felucca)
    Description: Happy fun-time warring guild, specializing in nugs and wacky adventures. Always happy to have cool freaks on board.

    Academy of the Elven Guard
    Cortez Darkwater
    [email protected]
    Taverns of Trinsic, Yew, Yew waterfall, Skara Brea, Britian, and on the sea
    This is a guild for all of the elven race, this is a pretty strict RPing guild, but we do allow mess ups, we are well orginized and so that should respect our rules and regulations for we know what is best for the guild, as long as you can rp we are sure to let you in the guild.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Society of Archers (S|A) Pacific Chapter is currently a small guild recruiting Archers and Bowcrafters, and any other support such as mages, healers, lumberjacks, bards, who have a sincere interest in community, comradery and stand up for our charter, "The Greater Good of the Bow". We are recruiting both teachers and students. Our first mission is not only in training up skills, but teaching teamwork and strategies for survival. But The Society of Archers, a new multi shard organization, is not just a home for the Archer/warrior. We also seek to unite bowcrafters in an all out effort to bring back importance of the second range weapon (the first is magery) to Britannia and the gods of osi. S|A Bowmen will again be the formidable adversary or friend and S|A Fletchers are already becoming known for their quality of skill and fairness in trade. Because this is a multishard organization, and our aim is in community and fun, we encourage affiliation with other craftsmen, warriors, and in general, professionals who may in fact already be guilded, but wish to be associated with community, craftsmanship and fairness. We intend to provide a model which will give players a stronger voice with OSI and perchance, impact the very nature of Britannia. If this sounds appealing to you residents of Pacific, why not join in our humble beginnings and help bring about our grand aspirations. PM me or send icq to 25432542 or come visit our now modest web page at S|A Society of Archers - Pacific.

    Arthur of Grumpan
    S|A Guild Steward


    Guild Name: Knights of the Quest (K*Q)
    GM Name: Timoteaus
    ICQ# 97282567
    Email: [email protected]
    Hangouts: Fire Island Mostly, its where the guildhouse is, but we also like to hang out at the east brit bank.
    Guild Description: A group of fun loving RPers who enjoy the hunt and the quest, we are currently recruiting, all classes welcome.


    Name - Pacific Cartel
    Abrev - PaC
    Base - Compassion Desert - Trammel 69 N 39 E
    GM - Sknird Dloc II, The Frost Merchant
    ICQ - 11963580

    We are a everything guild. we have crafstmen, merchants, warriors, amges, and etc......

    We enjoy the love of the game and the thrills of Trammel

    The Ancient Order of Elves

    GM's of this guild are:
    Sarlock Longbow, King of the Elves
    Gunther, Spiritual Leader

    You can find us at www.elvenorder.com
    or on the stratics IRC server in #elvenorder

    Guild: @ll j0o l3wt!
    Abbreviation: AYL

    Description: Ever get so made at tamers, bards and huge groups looting and stealing your kills? Then you know how we feel! We are a group of normally decent folk gone very wrong! If you like to loot people and kills in dungeons, then you will fit right in! We specialize in looting all the Dungeons, in Trammel of course. So if you would like to let your aggressions out, then join us!

    Guildmaster: Bud Weiser
    Contact: PM Bud_Weiser here at Stratics


    Guild Name: Order of the True Wolf, OTW
    GM Name: Jennae Kynn
    ICQ# 112432351
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.uoforce.com
    Hangouts: Moonglow in Trammel before departing to other locations.
    Guild Description: A close knit group formed with members of well known roleplaying and warring guilds such as DWJ, DEA, SKT, OSW, SWG, ElF, RSB, DRO, DDP and others. We're interested in meeting creative minded people from other guilds interested in interacting and taking UO beyond monster killing and d00d speak in either Fel or Tram.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The Fallen Lords (FL)

    Our mission is to crush to shard with darkness, our GM is Ooji, and our webpage is www.fallenlords.net

    Fear Us!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Guild Name: Order of the True Wolf, OTW
    GM Name: JAWS
    IRC Room: #otw
    Website: www.orderoftruewolves.com
    Hangouts: Moonglow Tram, Skara Fel.
    Guild Description: A close knit group formed with members of well known roleplaying and warring guilds such as DWJ, DEA, SKT, OSW, SWG, ElF, RSB, DRO, DDP and others. We're interested in meeting creative minded people from other guilds interested in interacting and taking UO beyond monster killing and d00d speak in both Fel andTram.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=000080>Time passes and as much as I had hoped the old pirate would return, it seems Doc is gone, and he's going to stay that way.

    I thought I would post here and let everyone know that it took the appearance of a truly dedicated reporter - that wants to keep people informed about the guilds of Pacific - to finally make me realize that it's time to retire this old thread.

    Consider this my salute to friends gone - but never forgotten:

    Doc Yellowfoot: a.k.a. Fingers, the best and absolutely the funniest thief I have ever met. We made a good team on the Pac forum.

    Mourne: a.k.a. Kalin - hands down one of the most cunning PvPers I've ever seen.

    Kendrik Soulbane: Jack of All Trades and Master of them All. "What's this "us" crap?" remains one of my all-time favorite screenshots.

    Wynn: Wit and charm

    Rust: Possibly the only poster I've ever seen who could flame people bad enough to make me wince

    azrile: Just because we're theives and looters in the game doesn't mean we're degenerates in real life. But we sure dedicated a ton of bandwidth trying to convince you of that anyways. (To no avail apparently /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif)

    Granny: For being Granny.

    tarzan: For reminding everyone that at least a weekly dose of comedy was needed in the forum.

    Deb and Ren: OSS = lub. Nuff said.

    I haven't forgotten any of ya, never will.

    Assia will be working to build the forum and interest in guilds and all other aspects of the Pacific shard.

    I don't think she's got a thief.


    Nobody's perfect I guess.
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