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Guilds on Legends!

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by Guest, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thought it would be nice for all the newcomers to be briefed about the guilds on Legends.

    Some may be PvP guilds, some PvM, some crafter guilds and some roleplaying guilds.

    If you wish to advertise your guild here for those new players or others who may be interested please post your guild's info here.

    Guild postings only, all other comments will be removed.

    Guild and abbreviation
    Contact info
    Most fun things your guild does

    This replaces the old guild thread and here is the link for anyone who is interested
  2. solightlyoff

    solightlyoff Guest

    Guild of Thieves (GOT)
    Thief (n.) One who steals, especially by stealth. (Yeah, thats us)

    Macheavelli, Grandmaster Pickpocket
    ICQ#: 263-485-193

    Guildhouse: Location is secret, but if you look around the Fel Yew gate you will find it. [​IMG]

    Most fun things we do? Steal stuff! We have about 25 members now, all thieves. We are always doing doom and dojo and collecting daily rares and artifacts. We actually just had to build a new house to store the overflow in rare arties. We also hang out at gates and banks in fel stealing what we can (yes, that was us that stole the Soul Seeker from you the other day at the Yew Gate BillyP - one word - INSURANCE!). We also do spawns.

    Interested in your thief joining? Let me know!

  3. Shiloh C|D

    Shiloh C|D Guest

    Guild Name and Abbreviation:
    Chaotic Disciples

    Guildmaster Name:

    Guild URL:
    Chaotic Disciples Website

    PvP - PvM

    Chaotic Disciples is a guild of likeminded mature people doing all manner of activities within UO. From Champ Spawns to Peerless. Crafting to Resource Hunting. For recruitment information see the contact info below.

    Contact Info:
    ICQ GM at 1965582 or PM here or on the uocd.net boards.
  4. Psyche ED

    Psyche ED Guest

    I would like to take time to welcome everybody to take a look at our home page this guild is on legends.

    We are a total dedicated guild with motivated people. We enjoyed taking the time to help individuals participate in all of guild activities. We are one of the upcoming guild on legends. We would like to take individuals and motivate them in the online experience if you feel like you're looking for a motivated guild that is active in the has all the coordination to achieve their goals please feel free to visit our web site and our active boards. Until next time farewell

  5. Arsenik

    Arsenik Guest

    Guild: Timeless Treasures

    Abbreviation: T*T

    Type: Auction House Operators.

    Guildmaster: Darri Lien

    Contact info:

    Co-Owner 1: Darri Lien
    AOL: DarriLien Aos

    Co-Owner 2: Tovladian
    AOL: TovladianUO

    Member: Arsenik Drakken
    AOL: NavyETJay

    Most fun things your guild does:
    Every other saturday at 8pm EST we host our bi-weekly auction. Currently we are not hosting any auctions due to the owners are moving IRL. We will resume once they are settled in at their new home with our big event that is being planned to celebrate 1 year of Timeless Treasure's Auctions! Keep tuned!

    We are located south east of Luna and on auction and event days, gates are kept open during the whole event from Luna bank.
  6. WillowOfKSD

    WillowOfKSD Guest


    I would like to announce our town guilds here as well. We actually have 4 guilds in our little player town of Dragon Spine.

    Knights of The Sun Dragon (KSD)
    GM: Zachary De Amour
    contact: UODragonSpine (AIM)

    Army of Rever (AoR)
    GM: Tarant Valantur
    contact: UODragonSpine (AIM)

    Crafters of Dragon Spine (CDS)
    GM: Dragon Spine Crafters
    contact: Danaofturtlelake (AIM)

    KSD's Order of Dark Ancients (ODA)
    GM: Wild Wind
    contact: WillowOfKSD (AIM)

    Other contact: celticmagickmyst (YAHOO)

    We have an alliance of ten guilds at this time. Between our guild and our alliance, we do Doom, Peerless, and whatever Spawn decides to invade a town this week. Within our town, we do roleplay events and wars. While our town and its guilds are roleplay required, our allied guilds are not.

    Our goal is to encourage player towns and roleplaying. We are also very involved with helping other people.

    Please feel free to approach any with our tags and ask for assistance or entrance. We have our town guilds split into classes. KSD is for warriors, archers, and paladins. ODA is for tamers, mages, and bards. CDS is for crafters and townfolk. AoR is for undead chars, evil chars, and necromancers. So if you play a vampyre, whether good or evil, you will be placed in AoR.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Boaz is a smallish guild (we fluctuate between 10 and 30 vet members, just lost a couple vet players to retirement from the game/shard). We focus mostly on RP and PvM, though some of us (myself included) indulge in PvP as a fun change of pace. As far as PvM goes we've done some of everything, from dungeon crawls to Peerless and Spawns.

    Now that I'm back (RL kept me away for a bit, long story) and fall is coming, we expect to become quite active again.

    Our main charter is to help those who need it, mostly new players but anyone who needs help is welcome.

    We are recruiting but not aggressively. We want quality, not quantity.

    My ICQ number is 267690454. I'm usually online but invisible, so feel free to send a message or request.
  8. Death God

    Death God Guest

    Heroes is here on Legends to clean up this shard, of the trash that has accumulated on the streets. We will clean this shard up one A**Hole at a time.

    If we dont see you on the field, then see us on our forums at http://www.heroesoflegends.com/index.php
  9. Tsf

    Tsf Guest

    Guild: It's Just A Game

    Abbreviation: JaG

    Type: Player Run Event Operators

    Guildmaster: Kadagan Masek
    Lead Player Staff: River
    Lead player Staff: Ravage
    Lead Player Staff: Lucifer
    Lead Player Staff: Meghan
    Lead Player Staff: LongJohnSilver

    Website: JaG Website

    All information you could ever want to know about our guild, our events, our past events, and various other relics of information that you might want or not want to know, can be found at our website or on our forums. (which we rarely use our forums just FYI. Most of the guild contacts each other through Instant Messages or over the phone as we run a tight knit group when it comes to the player event staff members. With well over 300 million in Gold and items stored in our wear houses we HAVE to have the utmost trust in our "Maze Staff" members! And thus, we get to know everyone on our "Staff" personally. During the player events we host, all of the staff members on duty are linked over the phone and across the country, thus giving us the edge in security and player customer service.

    We do normal things guilds do when we're not working on upcoming player run events. Some of us do pvp, but most of us are just good old fashioned trammies.

    If you are interested in joining our guild either as a general member or as a "Staff" member please go to the website provided above and read over the FAQ section carefully.
  10. Tyrath

    Tyrath Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 24, 2003
    Likes Received:

    I started ZOOG years ago to help new and mid level players make some extra money and get good skill gains while making some decent money. WE hunt SOLEN
    I pay the member for each zoogi fungus turned in starting at 50gp per zoogi for new members with the rank of Solen hunter, with raises in each rank they gain. up to 150 per Zoogi at master ant slayer.
    The Zoogies are turned into powder and sold through the Blue Rune Library Vendors. ZOOG is a very good guild for new players as it gets them off to a good finacial start and teaches them the basics of combat, magery and necromancy. Members who have excelled in their skills and want more out of the game and bigger hunts, I will recomend for membership in BOAZ where they can can continue to grow and advance other skills.

    Some of the events we have done and plan to do in the future are.
    1. The Great ZOOGI Hunt
    2. The Naked Arena (gladiator Style PVP/PvM all in one event)

    Other Events are being planned from Crafting contest to races. ZOOG very much wants to bring the community back to Legends.

    New Players joining ZOOG will recieve a set of Rune Books. book one contains all the Zoog houses each is located in a strategic location for either resource collecting or training. Book Two contains the the ZOOG hunting guide with all the places ive found best for training low to mid level combat skills.
    New Players also recieve a set of Gm 70 phys resist spined leather or Dull Copper armor, A weapon or spell book for your character, A locked chest in the ZOOG guild hall with a key once you are trusted you will be freinded to the guild house.
    I would like to grow ZOOG to- 6 ronins 3 members 2 emissarries and 1 warlord. these ranks go with the ZOOG ranks ronin = Hunter member= Solen Spanker Emis= Solen Slayer Warlord= Master Ant Slayer Guild Leader= Grand Zoogi.

    I was gone from the game for a while due to RL natural disasters and a lack of time. and ZOOG fell apart. Its time to rebuild the best new player guild on legends.

    The Guild Master and GRAND ZOOGI is Tyrath
    contact Info email [email protected]
  11. Guild: Clan of Sorcerers, Warriors and Tamers (CLAN)
    Type of Guild: 90% PVM - we dabble in PVP a little, generally enough to donate insurance money to others!
    Guild Master: Death's Escort - my better half [​IMG]
    Contact Info: PM Here or ICQ me at 199 860 976

    Do you look good in grey? Is no challenge too big? CLAN may be for you. We try to do something a few times a week - a peerless hunt or a dungeon hunt. We are a fairly small guild - but a friendly one. You must be able to use team speak though - we, okay, in truth, *I* am old and I can't type and play without getting killed! Once you've hunted with us a few times, we'd be glad to have you join with us. We just need to make sure it's a good match all around. We are mainly an adult guild - (in age - in reality, we all act like kids!). Many married couples are a part of our mix, so don't be surprised if conversations become a battle of the sexes!

    Respect of all players is a virtue we hold strong to - whether they are fellow guild members or not. Dueling is not allowed without agreement.

    We generally have the most players on in the evenings, 6-10P Central time, but every once in awhile they call in sick to work and have a play day! Shhhh.... don't tell!

    You can drop me a message here or an icq at 199 860 976.
  12. Esther

    Esther Guest

    Abbrev: RPSL
    Type: Role Playing Guild
    Guildmaster: Esther
    Contact info:
    AIM: Sis Kimberly

    We schedule, and carry out role playing events, or round up for a free-for-all role play. We will be hosting weddings, and soon to host duels, and battle events.
  13. We are a small guild and do pvm,hunts,crafting,training, and ahowing newb why uo and legends are here to stay and how to make gold/have fun. If any one wants to contact us our guild has a tower just south east of the south east corner of luna leave a message on the board i check it about every 36 hours and will get bAck to you or just look in luna/haven for anyone in tear guild and we will talk asap
  14. Guild Name: Blunt Logic

    Abbreviation: B^L

    Type: PvM (Seldom PvP but do as needed for events)

    Guildmaster: Philomena

    Contact info: Hang around Luna, Dreadhorn, or our shops long enough and bam there we are [​IMG]

    Most fun things your guild does : Peerless bosses, IDOC, Bank Sit, Yak away on Ventrilo, and pick on Igotpets. Starting public give away events soon.

    Recruiting?: Nope