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Gyldenfeld Chronicle - Vol V, No. I

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. Greetings Citizens and Friends of Gyldenfeld!

    This will be my first report on the developments and news in and around Gyldenfeld since assuming the office from Lissa Eldi a few weeks ago.

    The first order of business was to notify our friends and allies of the change in office, and so Lissa and I visited with them in their respective locales to make them aware as well give them a glimpse at some of the exciting upcoming developments for Gyldenfeld.

    Next, a long-term civic development plan was drawn up, although of course still in draft form. Basically, the goals all lead to increasing the population, events and general well-being of the town. Already, we have been fortunate to welcome two new residents, Flora Woodville and Alton Cooke, and both have moved into town.

    Flora Woodville has opened shop with The Teeny Tiny Greehouse which sells meticulously grown plants suitable for any home, be it hovel or palace, as well as related commodities such as orange petals, green thorns and the like. Additionally, she also features some of the more recently discovered plant species available to horticulture such as trees, water lilies, hops and other plant life. The Teeny Tiny Greenhouse is located just across the road from the Red Wolf Cafe. Flora is very friendly, although perhaps a bit shy at times. Her shop is bursting with color and is tastefully arranged to both exhibit her wares but also her fine sense of decor.

    Alton Cooke, a relative newcomer to the realm, is an aspiring cook and seeks to make his fortune by way of our dinner plates and gastric satisfaction. His wares are in fair demand as all Sosarians should dine and dine well. Sensing his love of cooking and determination to succeed, I have gone ahead and sold him my plot near the front of town on a payment plan, the conditions being that he make timely payments commeasurate with his success and that he sells only fine foods within our town. To this end, he has assured me that he will not provision his pantry with the meat of rats, sea serpents, snakes, harpies or other less than desirable game that is all too often plated as edible in other parts of the realm. He embraces localization and only harvests his own wheat from the fields to the east of town and fishes in the lake immediately south of town near the border with Old Nidaros. He has also indicated to me that this is the time of year to enjoy pumpkin pie since pumpkins are currently in season aplenty. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and his habit of singularly monopolizing the conversation when it comes to food, I can only concur. Stop by the new Gyldenfeld Bakery and Market located along the main road next to the Red Wolf Cafe and please buy a pumpkin pie.

    With regards to Thanksgiving, I have arranged with Alton(who is earnest and always available for hire for even the seemingly most mundane jobs) to prepare a token of Thanksgiving greetings and goodwill for our friends in the form of a sumptuous repast, complete with roasted birds, vegetables picked in their prime, fresh breads and some of that pumpkin pie he has been going on about. I also retained his services once again to serve as a courier and deliver the meals to our friends. If you have need to provide a feast in your home or to your friends, do not hesitate to contact him, or for any task really, as he is eager to earn some gold.

    In terms of continuing civic development, I have decided as mayor that Gyldenfeld and it's surrounding environs should be assayed and measured with an eye towards formally delineating the town's borders. This will be done for both formally incorporated areas(mostly the area around the Red Wolf Cafe and the main road) as well as areas the town shall lay claim to depending on future growth. Once again, I have retained Alton for a small fee, this time to survey the Gyldenfeld area, draft a map and provide a report, hopefully within a week or so.

    With regards to these payments I'm making to Alton in the course of town affairs, they are modest sums at this point, but taxation, donations or some other form of civic revenue generation should be discussed next time we're around together and feeling so inclined, or at least feeling the fourth round of ale. Upon assuming office again, I inquired with Lissa about the town's treasury and she indicated it was as empty as the orcish alphabet. I asked how it could be so mismanaged that the town is essentially bankrupt and she said it was the doing of her predecessor. So, at this point, invoking my mayoral discretion, let's just call it all even, not dwell on the past and instead just focus on the future.

    Well that about wraps up my report on the town since assuming the office of mayor once again. If you would like to make cause on some topic, please contact me, I'm usually around evenings. If it's really important, please bring large sums of gold. Ok, perhaps I'm just joking on that last part... bring gold whether it's important or not.

    Lastly, I'll try to make another report when some calamity or notable event befalls our fair town. The "skypage", as some like to call it, is in the works and is, strangely enough, the one thing Alton hasn't jumped up to undertake for a modest sum. Oh, and Alton has requested I plug his pumpkin pies or he'll cover my lawn with dead fish, so please eat the things til your stomach assumes the shape of a pumpkin itself. Strangely enough, Sweet Dreams is in need of some fish, so please leave as many whole fish as you can find on her lawn, she will appreciate it!

    Til next time,

    Tancred RedStar
    Mayor of Gyldenfeld