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Gyldenfeld Chronicle - Vol V, No. II

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Below is my semi-regular message to the residents and friends of the town of Gyldenfeld. If you're interested in joining us for activities, please stop on by!
    Greetings Citizens and Friends of Gyldenfeld!

    I hope you are all enjoying this winter weather across the realm! I awoke yesterday to find the lands blanketed in snow, very unseasonable for Gyldenfeld. Soon, the rooftops and walks all around Gyldenfeld were also covered with snow as well. Despite the chill outside, I hope everyone is having warm, holiday cheer in their hearts and homes. The big holiday of the wintertime is almost upon us and soon it will be yet another new year in Sosaria.

    With the new year fast approaching, have you taken a moment to consider what challenges and triumphs await you in the next 12 months? What is it that you wish to accomplish, and what will it take to achieve it? I would love to hear and share some of your goals for the new year in the next Gyldenfeld Chronicle. I will also be sharing some of my insights and hopes as well. By sharing these ideas, perhaps we can see some personal desires and aspirations we have in common and work together to make it happen in the new year.

    Moving on to matters of the town, Santa Claus recently paid a visit to the Red Wolf Cafe. For those of you who were there, it was certainly a pleasant time for all. If you missed it, I recently last wrote an account of his visit in the various, usual places. He has indicated to me that he felt welcome and well-received in our neck of the woods and would endeavor to return again next year should his busy schedule allow, especially given the tenuous relations with his elf workforce.

    For those of you wondering when the flower shop may be in stock for fine holiday decorating, I've received word that Flora Woodville has been a bit under the weather of late. Rest assured, however, that she will be fine and back to her happy trade of growing some of the more beautiful expressions of the good Earth. Let me take this opportunity to also say that when someone is a bit ill and they are a grower of such fine flowers, finding a substitute to send instead is an impossible task. Nonetheless, I'm sure she would be happy to hear kind words of encouragement for a speedy and welcome recovery.

    In terms of administration, I would like to find a time that is mutually convenient, or at least as convenient for the most people, that we may gather on at least a bi-weekly if not weekly basis to discuss and pursue matters of the town. Most of what has transpired in terms of decision-making and such has been through informal neighborly-type chats as we go about our daily pursuits. I think an organized meeting would better lend itself to helping us plan various things together and provide clearer insight to upcoming events both within our town and our friends around the realm. Please take a moment to ponder what works best for your schedule and contribute your thoughts in the town's administration discussion area.

    And speaking of upcoming events, I know there are many avid fishers among our residents. I think it's high time we had some good times on the high seas! I'll be organizing a cruise out of the bay at the southwest end of town early next week. Bring your fishing pole, lots of ale and a comfy seat and be prepared for an evening among the deep blue. There will be a formal annoucement shortly specifying the precise day and time, but also to let the fishers among our friends know as well if theyre interested in coming aboard for the trip.

    In other town matters, Alton Cooke has recently completed his survey of the town and is compiling his results. By assaying the town and it's immediate environs, it can provide for better guidance towards future civic development and planning. I expect the final results will be handed to me shortly as he is also interested in getting paid for his efforts! It will be a comprehensive map and survey of our fair town so be sure to look toward it's publish soon.

    Sinoval has recently reappeared after a long journey to the far off lands of Azeroth. I indicated to him that while the Red Wolf Cafe still serves beer, it still is not free, despite whatever rumors he may have heard that initially drew him to return. He can sometimes be seen wandering the town in the later hours, seemingly speaking to things not seen by others. Despite his worrisome demeanor, please do not hesitate to provide him a hearty welcome-home hello!

    Lastly, I want to reiterate my intent to publish a new installment of this chronicle at least every week or two in the future. Rather than a continual "state of the town"-type message, I'm wondering if perhaps a set of features and articles written by citizens of our fair town would provide more varied and compelling insights into our town. If you have an article or topic idea you would like to contribute, please let me know so we can get together and discuss. Along those lines, I will be starting instigating a series of town resident biopics, featuring a different resident every few weeks for inclusion on our skypage.

    In closing, there are many exciting things just around the corner for both Gyldenfeld and the realm in general. I've heard there are bound to be many adventurous evenings ahead fighting the encroaching slime plague, defeating the evil champions as they appear in the lands of Ilshenar as well opportunities for holiday fun and merriment. If you are interested in grouping together for any of these endeavors, please leave a note on the Gyldenfeld messageboard!

    Til next time,

    Tancred RedStar
    Mayor of Gyldenfeld
    website: www.gyldenfeld.com
    msgboard: http://www.uoforums.com/gyldenfeld-community-f1614/