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Gyldenfeld Chronicle - Vol V, No. III

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Greetings Citizens and Friends of Gyldenfeld!

    The New Year is upon us already! Soon the snows that blanket the realm will be melting, the birds chirping, flowers taking root and time for sowing at hand.

    Much lies in store for Gyldenfeld in the coming months. Already, work is under way for the soon-to-be-named buildings to house the town's new general store as well as a rune library. More news to be announced soon on those projects as they approach fruition.

    Speaking of the general store, Tanivar is spearheading it's planning with Sweet Dreams although all town residents will be welcome to participate. Tanivar is a recent new resident, having been away for some time but now has returned and made a home in town to the west, along the coast. He has been a real champion of the idea and effort to establish a store in town. Between he and Sweet Dreams, the plan is developing nicely.

    In other new resident news, Lady Breeze and Lord Bane, who live in the southwestern part of town along the coast have expressed their interest in being Gyldenfeld town residents. Althought they are long time residents of the area, they have begun to hear and learn more about the town. They have also mentioned a stable and rune library. Please be sure to stop by and say hello if you see them around town.

    Also, a Lord Cobra who lives just behind IIfer's home was also recently interviewed and is interested in residency along with his family members(Aeris and Rat) who live in adjacent homes.

    There is also a fellow who lives on the coast named Samwize who spends much of his time overseas but would like to be a part of Gyldenfeld nonetheless.

    At the recent town meeting last week, Aeirth who lives on the coast next to Lady Breeze and Lord Bane also popped in to say hello and was interested in learning more of Gyldenfeld.

    Juliana Baker is also intent on moving to Gyldenfeld soon and has even surveyed some homesites with a deep interest in the culinary arts.

    In all, the past month or so has seen 9 new people either becoming residents of Gyldenfeld or expressing interest in such, nearly doubling the size of the town! As always, such people are encouraged to post a hello on the Gyldenfeld Community messageboard as well as request access to the town's private messageboard.

    In regards to the recent town meeting, while Gyldenfeld remains publicly in loyal dominion to the crown, everyone is encouraged to keep their ears and eyes open for developments and news. While I won't bother detailing went on at the last town meeting, suffice it to say some of the recent happenings have been a bit... curious, perhaps beckoning for closer examination, even review.

    On an unrelated note, Alton Cooke has indicated that he has begun selling fine, imported cheese at his shoppe. To be best enjoyed, the cheese should perhaps be aged to taste a bit, which can be done by letting it get some sun, perhaps leaving it out on one's doorstep. Although one should be aware of mice disturbing the cheese as it ages, once accomplished, it is best enjoyed with a glass of sherry. Experiences with such things should be shared with me.

    In regards to future town meetings, it has been agreed that we should have one every other week. The next Gyldenfeld Town Meeting will be at the Red Wolf Cafe on Thursday, January 29 at 9 PM EST. In the interim, I am always available to address concerns or pass news, especially regarding the cheese and sherry experiences.

    Also, due to recent ambushes and mischief by roving bands of brigands and wayward orcs, a bounty system has been formally approved by the town residents. Young adventurers of the realm are invited and encouraged to help defend the town and collect handsome rewards. Empowered by the resolution, I will be releasing an official mayoral decree detailing the bounty soon.

    In other news, work on the website continues, hopefully nearing remarkable status soon, complete with the recent town map.

    Lastly, our old friends in PaxLair are celebrating an unprecendented 11th anniversary this weekend. They have many and varied events planned, please consult their messageboard for further information. Happy 11th PaxLair!

    In deference to PaxLair's ongoing anniversary celebrations, the Chesapeake Regatta has been scheduled for the following week, on Monday, January 26th at 9 PM EST.

    Til next time,

    Tancred RedStar
    Mayor of Gyldenfeld

    website: www.gyldenfeld.com
    msgboard: http://www.uoforums.com/gyldenfeld-community-f1614/