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Haiku? Gesunteit.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Prince Caspian, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Ok, I was asked to commission of sonnet for Sonoma, but my feeble brain can't do anything but bawdy limericks and Haikus. Haiki. Haikii.

    Ok, here's 10 haikus about Sonoma.

    "Doing a Champ Spawn
    Waka crashes the party
    They make great slaymates."

    'In times of Travail
    Queen Mum always has our back
    Baking her cookies"

    "HEY! Aren't you PC
    From the Stratics UO Board?
    Do you even work?"

    "Southwest Luna store
    Burning black blocks flickering
    Serves you right, duper"

    "Faction of Minax
    So small it could hold meetings
    In telephone booth."

    "Felucca True Brits
    Evicted from their HQ
    How embarrassing"

    "Snake Shop in Luna
    Meticulously set up
    Vendor dress code too"

    "Vendors in Luna
    Hundreds of naked women
    Packs naked as well."

    "Turn ins active soon
    For Clean up britannia
    Everyone fishin'"

    "Hey Prince Caspian
    When you wrote all these haikus
    Did your boss walk by?"