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Hall Of Players - Book Of Names & Party

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by DeadBob, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. DeadBob

    DeadBob Ancient Alien
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Don't miss the 1st Annual Hall Of Players Holiday Celebration!
    The event is posted at UO Atlantic Events, and, there will be bag ball drops with info & runes.

    Characters & the floor where their name appears.

    A Candy Pixie, 1st
    A Drunken Sailor, 3rd
    A Stoned Mariner, 1st
    Aalia, 3rd
    Aaron, 1st
    AC/DC, 3rd
    Acheren, 1st
    Adelaide, 3rd
    Adris, 3rd
    Aerys Targaryen, Roof
    Ala Bama, 3rd
    Aldroud Claven, Roof
    Alexis, 3rd
    Alfred Hitchcock, 3rd
    Allyson Chains, 3rd
    Ambernectar, 2nd
    Amethyst, 1st
    Aname, 3rd
    Andrasta, 1st & 3rd
    Andromeda, 1st
    angel dust, 3rd
    Angel Grace, Roof
    AnGeLzFyRe, 3rd
    Annelise, Roof
    Anon, 3rd
    Apocalypse, 3rd
    Asiantam, 3rd
    Athan Khaller, Roof
    Athelas, 1st
    Athos Ghenson, 3rd
    Augustus, 3rd
    AuRoRa, Roof
    Aurora Boralis, 2nd
    Aurum VaeVictis, 2nd
    Autolycus, 3rd
    Axeman, 3rd
    Aylisa, 3rd
    Bacchus, 1st
    Barnaby, 3rd
    Bear, 2nd
    Belgarath, 3rd
    Bennu, 3rd
    Bismarck, Roof
    Black Widow, 3rd
    Bleak, 2nd
    Bone Collector, 3rd
    Brother Chi Ken, 3rd
    Brutin, 3rd
    Bunny, 3rd
    Buns Of Glory, 1st
    Burrito, 3rd
    Busty Sea Wench, 3rd
    Captn Norrington, 1st
    Caradance Grand, 3rd
    carter, Roof
    Cat Lyxen, 2nd
    Chamaeleon, 2nd
    Chase, 1st
    Chasity, 3rd
    Cherokee Jade, 3rd
    Cherry DeLite, 3rd
    ChesterCopperpot, 3rd
    Child Of Doom, 1st
    Christopher, 2nd
    Cinrerella, 3rd
    Clay Of Aquinas, 2nd
    CLEOPATRA, 1st
    Courchevel, 2nd
    Crazy Joe, 1st
    Crimson Flame, 3rd
    Crusher, 3rd
    Dagger, 3rd
    Dakota Rayne, 2nd
    Dark Angel, 3rd
    Dark Drizzit, 2nd
    Dark Rose, Roof
    Darkscribe, 2nd
    Dawn, Roof
    DeadBob, 3rd
    Deathwynd, 3rd
    Delaney, 3rd
    Demolition Man, 2nd
    Denis, 1st
    Der Hammerschlag, 2nd
    Dominic, 1st
    Draconi, 2nd
    Dragging Canoe, 1st
    Dragon, 2nd
    Draken-Korin, 3rd
    Drizzt DoUrden, 3rd
    Duke Of Taming, 3rd
    Dusty Pixiewings, 1st
    Elwing, 1st
    Ember Dragonkin, 3rd
    Emerald Whisper, 1st
    Emile Layne, 3rd
    Enchanted Angel, 2nd
    Ender, 3rd
    ERU The Miner, 2nd
    Ethen Allen, 2nd
    evenstar, 3rd
    Evil Kid, 3rd
    Ezekiel, 2nd
    Faeryl Try'Athem, 3rd
    Faine Morgan, 3rd
    False Prophet, 3rd
    Fand, 3rd
    Fiper, 2nd
    Fisty McKnuckle, 1st
    Flikka Darist, Roof
    Frany Flame, 1st
    Furry Brewin, 3rd
    Fuzzy, 3rd
    Gandalf Smithy, 3rd
    Gandolf, 1st
    Garrett Granth, 2nd, 3rd
    Ghost, 1st
    Gianna, 2nd
    Giovanna, 2nd
    Glorfindle, 3rd
    Goodman, Roof, 3rd
    Grape Ape, 3rd
    Green Peach, 3rd
    GrimReaper, 3rd
    Gwendalyn, 3rd
    Halister Marner, 1st
    Hell's Ironworks, 2nd
    Hendall, 2nd
    Hojo Tokashima, 3rd
    Home Guild, Roof
    Honor, 2nd
    Hu Gardan, 1st
    Hybusa, 3rd
    Hyde, 3rd
    Ibn Shaun, 3rd
    Ice Queen, 2nd
    Id Hump Sechseh, 3rd
    Illusia, Roof
    Inarhea, 3rd
    Infinity, 3rd
    Invincible Dawn, 3rd
    Izlude, 3rd
    IZZfiftyONEfifty, Roof
    Jaden Moon, 1st
    Japanese Tsunami Victims, Roof
    Jason, 3rd
    Jedidiah, 3rd
    Jenny Green, Roof
    Ji'ar Windfire, 3rd
    Jimmy Hat, 1st
    Jon Honda, 1st
    JonnyBravo, 3rd
    Juanita, 1st
    Julia, 2nd
    Juniper Raven, 2nd
    KA-EL, 2nd
    Kaill, 1st
    Karous, 2nd
    Kazul, 3rd
    kellie, Roof
    Ken of Fogsbane, 3rd
    Khizir, 3rd
    Kitaro, 3rd
    Kitten Gillian, 1st
    Kleptomaniac, 3rd
    de Korinor, 3rd
    Kyronix, 3rd
    Labuc, 1st
    Lamorak, 1st
    Leiah, 3rd
    Keely Ravenblood, 1st
    Kero, 1st
    Lando, 2nd
    Legs Malone, 2nd
    Lineman, 2nd
    Lioness Heart, 2nd
    Lothar, 3rd
    Lucky, 2nd
    Ma Nreva, 3rd
    Madisun Jaden, 3rd
    Madmartigan, 2nd
    Maling Kytiao, Roof
    Malicious, 3rd
    Mary, 3rd
    Mazzarin, 3rd
    Mesanna, 2nd
    Michelle, 3rd
    Midnight, Roof
    Miko, 3rd
    Milly, 2nd
    Miriel, 3rd
    Misk, 3rd
    Miss Kitty, 3rd
    Miss Leah, 3rd
    Mistress Eidolon, 3rd
    Mithaniel Razil, 3rd
    MM, Roof
    MODDESS, Roof
    Mongo, 3rd
    Moon Star, 2nd
    Moonstone, Roof
    MrsTroubleMaker, 3rd
    Mystic, 1st
    Nacola, Roof
    NIN, 3rd
    Nissa, 2nd
    NoKittyMyPotPie, 1st
    Nox, 3rd
    Nyethrax, 2nd
    Odessa, 1st
    Odin, Roof
    Odysseus, 3rd
    Oreo Blizzard, 1st
    Pandora, 3rd
    ParadoX, 1st
    Persheron, 2nd
    Peter Wiggin, 3rd
    Phoenix, 3rd
    Pie, 1st
    Pilfer Fannen, Roof
    Pink Dragoness, 3rd
    Pitbull, 3rd
    Playa, 3rd
    Ponce De Leon, Roof
    Poppa, 1st
    Priescilla, Roof
    Princess Palace, Roof
    Queen Elizabeth, 3rd
    Quintus Batiatus, 3rd
    Quona, 2nd
    Rachel, 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    Rain, 1st
    Rainbow Brite, Roof
    RAISTLIN, 3rd
    Raistlin, Roof
    Raven, 2nd
    Red Beard Joe, 2nd
    Reeve, 3rd
    Reign, 3rd
    Rend, 3rd
    Rhiimiis, 1st
    Riccia, 3rd
    Rhyne The Donkey, 2nd
    Robin, 2nd
    Rolth, 1st
    Rose Of Alabama, 3rd
    Rose of Drachenfels, Roof
    Rose Talamasca, 2nd
    roumr, 3rd
    Ryan, 3rd
    Sally MacLennane, 1st
    Sauron the Black, 3rd
    SCORPIO, 3rd
    Sebastian, 1st
    Selene, 3rd
    Sershon, 3rd
    Seven, 3rd
    Shank, 3rd
    Shelby, 3rd
    Shinobi, 2nd
    Silversantish, 3rd
    Simon, 3rd
    Sinful Candy, Roof
    Sir Death, 3rd
    Sissy Mary, 3rd
    Sith, 3rd
    slice, 3rd
    sLiceD, 3rd
    SlySonomaSinner, Roof
    Smirnoff, 2nd
    Solojin, 3rd
    SpANK OF SX/HuRt, 2nd
    SPARKY, 3rd
    Sparrow, 3rd
    Spuckler, 3rd
    Spudz, Roof
    Squire, 2nd
    Squish, 1st
    Stacy, 3rd
    Star Twinkle, 2nd
    Static, 3rd
    Stephan, 3rd
    Stoneman, 3rd
    Stuffa, 1st
    Supreem, 2nd
    Taka, 2nd
    Tamara Renee, 3rd
    Tang, 3rd
    Tashik, 1st
    Tast Lik Chikn, 2nd
    Tatiana Thorn, 3rd
    Tawny Eyesbright, 1st
    Tazar, 1st
    Te'a von Aegh, 3rd
    The Devils Child, 3rd
    The Scribe, 3rd
    The Paladin, 3rd
    Thonias Al'Konan, 3rd
    Tiffany Case, 3rd
    TinkerBelle, 3rd
    Titus, 3rd
    Tom, 2nd
    Tommy Hilfiger, 2nd
    Touch Of Clas, 1st
    Town Drunk, 1st
    Treaver, 3rd
    Trinity, 3rd
    Tristan, 3rd
    Turkish, 1st
    Underbite, 2nd
    Unseen, 3rd
    Ursin, 3rd
    Vadie, 2nd
    Valaron Starborn, 3rd
    Vance Harrow, 3rd
    Vengeance, 3rd
    Victoria Secret, 3rd
    Virus, 1st, 2nd
    Vito, 3rd
    Vlad Roxxers, 2nd
    Vladimer, Roof, 1st
    Wacasassa, 1st
    Wapabito, 3rd
    Wasabi, 3rd
    Wayside, 3rd
    Whitefire, 2nd
    White Wolf, 2nd
    White Wyvern, 3rd
    WidowMaker, 3rd
    Wilki, 2nd
    Willard, 3rd
    WIND, 3rd
    Witchblade, 3rd
    Wizzax T, 1st, 2nd
    Wynn, 2nd
    Wynn The Woeful, 1st
    X-Rated, 3rd
    Xanthar, 3rd
    Zarloke, 2nd
    Zilvra Levhm, 3rd
    Zoer, 3rd
    Zyon, 2nd
    Zzhara BLacKMOon, 2nd