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Hannah and Dorian

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by cheerful, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. cheerful

    cheerful Guest

    OOC- if I'm not 100% with names or facts it'll be the reason why I'm not an offical reporter.

    We gathered at the Councellors Hall, Lady Flame, Tyranissa Wrath, Mihow Kalif, Lord Sparrow and myself to meet with Hannah. It was always going to be a bitter sweet gathering but I doubt if any of us were prepared for what was about to transpire this eve.

    We tried to explain Dorian's condition to Hannah but inevitably only a meeting with her true love would satisfy her emotional anxiety.

    On arriving at the Trinsic healers Iljan was hard at work with two patients, Lady Gwen Irima (with aliments unknown) and the recently rescued Dorian.

    It was some time before Hannah accepted that the old man before her was in fact Dorian but love was soon re-kindled despite the circumstances.

    Having seen Dorian for the first time it was not his ageing that shocked me the most but the severity of his health, as was bourne out by doctor Iljan.

    Knowing that his time was near, Dorian proposed marriage to Hannah who accepted in a heartbeat. As fortune would have it the Lady Gwen Irima was no stranger to officiating at wedding ceremonies and with the assistance of Davante Stirling (her bed side visitor) struggled from her bed to perform the ceremony.

    As the words were spoken and vows exchanged tears of joy and sadness filled the room leaving a lump in the throat of those present that was hard to repress.

    Moments after the event Dorian suffered a bout of fitful coughing and knowing that his time was upon him beckoned Hannah close to utter his final words 'I have always loved you'
    and then he was no more of this world.

    We left Hannah in the care of the Trinsic healers and made our way back to the hall in the hope of seeing Nathan but alas he was not to be found, or seen since.

    Alyx Astarsis.
  2. VanQa

    VanQa Guest

    that's a very well written report :) - Gwen Irima
  3. Flame (DrR)

    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    thanks for this well written report