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[Fishing] Has anyone received a 110 or higher PS?

Discussion in 'UO Fishing and Treasure Hunting' started by Luke Carjacker, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. I'm trying to plan out my fishing activities and would be interested to hear if anyone has received any of the higher PS.

    Here's my fishing history. I got my first 105 PS after doing about 120 quests; to be honest I canceled some quests early on so I probably slowed myself down on this front. Then I got 3 more 105s in my next 30 or so quests (4 scrolls total). I ate the first one of course, but as quickly as I got the next 3 I thought I might try to get 8 105s and bind them for a 110.

    Well since I got those 4 105s kind of in quick succession, I did quests all that night and all day yesterday (about 50-60 more quests total I guess) and have not received another 105. So, my plan of accumulating 8 105s doesn't see like such a great idea any more.

    I guess I have a couple theories. First is that I have been getting HUGE orders lately. Mostly 4-6 parts with 70-95 fish per order. Maybe I've passed the loyalty stage where 105s are awarded and a 110 is on the horizon (I can only hope). Another theory is that I need to raise fishing to 105 (I'm at about 104 right now) before quest rewards will give a 110? If anyone else has noticed that this is the case, then obviously I'll go work on fishing to 105 before doing any more quests. My third idea is that maybe 110s and higher come from somewhere other than fish monger quests? One of the other fishing activities, like fishing up MiBs or maybe the new champs. Has anyone received fishing PS from these sources?

    Would be great to get some info so we could formulate a plan of attack.