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Have u seen my soulstones?

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by duderominus, May 26, 2008.

  1. duderominus

    duderominus Guest

    My house collapsed a couple months ago and I'm in search of my soulstones: three red and two green and countless fragments. One had 90-110 stealth; one had GM-120 parry and I can't remember any of the others. I'd much appreatiate any help. I'm doing fine otherwise. I'd just enjoy not having to spend gold that I don't really have any more.

    The house had over 100 barb kit pieces, lots of different rubble and lots of artis... But I just want the soulstones. Otherwise, finder's keepers. =)

    I guess plucky didn't signe up for the new forums yet. If any one in FAL would get in contact with me, I'd much appreatiate it. ICQ: 382535744

    This's where the house was: YEW FEL GATE
  2. Pennywise

    Pennywise Guest

    Look on top of Plucky's Roof in Luna. Maybe they are there.
  3. NewThunder

    NewThunder Guest

    I will look around, but unfortunately I think becuase of the storage limit we have not been able to collect as many soulstones of late.