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NEWS Hawkwind's Gate of Time Pt.1

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by Tamais, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. Tamais

    Tamais Reporting for Lake Austin since April 2014
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    May 13, 2008
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    I looked at the message I had received from Hawkwind. "I commend you for you help in finding the 4 gems, (Sapphire Eye, Wolfgang's Ruby, Rondorin Emerald, and the Diamond of Despires). Now one more thing needed, an ancient spell and ritual that was lost in time. Meet the King's Mage, Mariah and she will guide you in your quest.

    Arriving at the Britain hall, I found that Mariah and the Royal spies had already arrived.


    Taking notes for the King I listened carefully to what she said.

    "To open the time gate, Hawkwind calls on you once more." Tapping her staff nervously, she paused. "We must find the ancient spell that was lost and forgotten in all the lands. "

    "How are we going to fnd a lost spell?" I asked, "Where do we even begin?

    "We begin with the Codex of Ultima Wisdom." she replied, "It contains all the knowledge that has ever been learned. There you will find the ancient ritual that is needed ."


    Hum, I thought to myself, a codex of all the knowledge, could I find the answer to the strange beetles also. I turned my attention back to Mariah, just catching what she had said.


    "The Xorinite Wisp knows how to use vortex cube. A special word is required to send you to the Codex, The wisp is waiting for you at the Wisp Dungeon altar room." Nodding at us, she turned to leave, "I will meet you there. Hawkwind is waiting to hear if once more you will help. "


    We hurried to the dungeon, eager to find the spell needed to stop Minax. Upon arriving, we found the entrance blocked by Anon the Enchanted. "My mistress sent me to tell you, don't interfer with her plans for the shadow guard.

    The Royal Spies gathered around him. "Who is your mistress? Minax?" I asked. "All the more reason for us to finish our quest."


    Looking at us, he boasted, "You are no match for me, the most powerful mage in Sosaria." Raising his hands he began to summon his pets.

    6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg

    "What have you done to my pets!" Anon raged as we defeated them, "No matter, my Mistress will stop you." Slamming his staff in the ground, he vanished in a cloud of dark smoke.

    Mariah arrived as we were finishing off the rest of Anon's pets. It didn't take long as soon we were following her to the altar room. There we found the Xorinite Wisp waiting for us.


    Seeing our arrival it began to explain our task. "In the lands, you must find the 8 marks. Each marker will give you a letter. Combine the letters to find the secret word which will open the Vortex cube."

    I wrote down each of the clues as he said them. When he was finished, it was decided that to divide our gathering into several groups and find the letters. Quickly I gave each group one of the clues.

    "After the shattering, Etherals took over the care of the Grave of the Lost Soul."


    "A watchtower in the Waste once guarded by the bay the Ozymandia's called home."


    "Yomotsu supplicants still pay homage to the Argonauts the pillars are named after."


    "Watchtowers and sign posts once marked the way through the Crystal Fens of the Dark Unknown."


    "Bedlam students often challenged each other to find the Southern Sign post in the forest nearby."


    "While the original Tower of Knowledge was destroyed, the mages of Moon built a new Library"


    "The lava flows of Ilshenar did not cut of the Eastern Sign Post until long after the Shattering."
    Only after a fierce battle with Minax's Minons were were able to gain the letter V off the sign post.


    "Long ago, paladin brought a Pillar of Prtection to his city and placed it on a sandbar."


    As each group returned to the altar room, we began trying to find the secret word. At last we had the word, "Veracity." In small groups, we approached the cube and said the secret words.

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