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[Discussion] Hay and White Daemon Bone

Discussion in 'UO Rares Collector' started by RichardOCE, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. RichardOCE

    RichardOCE Guest


    A few quick questions if I may.

    I recently saw some "Hay" on a vendor. It was advertised as "rare" and "no longer spawning", sale price was 495k. A day or so later I saw the same thing on a vendor out in the middle of nowehere, for 8k. I bought the 8k one, thinking I may have got a bargain. Can anyone confirm Hay is in fact rare and has now stopped spawning?

    Secondly, I have 4 pieces of Daemon Bone Armor, white in color. The daemon tag sits under the weight, but above the stats. Any chance this is rare/worth something? I have 2 chest pieces and 2 arms. None of the stats look special in any way.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Pickaxe Pete

    Pickaxe Pete Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 27, 2000
    Likes Received:
    There are two types of scattered hay, one 'thin,' the other a bit less thin and smaller. The first one goes for 5-10mil the second for a few thousand. So, that is really all about the graphic. I will edit this post if I can find comparison pictures for you.

    The daemon bone armor you have sounds like the rarer kind, where the item name is simply 'bone xxxx' and the 'daemon bone' designation is farther down, like a material bonus. Those go for 1-2mil each piece I believe.
  3. RichardOCE

    RichardOCE Guest

    Thanks Pete for the info. Quite delighted to hear about the price on the armor. Of course Im guessing its purely subjective to the demand for such an item.

    Thanks again!
  4. AtlanticVlad

    Stratics Veteran

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'd just like to clarifty here there are actuly 3 types of hay the normal one.
    AKA the one you probobly bought
    and the other scatterd version but that one comes in two directions I have all three in my stable... though I could use another scattered one if any one is selling any on Atlantic I'll gladly buy it.
  5. Flutter

    Flutter Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Here is the hay that I personally own:
  6. RichardOCE

    RichardOCE Guest

    Youre the best Flutter :)

    Its the daily one that both vendors had for sale, one for 8k, the other claiming that it doesnt spawn anymore for 495k. Caveat Emptor eh?