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Heading to LS with items in tow

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Elbryan Uthador, May 24, 2008.

  1. I have a list of items I am looking for, plus items that I am selling. Let me know if you are interested in any of these items.

    All prices are negotiable. ICQ 262797916.

    These are the items I am looking to purchase:

    Season 2
    Jug of Strong Jukan ale
    Jukan Ceremonial Kantana

    Season 3
    Dread Pirate Boots
    In recognition for outstanding service to the royal guard Sash

    Season 4
    A Blade Engraved With Draconic Symbols
    A Lifelike Carving of Tal'Keesh (Blue Dragon Statue)
    A Necklace Set With Carvings of Strange Beasts that Appear To Be Writhing About the Band
    A Sash Embroidered With Both Draconic and Necromantic Symbols
    An Intricately Engraved Ring In An Ankh And Leaf Motif Set With Eight Colored Stones
    Crown of Tal'Keesh (Bandana, same stats as Hat of Magi)
    Crude Braclet Set with Several Inky Black Gems
    Enchanted Valorite Rock (Invulnerability Blue)
    Juka Ceremonial Sword
    Robes (Blessed, Invulnerabilty Blue Color)
    Royal Guard Battle Plans
    Scales of Tal'Keesh (Invulnerability Blue)
    Siege Winch
    Skull of Tal'Keesh (Giant Dragon Skull)
    Void of Umbra (Red Broad Sword, No Mods)

    Season 5
    Architecture and Engineering of the Ancients
    Legends of the Old Britannia
    Of Dragonkin and Man
    Yew - Past and Present
    Dragon Eggs
    Jade Statues
    Curious Stone Artifact

    Items I am selling or trading:

    Minion of Morissa Robe -50M Sold
    Knight of the Luna Guard Tunic - 65M Sold
    A Bottle of Delucian Valley Wine - 50M Sold
    Crystal Wisp Fragments -20M Sold
    Dragon Bone Earrings - 50M Traded
    Orcish Insignia Ring - 20M Sold
    Hair Dye -8M
    Beard Dye -8M Pending Sale
    Full set Christmas Tree Ornament Jewerly -20M
    100 Taint -30M

    Plus a few scrappers:

    Super Slayers and Three Mod

    1) Undead
    2) Eval +12, Air Elemental Slayer, Mana Regen 1
    3) Resist +9, Blood Elemental Slayer, LRC 15%

    LRC with and without Mods

    1) LRC 12%
    2) LRC 13%
    3) LRC 13%, Magery +11
    4) LRC 13%, Mana Regen 1 (15M Sold)
    5) LRC 14%
    6) LRC 15%
    7) LRC 15%, Magery +9
    8) LRC 16% (10M Sold)

    Two Mod books

    1) Resist +9, Intelligence Bonus 5
    2) Med +11, Lizardman Slayer
    3) Eval +11, Intelligence Bonus 5
    4) Eval +9, Mana Increase 5
    5) Eval +9, Orc Slayer
    6) Eval + 10, Mana Regen 1

    Mana Regen

    1) Mana Regen 1 x 4


    1) Eval +10
    2) Eval +11 x 4
    3) Magery +9
    4) Magery +10
    5) Magery +11 x 4
    6) Med +9 x 2
    7) Med +10 x 2
    8) Med +11
    9) Med +12
    10) Resist +9
    11) Resist +10 x 4


    1) Mana Increase 5 x 6
    2) Mana Increase 6
    3) Intel Bonus 4
    4) Intel Bonus 5 x 4
    5) Intel Bonus 6
    6) Lizardman Slayer
    7) Snake Slayer

    15 Normal Scrapper 1M
  2. Lariat

    Lariat Guest

    300k per on the taint? That's 3x Luna price.

    Anywho, how much for the +10 Eval, MR 1 Scrappers?
  3. I saw taint on a vendor for 100 for 50M. Thought it might be a good deal if someone needed that much.

    750k for the scrappers
  4. Desperado_SE

    Desperado_SE Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2004
    Likes Received:
    After figuring out which vendor you referred to in the above quote, just wanted to say you could definitely pick a better example of more common pricing on LS than from the highest priced vendor house probably in the entire game. :)

  5. I ran around last night and discovered that mall has to be the most overpriced house in the entire game.
  6. Mythic

    Mythic Guest

    I know exactly which mall you went to! Lol, no one, absolutly no one shops there. You happin to see that they wanted 13 mil for ring of the vile when at any other vendor 2.5 mil is tops.
  7. Lariat

    Lariat Guest

    I'll take the Scrapper's. You coming here for the festival?
  8. Yes, I will be on LS tomorrow night.
  9. I have a vendor with scrapper's at the "Deal or No Deal House". It doesn't have everything on it, but I the list is above. If you see something you want, I am more than willling to make a great deal on it. I really don't want to haul these back to Napa.