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Heart and Soul Festival Event:Horse Race 4:30 PM EST at Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Just a reminder, the Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival as proclaimed by King Casca is being held Saturday, Feb 14th starting at 3 PM EST! - Today!

    The day will feature events all across the shard hosted by your fellow UO Chesapeake players! Presented by player-run towns, guilds and wonderful individuals, there's something for everyone!

    A Magic show, a looting race, pvp, an auction, a fashion show, and more, surely something for everyone and it's going on all day!

    The player-run town of Gyldenfeld is among those participating in the festival and will be hosting three events.

    Here is the info for the third event - A Horse Race!

    Time: 4:30 PM EST
    Start Location: Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld
    Event Host: Tancred RedStar

    Who will be the first to complete the arduous course across the realm?

    Complete details will be given at the cafe but here's some things you should know:

    All contestants are asked to meet at the Red Wolf Cafe by 4:30 pm EST and to bring a mount(non-ethereal, to keep it fair for all, and no Charger of the Fallen either!).

    Once everyone is lined up at the starting line, the signal will be given to begin the race. Contestants will then spur their mounts and race up the road from the Red Wolf Cafe to the Yew/Minoc crossroads, turn right(east) and ride til they hit the Minoc/Vesper crossroads before heading south, through the swamp and across the finish line at the Otter's Run Tap House in Guardian's Gate.


    Prizes to be awarded as follows:First place - 100,000 gold
    Second place - 50,000 gold
    Third place - 25,000 gold

    All contestants must remain on the road! Those trying to bushwhack through the forest may be disqualified! All along the course there will be race monitors ensuring everyone stays on the road.

    For spectactors, there will be a rune to the Otter's Run Tap House to use to go directly to the finish line and watch the exciting conclusion to the race.

    For complete details, including event times and locations be sure to check out the official Heart and Soul Festival website at:

    The Community Center in Skara Brae will have gates to event hots pots throughout the day, but if you wish to get to Gyldenfeld on your own, simply head west out of Britian, through the mountain pass until you reach the crossroads.

    Hope to see YOU there!
  2. The Horse Race was the third event hosted by Gyldenfeld as part of the 2009 Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival. Contestants and their sturdiest, speediest mounts met up at the Red Wolf Cafe to prepare for the race.

    Racers take their places at the starting line outside the Red Wolf Cafe

    The course was reviewed one last time, starting out at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld, heading northwards to the crosswords just east of Yew where it turned east towards Minoc before then turning south at the Minoc/Vesper crossroads, through the swamp and then finishing at the Otter's Run Tap House in Guardian's Gate, one of the cities allied to Gyldenfeld in the USA alliance.

    After a quick review of the race rules and a hearty shout of good luck, the race startoff began. After the racers took their mark and got ready, a big yell of GO!!! had the racers spur their mounts sharply for a lightning-quick start.

    The race was monitored at points all along the course via a set of pre-marked runes.

    Slowly the pack of racers started to elongate and thin out as the race continued on towards Guardian's Gate. Still, even at the finish line outside the Otter's Run Tap House, the racers all crossed within a matter of seconds relative to each other.

    After all had crossed the finish line, everyone moved inside the tavern for the official race results and prizes.

    In third place for 25,000 gold was the surefooted Shayna.

    Just ahead of Shayna, for second place and 50,000 gold was the dangerous Tequila.

    But in first place, yet again following the Looting Race event in Gyldenfeld, was Nancy Drew! In addition to a check for 100,000 gold pieces she also won a Phillip's Wooden Steed for her equestrian supremacy put on display this day.

    Awarding the race prizes at the Otter's Run Tap House in Guardian's Gate

    Thanks to all those who came to the horse race, and especially those who rode across some of the northern reaches of the realm in a test of racing prowess.

    Special mention goes to Nanoc who, even after this horse ran out of steam, walked it the rest of the way to the finish line in a laudable display of sportsmanship :)