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Heart and Soul Festival Event:Looting Race - 4 PM EST at Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Just a reminder, the Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival as proclaimed by King Casca is being held Saturday, Feb 14th starting at 3 PM EST! - Today!

    The day will feature events all across the shard hosted by your fellow UO Chesapeake players! Presented by player-run towns, guilds and wonderful individuals, there's something for everyone!

    A Magic show, a looting race, pvp, an auction, a fashion show, and more, surely something for everyone and it's going on all day!

    The player-run town of Gyldenfeld is among those participating in the festival and will be hosting three events.

    Here is the info for the second event - The Looting Race!

    Time: 4 PM EST
    Location: Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld
    Event Host: Tancred RedStar

    Are you the fastest looter this side of Felucca?

    Complete details will be given at the cafe but here's some things you should know:
    The looting target items will be announced, such as a special type of dagger(in the past, bronze daggers made by a specific blacksmith). When the race begins, a location(town or dungeon) will be announced and a gate to the location opened. Contestants may then rush through the gate and begin searching for the looting items.

    After a ten minutes of running and looting all the aforementioned items, everyone should return to the Red Wolf Cafe for point scoring.

    The person with the most of the looting target item wins and will receive a hefty gold check as a prize! Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place as well!

    Prizes to be awarded as follows: First place - 100,000 gold
    Second place - 50,000 gold
    Third place - 25,000 gold

    Looting the special version of the looting item(in the past, a gold dagger) will also win a special prize for the person who finds it!

    For complete details, including event times and locations be sure to check out the official Heart and Soul Festival website at:

    The Community Center in Skara Brae will have gates to event hots pots throughout the day, but if you wish to get to Gyldenfeld on your own, simply head west out of Britian, through the mountain pass until you reach the crossroads.

    Hope to see YOU there!

    Also, be sure to stick around for the Horse Race event to be held in Gyldenfeld at 4:30 pm EST!
  2. The Looting Race was the second event hosted by Gyldenfeld as part of the 2009 Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival. The event started a bit late due to a surreptitious invasion of Skara Brae where the festival was being headquartered but within a few minutes everything was back on track. As the old saying goes, the show must go on!

    Thirty specially marked daggers were hidden in a remote area, in this case the hovels in northern Nujel'm just outside the main city walls. Also amongsts the daggers were a golden double axe and a bronze bardiche.

    After the rules were explained to the gathered contestants at the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld, Flora Woodville opened a gate to the secret location and the contestants streamed through to snatch up all the daggers they could find.

    After a few minutes, Flora swept through the area to ensure everyone had finished search and was headed back to the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld for the official counting and scoring.

    Decimating the competition and looting nearly half of all the daggers, Nancy Drew of [DREW] snagged 13 of the 30 daggers to take first place and the 100,000 gold prize check.

    There was also a last minute additional prize added for the winner!

    Savaric generously donated a very strange set of rare clothing, which is recounted here:
    Lore book with clothing, first pages

    Lore book with clothing, next pages and view

    Savaric begins to tell the tale of the clothing

    Nancy Drew, standing onstage and very ladylike, invised herself to change into the clothing before showing everyone

    A special thank you to Savaric for generously donating this extraordinary prize!

    Second prize was a tie between Shayna and Safari Sundari and they agreed to split the prize check of 50,000 gold rather than roll dice or have a loot-off tie-breaker. In recognition of fine sportsmanship, an additional 50,000 gold check was quickly found and awarded so that each won the original amount!

    Third prize of 25,000 gold went to Hellboy, but he had also found the special bronze bardiche. The special prize for turning in the bardiche was soon revealed to be a Legacy of the Dreadlord artifact!

    Hellboy proudly walks away with his special prize

    Lastly, Shayna was the one fortunate enough to have looted the special gold axe and this was turned in and exchanged for a special prize as well - an Axe of the Heavens artifact!

    The Looting Race was a fast-paced and exciting event for all. I was glad to host it and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Thanks for Flora Woodville for lending a hand with the gating and such and a special thanks again to Savaric for the wonderful prize.