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Heart and Soul Festival Event:Mage Poker - 3 PM EST at Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Just a reminder, the Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival as proclaimed by King Casca is being held Saturday, Feb 14th starting at 3 PM EST! - Today!

    The day will feature events all across the shard hosted by your fellow UO Chesapeake players! Presented by player-run towns, guilds and wonderful individuals, there's something for everyone!

    A Magic show, a looting race, pvp, an auction, a fashion show, and more, surely something for everyone and it's going on all day!

    The player-run town of Gyldenfeld is among those participating in the festival and will be hosting three events.

    Here is the info for the first event - Mage Poker!

    Time: 3 PM EST
    Location: Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld
    Event Host: Merilonna

    Mage Poker is the name, summoning creatures is the game.

    Complete details will be given at the cafe but here's some things you should know:

    First and most obvious...bring a mage character! If you dont have one, or if your mage is low level, don't worry. Create a new character with 50 magery or bring your best apprentice. Scrolls will be provided to cast from if needed...you might even get some gains.

    Please leave mounts in the stable, and don't bring along your favorite lucky Rune Beetle..you will likely need ALL your follower slots for some rounds.

    For each round, the event host will announce the winning hand. It could be the first person to summon two cows, or three birds, or any sort of combination. A barnyard hand could be a cow, a chicken and a bull or any combination thereof.

    First person to summon the winning hand and bring them into the claim area wins!

    There will be many rounds played and each round will have gold prizes!

    Bring a lot of reagents or wear a lrc suit, as there will be a LOT of casting involved. FC and FCR jewelry is recommended for that extra edge but certainly not required.

    For complete details, including event times and locations be sure to check out the official Heart and Soul Festival website at:

    The Community Center in Skara Brae will have gates to event hots pots throughout the day, but if you wish to get to Gyldenfeld on your own, simply head west out of Britian, through the mountain pass until you reach the crossroads.

    If you arrive slightly late, the Mage Poker event will be held two houses north up the road past the Red Wolf Cafe.

    Hope to see YOU there!

    Also, be sure to stick around for the Looting Race event to be held in Gyldenfeld at 4 pm EST!
  2. Mage Poker kicked off the 2009 Chesapeake Heart and Soul Festival and was well attended. Hosted by Merilonna of the Fellowship of Virtue [*V*] in Gyldenfeld, contestants vied to become the first person to summon the requested hand.

    Rules of the event being explained prior to the competition

    Prizes of gold checks were handed out to the winner of each round, lasting for nearly an hour. The area was literally clogged with summoned creatures as the contestants frantically casted away each round.

    Instant circus!

    Mage Poker was great fun for all those who came, whether participants or spectactors. A big thanks to Merilonna for hosting such a fun and exciting event!