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Heartwood quests

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Maddin, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. Maddin

    Maddin Guest

    I've prolly burned 500-600k in boards there over the last year. I'll camp it for 2-3 hrs here and there just to relax, Used to pull a kit here and there and some decent bows and jewels, nothing great but some were nice to enhance. All the while watching things fly through the air as the invised scripters ran their programs, 24/7. Now I sit there making bows and opening pack after pack of +2 focus with 24 luck jewels and bows with 6 stam increase and 12% hit spell, ot to mention the blessed walrus summoning talis.

    They turned down the chance of drops and the intensity of loot because of scripters. Please tell me how this will affect them? They just have to wait longer to collect their kit. The average shlep doesn't sit there 24/7. Hence, people don't do the quests like the used to. I put in about 6 hours the last week for an oak kit. Very few non scripters are selling heartwood kits and that drives the price even higher.

    I'll still do them but with little hope.....
  2. Gwendar-SP

    Gwendar-SP Guest

    I've heard a guild mate talk of spending hours there lately with no kits. He is almost to the point of wondering if they still spawn. Wonder if EA realizes the damage scripters and EA's meathods to control them hurts normal players.
  3. I've spent 6-8 hours nearly every day for the last 4 weeks farming recipes and talismans in Heartwood for points. Out of all of this time spent there, I've gotten a total of 16 Oak, 3 Ash, and 3 Yew runics. I have yet to see a Heartwood runic other than the ones on scripter vendors. IMO, with all of this time spent there, I should have received at least one Heartwood if not more. The quests aren't just tedious, they're freakin' ridiculous.
  4. Maddin

    Maddin Guest

    I burned one that my brother got and was disappointed, I got one nice vel-hitspell but overall it wasn't worth it. I actually made several better bows with a yew.

    Don't know why I bother but I have so much time invested already and I enjoy just relaxing and crafting sometimes. Just be nice to get a return on my time.
  5. PrimalFear

    PrimalFear Guest

    after burning through an entire forest worth of wood, 2 wrist surgeries and a permanent tick in my mouse button clicking finger, I have gotten 2 nice rings and two nice talismans. I have not even seen an oak runic.

    i'm beginning to think i'll stumble upon the loch ness monster braiding bigfoots hair before i'll see a runic of any kind.